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Group Dancing for Exercise


By: Elena Grace FloresIt was discussed during the last General Meeting of our Homeowners Association to schedule a group dance class for Homeowners who would like to shake their body for exercise and socialization. This is important in our community to do something together that we all love – and at the same time, get to know each other well for camaraderie. This is not a new idea but still very interesting. Watch this:

Zumba, the new group exercise dance craze.

Posted at Youtube by: David Payne

Dancing is a very good exercise because you will have the opportunity to move all parts of your body – even the face for facial expressions. Definitely good for fun loving seniors and younger men and women alike. Health is wealth and we owe this to our community to make our village where our homes are more lively and invigorating! Try it and for sure, you’ll love it.

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How Soon can we Nurture a Child’s Talent?

Handsome Poets and all other Serious Talents o...
Handsome Poets and all other Serious Talents on stage to do a final song. Very cool. Watch their performance right here on YouTube. Serious Talent Festival organised on December 23rd in the Effenaar, Eindhoven to benefit 3FM’s Serious Request 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever wondered how old should your child be when you start developing his or her talent? Well, the answer is – there’s no such thing as too young. Nurture a child’s talent as soon as you see the signs. That is why, offspring of talented couples always end up doing their parents’ craft. Their exposure starts as early as when they are born or even before they were born. There’s nothing you can do to stop a child from doing what he or she loves and improve on it – as long as he or she has the resources within reach. Just take a look at this video of a dancing child:

2 year old dancing the jive

Posted at Youtube by: Studie43

On the other hand, some children can also lose interest in practicing their talents when support is nowhere to be found. Others will try seeking it outside of their home as soon as they are able. So, if you are really into your children, take the time in discovering and developing what they do best – because this is the key to real fulfillment in life for you and the little ones – when they finally become adults that you can be proud of.

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Michael Jackson’s Video Song by the Cebu Inmates

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was very odd at first when Byron Garcia uploaded the video of the Cebu inmates dancing to the Thriller video song of Michael Jackson. There were criticisms of course but majority of the people who’d watched it were amazed. Yes, it looks like these inmates are getting a second chance to live a fulfilling life even behind bars. Thanks to the organizers who remained strong despite the negativity.It might not be the truth that sets them free but it’s their talent that made them worthy citizens of the Philippines once again. No wonder…Cebu’s tourism rate is getting higher! This was the original video downloaded in 2007:

“Thriller” (original upload)


Published at Youtube by byronfgarcia

Watching it live can be very emotional – when you can see with your very own eyes how they made sacrifices under the sun just to entertain the crowd. These are people like us who made mistakes in their lifetime – but this does not mean that they won’t be getting up and about again. Perhaps, the dancing routine has taught them discipline and for sure it has inspired them to do good for the rest of their lives – because using such talent can be very rewarding. They are worth your every applause!

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Dance Symmetry

Symmetry (Photo credit: gwilmore)

People who are into dancing are always interested to know about the latest moves or events as far as dance is concerned. Aside from the modern moves and artist-inspired steps like the Gangnam style, we can always stick to the elegant ballroom and Latin dances. If you really are into it, for sure – you already explored la rueda or the group dancing technique that depicts the movements of a wheel. Nevertheless, I was not ready to find out about this amazing dance from Pilipinas Got Talents, a talent search show in the Philippines. Don’t miss the video show:

5 pairs of twins wow with ‘mirror dance’ on ‘PGT’

By: ABS-CBN News

Five pairs of twins on Saturday were given a standing ovation by the judges of “Pilipinas Got Talent” (PGT), after showcasing a dance routine that highlighted the illusion of reflections. The audience members at PAGCOR Grand Theater in Paranaque City were also on their feet after the number of the dance group Symmetry, which was among the six quarter finalist acts that performed during Saturday’s live telecast –

It may look simple if you don’t know that the dancers are not really using mirrors – they are being mirrored by their own twins! How amazing is that? Every movement is imitated by the other twin to look as if each performer is dancing in front of the mirror. Another extreme factor is that, the group is composed of 5 pairs of identical twins. So, they are not only in sync with their own twins – but also with the rest of the twins in the group. Yes, Philippines really got talents and they are gifted indeed!

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