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Philippine President expects the Davao night market blast and others too

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Philippine President expects acts of revenge by the insurgents group like the Davao market blast recently. The sad part is, there’s more to come in other places as the war with the rebels is ongoing in Jolo. Read the full story here:

DAVAO – President Rodrigo Duterte insisted there was no “failure of intelligence” in the Davao night market explosion that claimed the lives of at least 14 people and injured at least 67 others Friday evening.

“I remember warning everybody that there’s going to be a reprisal because of the ongoing war in Sulu,” Duterte said.

“We were forewarned. We were ready for this. There was a warning, not only in Jolo but (in) other places also,” Duterte said earlier in a press conference, admitting the blast may be connected to the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).

Duterte declined to give more details about information that the military and police have, saying authorities are still “trying to link the pieces together.”

Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar earlier told ABS-CBN News that although the ASG and drug lords are primary suspects, authorities have yet to rule out other angles.


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Binay Hint from a Taxi Driver: People want to live in Makati

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
You do not have to be somebody with high status to be able to vote properly and get the results you desire. Common sense is the only vital key to attain this.

Read the experience of our subscriber. There were no names mentioned but the hints are too obvious.

From Gerardo Wagan: I had a very interesting conversation with a Taxi driver yesterday. He ask me who’s my president. I just smiled at him. Then, he started sharing an analogy:

“Sabi nya, kung susuriin mo, sinasabi nila maunlad sa Davao eh bakit ang daming mga taga Davao ang nagtatrabaho at gustong magtrabaho sa Makati? At kung iyong susurin muli, maraming hindi taga makati ang gustong tumira sa makati, bakit? dahil daw sa health benefits and better free education. Pero wala kang maririnig na gustong lumipat sa Davao para magtrabaho or lumipat para maka-avail ng mga benepisyo nito.” May punto si manong.