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Atty. Rodriquez: Facebook is Denying Pro-BBM Supporters’ Rights to the Highest Degree


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: Facebook suspends account of Marcos Jr.’s spokesman

Denying Rights to the Highest Degree

Most supporters of Bongbong Marcos are experiencing different kinds of FB censorship online. Recently, Atty. Vic Rodriguez’s Facebook account was suspended. He’s the spokesperson of presidential frontrunner, Bongbong Marcos. He also said that the suspension of his account was “censorship of the highest degree. It is interference in a sovereign act. Digital terrorism no less.”

No Violation

Like any other BBM supporter, Rodriguez said that he has no violation. That he would not appeal Facebook’s decision to suspend his account. He claims he did not violate their rules. He’s just sending messages for the campaign. So, he will continue to deliver Marcos’ message. This time, through other media platforms.

Elon Musk’s Aquisition of Twitter

The Marcos loyalists are banking on the Twitter acquisition by Tesla’s Elon Musk. They said that they are willing to transfer to Twitter judging from the alleged indifference of Facebook to BBM’s supporters. Their disgust to FB is to the highest degree.

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Know Why the Degree of Crooner Anthony Castello’s Anger vs. BBM Detractors Led to Filing a Case


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Anthony Castelo Filed a Case Against an FB Page against BBM Using his Song

Castelo’s Degree of Anger was Enormous

Anthony Castelo, the OPM singer and crooner cannot hide his degree of anger. He popularized the song “Balatkayo” or pretentious. This song was used by an FB page to discredit BBM. It so happens that Bongbong Marcos is his presidential bet. So, he filed a case against the culprits.

He Knew the Marcoses in Hawaii

Castelo knew the degree of love the late President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Former First Lady Imelda Marcos’s had for the Filipinos. He’s a witness how they treat the Filipinos in Hawaii. They are real people who only wants the best for the country, he said.

The Composer

Hence it’s known that the composer of the song is Tito Sotto. He’s a VP contender himself running against the president’s daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. She’s the running mate of BBM. However, despite the uncertainty of the case, Castelo never hesitates to defend BBM in his own rights.

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The Degree of BBM’s Wide Lead Made the Slight Drop of Percentage Points Insignificant


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7

[VIDEO]: Presidential election now more a two-way race between Marcos, Robredo

Comelec’s Hosting of Presidential Debate

BBM maintains his lead but Leni Robredo increases by 9 percentage points. However, it is not substantial to change the scenario right now. The degree of BBMs wide gap from VP Leni Robredo will make it impossible for her to catch up. The image of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos as a good leader is definitely helping his son.

Decline is Insignificant

Comelec debate has no impact on the slight decline of BBM’s score survey at only 4 percentage points. The decrease is insignificant and cannot affect his wide lead. He will remain in the same position with only one more survey to go with Pulse Asia.  Robredo needs a substantial degree of increase that may not be possible anymore due to the timing.

Robredo Cannot Catch Up

Robredo’s increase must be enormous for her to catch up. The gap between her and Bongbong Marcos is so huge that she needs to increase more than 16 percentage points. And BBM must also have a decline at the same rate. So, it would be very hard for Robredo to catch up if not impossible. However, this would be a two-way race for the presidency.

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Massive Degree of Support Seen: Arat na Cebu Crowd Puts Pressure on Uniteam to Bring BBM to the City


By: Elena Grace Flores

VenSoy Tisoy

[VIDEO]: The Arat na Cebu concert in Cebu with guests, Mayor Mike Rama and Raymond Garcia got an overwhelming number of attendees as they chant BBM upon entering the gate.

Degree of Support for BBM

A mainstream media article estimates the attendees of the Arat na Cebu concert earlier at 60 to 65000. But there should be more. People are continuously filling in as the program goes. The massive degree of crowd chants BBM as they try to get in to the gate of the Cebu City Sports Center or Abellana ground. It would surely result in a stampede if the authorities did not give way to the powerful crowd.

Arat Na Cebu

The concert performers were Shanti Dope, Gloc 9, AJ Raval, Michael Pangilinan, Jacky Chang, Missing Filemon, and Sephy Francisco. Mayor Mike Rama and Raymond Garcia were the special guests. Attendees knew that this is supposed to be a political event due to the nature of the ticket distributions. Individuals needed to show their ID cards to see if they are qualified voters or not. The red and green color motifs were also obviously that of the Uniteam.

Careful Planning to Avoid Injuries

Arat na Cebu is a concert that inspires Cebuanos to move forward together after the pandemic. However, the young crowd seems to be hungry for the presence of BBM. A bigger venue or a free-flowing system of the event is needed if BBM really holds a political rally in the city. It would also be another story if Sandro Marcos comes along. If Bongbong Marcos is more than just a politician, his son is more than just a celebrity. The degree of passionate young Cebuanos will be very difficult to control for both idols plus other entertainers.

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BBM Puts his High Degree of Trust in Inday Sara on this Challenge


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Uniteam Ask Us Anything | Bongbong Marcos

BBM’s Degree of Trust in Inday Sara

Nothing can fathom BBM or Bongbong Marcos’s degree of trust in Inday Sara when it comes to the Visayan voters. He feels ready to face the verdict of the Visayan-speaking people because of his able running mate. He’s very thankful of their partnership that they carefully plan strategically from the start.

The Feeling of a Blogger

Inday Sara gets the feel of being a blogger in the BBM Vlog. They seem to be very familiar with each other. From their favorite music to delicacies in their specific regions. Their high degree of respect for each other is just too obvious. That their joint-feature blog comes in very handy.

