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Remedy for Extreme Political Tensions?: Masturbate to Release Stress and Prevent Diseases


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It’s not only the lawmakers who are currently under stressful circumstances now but also the public because of the political differences in congress and the senate. Issues like the death penalty, Davao death squad, and various corruptions uncovered are very negative. Positive vibes are needed. It may be a sensitive matter to talk about masturbation but if it helps then more people should know about its benefits contrary to the myths that we already know.

Youtube video by;  CalExotics
[VIDEO]: CalExotics Expert Sexpert Dr. Mike answers your burning question: Is masturbation good or bad?

Benefits for Women

Masturbation for women can help prevent cervical infections and urinary tract infections through the cervix entrance that is part of the arousal process. It’s called “tenting”- the process of cervix stretch that releases the cervical mucous. This enhances fluid circulation that allows bacteria-contaminated cervical fluids to be flushed out. Masturbation can also lower risk of type-2 diabetes. It reduces insomnia after a hormonal and tension release. On top of that, it increases pelvic floor strength from contractions during orgasm.

Benefits for Men

Masturbation for men helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It allows the chance to flush out potential cancer-causing agents. Masturbation also strengthens the immune system because of the rise of cortisol levels. It also reduces depression because by doing so, an amount of endorphins in the bloodstream increases. Sexually transmitted infections or STIs are avoided through self-love. To maximize orgasms is not a problem. It reduces stress, reduces blood pressure, increases self-esteem, and reduces pain.

Mutual Benefits for Partners

There’s no risk of pregnancy or transmission of sexually transmitted infections for regular couples. Can avoid disappointments and performance anxiety due to the no emotional baggage act. In fact, two partners who pleasure themselves in the company of the other is a great and safe activity to incorporate into their sex life. They can learn about each other’s wants by demonstrating it.

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When is Excessive Masturbation Harmful?

When one develops masturbation addiction or would only want to masturbate as a priority over family, morality, responsibility, and society that leads to failed relationships then the affected must seek medical or professional help at once.

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Be Aware of Diabetes


By: Elena Grace Flores

Ulcus bei Diabetes mellitus
Ulcus bei Diabetes mellitus (Photo credit: rosmary)

People who are living with diabetics or suffering from diabetes themselves know for sure the discomforts  it causes in a daily basis. The issue here is not how to get rid of it because as we already know, once you have it, it’s for life. The important thing is to know how to manage it to be able to live a long life comfortably. Nevertheless, humans are too inclined with resorting to instant relief like drinking soft drinks when throat dryness is experienced. Do not miss this video for a start especially when you are prone to it:

Symptoms of Diabetes (Diabetes #2)

Posted by: Healthguru on Youtube

Diabetes is not something we can can ignore – because it will destroy the innermost of our being. The pain will be unbearable if unhealthy lifestyle is continued despite the existence of the disease. Yes, it’s  true that many people will not die from it but with the complications it causes – heart attack, brain stroke, lung troubles and any other serious internal conditions. Love your life – don’t let diabetes destroy it. Hope you learn from this video.

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