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Paolo Ballesteros is Finally Engaged to his Boyfriend?

Paolo Ballesteros

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Actor-comedian Paolo Ballesteros is finally out of the closet. He did it by posting a photo of his hand holding another man’s on Instagram. Roland Ochoa Anog, a member of the group G-Force is the lucky guy whom Ballesteros looks like celebrata second anniversary with.

Youtube video by; StarBitesPH
[VIDEO]: Paolo Ballesteros Nagladlad | Boyfriend Member Ng G-Force

He is Take

On Instagram on Saturday, the actor posted a picture of his hand holding that of another person showing off their identical engraved rings. Tagged in the photo is the Instagram handle @r.a.0606 which is apparently owned by a certain Roland Ochoa Anog:

His Way of Coming Out

Paolo has not given any statement about his viral Instagram post nor confirmed reports by showbiz websites who claim to have identified the actor/host’s alleged partner:

Anog Got Sudden Fame

Instant celebrity:

Too Good to Act Gay if He’s Not

Ballesteros and Anog wearing identical rings in their posts with the “and I love you” caption. The dancer posted a photo of him on Facebook with the same ring on. Ballesteros has a daughter from a previous girlfriend who remains a close friend while co-parenting their daughter. So, it’s speculated that she knew all along. He is popular for his makeup transformations on social media. The “Eat Bulaga” host plays the role of a transgender in the Metro Manila Film Festival entry “Die Beautiful” last year. It is too good to be true if he is not gay.

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‘Die Beautiful’ Best Actor Paolo Ballesteros Surprises Audience In Every Celebrity Transformation

Die Beautiful

By: Danilo Flores II

By now, it’s pretty needless to talk about the awards “Die Beautiful” has gotten or how many international film fests this has been invited to. This is one of the Filipino movies that no longer needs domestic validation from Filipinos too. From the buzz it is making online, Director Jun Lana and Paolo Ballesteros definitely could not ask for more.

Youtube video by; Regal Entertainment, Inc.
[VIDEO]: Can you guess how many make-up transformation Paolo Ballesteros did in this movie?

Life & Death Of Tricia in “Die Beautiful”


Some of the viewers were expecting that “Die Beautiful” would reveal some jaw-dropping twist, a “whoah!” bomb that would surprise audiences while watching. I thought that this twist would be about how Tricia (Paolo Ballesteros) died.

But that didn’t happen. Yet, it wasn’t really a disappointment. It’s because the movie’s narrative was a beautiful irony to everyone’s expectation. Viewers were waiting for the story to elaborate on the specific details of his death because he wanted to “Die Beautiful.”

However, the story wasn’t really about her death but focused more on how Tricia lived his/her beautiful life. This is made even better with her total transformation to different famous Hollywood Celebrities, that made it somewhat different from other Filipino movies in the Metro Manila Film Festival.

Paolo Ballesteros’ Makeup Transformation

Award-winning actor Paolo Ballesteros have already made noise in social media about his versatility in imitating the looks of famous celebrity which he did all by himself. In “Die Beautiful” this talent was showcased.

Plenty of celebrities, both local and international have been shown in the film as the result of Tricia’s makeup transformation. We have Regine Velasquez, Melanie Marquez, Jacklyn Jose and Iza Calsado. For Hollywood, we can see Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Beyonce.

Social Impact On LGBT Community

“Die Beautiful’s” relatability, along with its social commentary on Philippines’ still-uncomfortable acceptance of the LGBT community, is its best asset. The living proof of that is Barbs, the character played by the newcomer Christian Bables.

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This guy, I believe, equally deserves best supporting actor accolades from everywhere. Tricia and Barbs’ chemistry, carrying the language and behavior we have all grown to love in recent times, is definitely why “Die Beautiful” is one of this year’s easy favorites.