Visayan Caroling

Marcos admits that he is in the dark when it comes to the Visayan language. Let alone caroling in the Visayan vernacular. He, however, takes up the challenge of learning it. The streets of the nation would surely be filled with singing and dancing after the BBM-Sara Uniteam’s victory.

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Marcos Family’s Way of Supporting a Degree with Technology


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

Marcos’ Family Holiday Greetings with Technology

Overseas Degree for the Young Marcoses

Bongbong Marcos is a victim of criticism when he said that he has a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree. In actuality, he gets a Special Diploma in Social Studies. He’s merely talking about its equivalence, he explained. However, this did not go away easily. However, his son Sandro gets even a higher level of education. He accomplishes a master’s degree in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Passion in the Degree While Adapting to Technology

It is a common discussion in Filipino household now on what degrees to take that are promising for the digital age. Distance or online learning is already the norm. Therefore, students can freely explore their passion. They can be as resourceful, creative, and flexible as they wish when choosing a career that they are passionate about. The most important thing is to be skillful with digital automation. That’s the key to future progress. The Marcos family shows this as the youngest son Vince joins the get-together online. He’s still in East London for his studies.

The Good Thing about the Pandemic

The pandemic is bound to happen. Just like the others before the present one. This situation requires people to change for the better. Individuals who can adapt to the changing world can easily have a good life. Success in professions, ease with family, and purpose in society are at arm’s length. The Marcos family is definitely a good example.

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The Degree of Cebu’s Mactan Airport Coronavirus Management Shocks Taiwan


By: Elena Grace Flores
Media practitioners at the 888 News Forum, Marco Polo Hotel hailed Andrew Harrison, Chief Executive Advisor, Mactan-Cebu International Airport. This is for his contribution to the proper management of the facility. Then just days after, his team is challenged by the degree of coronavirus measures that they have to implement to unwilling 78 travelers from Taiwan upon their arrival in Cebu. That surely shock Taipei. It now considers “retaliatory measures” if Manila would not immediately lift its inclusion in the travel ban, said Angelito Banayo, chairman of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan. There’s also a threat that the no-visa policy for Filipinos in Taiwan for tourism can be revoked.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Mactan Cebu Airport Hailed for Effective Management

Andrew Harrison explains Mactan International Airport’s effective measures in improving Mactan Airport in Cebu.

Degree of Commotion at the Airport

According to Mactan-Cebu International Airport General Manager, Steve Dicdican both Filipinos and foreigner passengers were furious after they were subjected to a quarantine arrangement. They claimed that they were not told in advance. The travelers only accepted their fate after knowing the official order, which is imposed on passengers from mainland China and its special administrative regions hit by COVID-19. Dicdican is certain that additional security forces are needed as they expect more resistance from travelers coming from Taiwan.

Part of China?

Taiwan is an independent state but the Philippines considers it part of China under the one-China policy. The Bureau of Immigration recently ordered the Taiwan travel ban. It follows the same procedures as in the previously announced restriction for China and its Special Administrative Regions, Hong Kong and Macau. Filipinos and foreigners with permanent resident visas may be allowed entry but will be turned over to the Bureau of Quarantine for assessment, Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente clarified.

Challenge of the Unknown

Harrison said that although influenza and other diseases caused by viruses have more deaths than coronavirus, the challenge is in dealing with the unknown. Therefore, personal hygiene from washing hands to temperature checks must not be overlooked. Let alone the following of the government’s quarantine rule despite causing chaos at the airport.
“The technology exists, let’s use it,” the former senator insisted.

Positioned as the Gateway of the Visayas

Aside from having direct international flights particularly from Narita to Cebu, Mactan International airport’s degree of management can’t be compromised. They positioned Cebu as the gateway to the Visayas. So, it must adhere to international standards from safety to facility maintenance. Harrison also added that although the tourism industry is badly hit by the coronavirus outbreak, it’s just a matter of time that the travel paranoia will die down because no viruses can withstand the hot weather in Cebu. Perhaps, international travelers would favor coming to Cebu alternatively to going to the banned countries because of the unfortunate outbreak. The more than 80,0000 domestic travelers are also a plus.

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Bongbong Marcos’ Son Silenced Critics on Father’s Degree with Own Credential


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos’ own academic credentials were criticized. He then clarified the issue by explaining that he got a special diploma from Oxford University in England. He did not finish his master’s degree at the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania because he was elected Vice Governor of Ilocos Norte. Recently, his son, Sandro finished his graduate studies at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science. Critics can only frown on his new credential.

Youtube video by; DIsot Halniet

[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos earns master’s degree from London University

Sandro Marcos’ Educational Credential

Ferdinand Alexander “Sandro” Marcos, 23 said that he earned his Master’s Degree in Development Studies. The young Marcos is grateful his parents, Bongbong and Lisa Marcos. The couple is with him in the pictures posted in social media.

Proud Parents

The London School of Economics one of the top universities in the world. It ranked second in the annual QS World University Rankings in Social Sciences and Management 2018. Just after Harvard University. Bongbong Marcos is so proud that he posted about his son’s graduation on his Instagram account. That immediately went viral on Facebook.

Sandro’s Potential in Politics

The younger Marcos campaigned for his father in his vice presidential bid in 2016. He is known as the crush of the town via social media for his good looks and intelligent views on issues. He can also stand in front of the public on behalf of his father. In many instances, he was a crowd drawer.

His Father’s Son

Despite the tremendous noise on social media that pertains to Sandro’s new educational credential, the mainstream media was still too slow to pick up the news. Of all the prominent online publications, he was finally featured on CNN Philippines. He’ll definitely shed off the past black media propaganda that ruined the presidency of his late grandfather. Just like his father who stormed them all with own achievements in public service and legislation.