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The Degree of Humility PBBM Shows to the US President Despite Geopolitical Conflicts


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sa Iyong Araw
[VIDEO]: The diplomatic meet of President Ferdinand Marcos and US President Joe Biden

The Degree of Humility

President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. said that the degree of alliance between the Philippines and the US continues to go deeper. May it be political or economic. Geopolitical conflicts are led by the guiding principle of maintaining peace despite all complexities. Their special meetup was made possible despite both their busy schedules. Biden even jokes saying that the Filipino president cannot go past him. Marcos humbly laughs at it.

Dealing with China

President Biden respects Marcos’ stand in preserving peace and exhausting bilateral tals as far as the war in Ukraine with Russia. The same with the dealings with China. Bilateral agreements must work. No degree of provocation must lead to war.


Netizens can’t help but compare the two leaders. It’s obvious that Biden has some notes on a piece of paper. But Marcos comfortably delivers an impromptu speech from the heart. That’s a notable skill of Ferdinand Marcos.

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The Degree of Difference between the Two Neophyte Congressmen


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos is a neophyte congressman with a great degree of knowledge.

The Great Degree of Difference

A greenhorn is a neophyte or beginner. But not all newcomers are without knowledge and experience. Rep. Raul Manuel is also new in the legislative world. So, his remarks that fellow representative Sandro Marcos only got the position in the House because of his last name was off. It reflects greatly on his degree of mentality. Marcos has worked directly with his uncle Congressman Martin Romualdez during his internship.

Be Careful to be Shut Out

A veteran journalist tried to pick the brains of the young Marcos. She suffered a great degree of humiliation. The woman tasted her own medicine.

Wisdom versus Knowledge

Knowledge may be obtained from studying but when circumstances in life teach you, one gets wisdom. The Marcos family has been through a lot. But they never retaliate against the black propaganda. Instead, they just show their truth. Then it’s up to the people to judge.

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Good Signs to the Highest Degree Seen during VP Sara’s Inauguration


By: Elena Grace Flores

PH Latest
[VIDEO]: Robin Padilla’s Apology during Inday Sara’s Inauguration as VP

God, Country, and Family to the Highest Degree

The speech of the incoming Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio was brief but very meaningful. She said that she may not be the brightest. But her guidance comes from God, country, and family to the highest degree. Utmost respect was visible starting from the presence of the incoming President Bongbong Marcos and his family.

Apologetic Senator Robin Padilla

Incoming Senator Robin Padilla also attended the inauguration. He’s seen giving his respect to the highest degree to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. He also had a snapshot showing very apologetic to President Marcos. His efforts really jived to the unity imposed by the BBM-Sara Uniteam. Padilla’s humility gets approval from many observers.

Mother Holds the Bible

It’s very remarkable that VP Sara’s mother held the bible instead of the usual child-bearer during the oath-taking. This made the new Vice President a model to the children to always give high regard to their mothers. It’s just a bit sad that the outgoing Vice President had a more important things to do. Instead of showing her sportsmanship to the new administration.

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PBBM’s High Degree of Resemblance with FEM Puts Listeners of his Speech into Nostalgic Moment


By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino Future
[VIDEO]: The impromptu speech of President Bongbong Marcos

Degree of Resemblance

The incoming President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.’s high degree of resemblance with his late father, Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, Sr. puts the audience of his recent speech into nostalgic moment. His excellent communication skills, gestures, gratefulness to others and persona are very much reminders of the late President of the Philippines.

1975 Diplomatic Agreement with China

The 1975 Diplomatic Agreement with China is just a formalization of an informal relationship since the Tang Dynasty that continues even to this date. PBBM is seeing a development with all dealings with our neighbor-country. To sum up, it’s people to people. Such degree of friendship is needed to move forward together.

An Independent Foreign Policy

President Marcos lauds the independent foreign policy of outgoing President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. This is not only beneficial to China but to all friendly countries around the world. He also commends his mother for being in the hall of fame. He said that perhaps China cannot find a greater champion than she is.

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You Can Cry with the Degree of Support Sass Rogando Sasot Gets from Being Canceled Twice


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Sass Rogando’s Speech is threatend with turning the lights and sounds off.

The Degree of Support for Sass

The Church of God doesn’t want me to speak to the graduation of students renting their venue because I am a woman of transgender experience and that I am a BBM supporter, From the Motherland vlogger, Sass Rogando Sasot said. I was double-canceled,” she added. Nonetheless, the degree of support she gets from the audience, tells it all. No one can cancel the majority with unity.

Use Your Life to Change the Fate of Others

Despite being a transgender, Sasot continues to achieve her goals to the highest degree. She advices the graduates to use their life to change the fate of others. That their generation will be better than their predecessors. She has become the voice of likeminded people who face discrimination in the world at large.

Live Your Life

Live your life as a monument of your soul. Courage will let you live the next chapters of your life, she explained. Certainly, living life with a purpose. Nothing as fulfilling as that. Especially when the mojority stand by you and give way for your t speak your words of wisdom. Kudos to Sass.

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A Filipina in the UK is Grateful for Prince Charles’ Degree of Respect for Bongbong Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

One News PH
[VIDEO]: Prince Charles greets Filipina, mentions presumptive president BBM

Degree of Respect

A Filipina in the UK shared her close encounter with Prince Charles recently. She was overwhelmed by his majesty’s comment. He said; “I see that you have elected a new president.” She replied; “Yes and we love it! It’s Bongbong Marcos.” “What a wonderful name,” he answered. There’s nothing greater than the prince’s degree of respect for the majority of the Filipinos’ choice.

Bongbong Marcos

The name Bongbong is significant to the well-informed Filipinos. It resembles the sound of a bell; Bong Bong. A prophecy did said that the country’s 17th president will have a repeated name that is the sound of a bell. He will lead the Philippines to prosperity. Just imagine the degree of hope the over 31 million Filipinos have for the nation.

No Room for Negativity

Bashers are finally put into their proper place. As prominent world leaders respect the people’s choice, some detractors remain bitter. Those who are sport enough to accept defeat are already one with the nation. The small fraction of the losers can only rant and show their bad nature.

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PBBM’s Degree of Closeness with Grace Poe’s Family Outside of Politics


By: Elena Grace Flores

Celebrity PH
[VIDEO]: PBBM Visits Susan Roces’ Wake

The Degree of Closeness

Not many people knew the degree of closeness between Presumptive President Bongbong Marcos and Grace Poe’s family, the daughter of Susan Roces who just passed away. Not because of the alleged blood tie speculations. But because they were friends and colleagues when both were senators. PBBM visited the wake of Roces recently.

Past Intrigues

There were rumors in the 2016 elections that Grace Poe and Bongbong Marcos are half siblings. However, both denied the gossip. Poe was adopted and is not even blood-related to the Poes. This did not break the degree of friendship they have.

Family Ties

The real score according to Marcos is that; Poe is a strong woman. She does not need his help but he just wanted to be there to console her and to pay respect to the Queen of Philippine movies. Roces is a big loss not only to the industry but to the world, he insinuated. He will always be there for his friend who is like a sister to him.

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Atty. Rodriquez: Facebook is Denying Pro-BBM Supporters’ Rights to the Highest Degree


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: Facebook suspends account of Marcos Jr.’s spokesman

Denying Rights to the Highest Degree

Most supporters of Bongbong Marcos are experiencing different kinds of FB censorship online. Recently, Atty. Vic Rodriguez’s Facebook account was suspended. He’s the spokesperson of presidential frontrunner, Bongbong Marcos. He also said that the suspension of his account was “censorship of the highest degree. It is interference in a sovereign act. Digital terrorism no less.”

No Violation

Like any other BBM supporter, Rodriguez said that he has no violation. That he would not appeal Facebook’s decision to suspend his account. He claims he did not violate their rules. He’s just sending messages for the campaign. So, he will continue to deliver Marcos’ message. This time, through other media platforms.

Elon Musk’s Aquisition of Twitter

The Marcos loyalists are banking on the Twitter acquisition by Tesla’s Elon Musk. They said that they are willing to transfer to Twitter judging from the alleged indifference of Facebook to BBM’s supporters. Their disgust to FB is to the highest degree.

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Know Why the Degree of Crooner Anthony Castello’s Anger vs. BBM Detractors Led to Filing a Case


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Anthony Castelo Filed a Case Against an FB Page against BBM Using his Song

Castelo’s Degree of Anger was Enormous

Anthony Castelo, the OPM singer and crooner cannot hide his degree of anger. He popularized the song “Balatkayo” or pretentious. This song was used by an FB page to discredit BBM. It so happens that Bongbong Marcos is his presidential bet. So, he filed a case against the culprits.

He Knew the Marcoses in Hawaii

Castelo knew the degree of love the late President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Former First Lady Imelda Marcos’s had for the Filipinos. He’s a witness how they treat the Filipinos in Hawaii. They are real people who only wants the best for the country, he said.

The Composer

Hence it’s known that the composer of the song is Tito Sotto. He’s a VP contender himself running against the president’s daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. She’s the running mate of BBM. However, despite the uncertainty of the case, Castelo never hesitates to defend BBM in his own rights.

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The Degree of BBM’s Wide Lead Made the Slight Drop of Percentage Points Insignificant


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7

[VIDEO]: Presidential election now more a two-way race between Marcos, Robredo

Comelec’s Hosting of Presidential Debate

BBM maintains his lead but Leni Robredo increases by 9 percentage points. However, it is not substantial to change the scenario right now. The degree of BBMs wide gap from VP Leni Robredo will make it impossible for her to catch up. The image of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos as a good leader is definitely helping his son.

Decline is Insignificant

Comelec debate has no impact on the slight decline of BBM’s score survey at only 4 percentage points. The decrease is insignificant and cannot affect his wide lead. He will remain in the same position with only one more survey to go with Pulse Asia.¬† Robredo needs a substantial degree of increase that may not be possible anymore due to the timing.

Robredo Cannot Catch Up

Robredo’s increase must be enormous for her to catch up. The gap between her and Bongbong Marcos is so huge that she needs to increase more than 16 percentage points. And BBM must also have a decline at the same rate. So, it would be very hard for Robredo to catch up if not impossible. However, this would be a two-way race for the presidency.