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The President’s Testimony: Marcos Can’t Violate Human Rights – He Demanded Due Process for Communist Priests


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President vehemently let people know that the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos can never be a killer.  He stresses this out during his speech at a housing summit of the National Summit Authority (NHA) in Quezon City, Digong recalls how he got acquainted with then Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco. He is a former rebel priest. The Marcos administration handled captured rebel communists with full respect of their human rights. The president is a living witness that the cases of these two rebel priests arrested by the Philippine Constabulary were handled fairly. Evasco and Fr. Tison of Leyte’s cases are handled with due process as ordered by Marcos. Digong can attest to this because he was the prosecutor at that time.

Youtube video by; Jazzer musiko
[VIDEO]: President Duterte: Marcos was never a killer

The Catholic Church’s Anti-Marcos Sentiments

The Catholic church that holds the allegiance of some 84 percent of the population of 54 million during the Marcos regime was a powerful institution for hundreds of years. It was only during the 1970’s when it offered opposition to the Marcos government because of its demonized image orchestrated by the Liberal Party. The church began to shift the emphasis of its activities from the elite to the urban and rural poor that constitute a majority of the population. It has a decisive role in bringing Cory Aquino to power during the EDSA revolution.

Poverty Causes Priests to Rebel

The injustice is in the system, and that is evil in the eyes of the priests. Social structures are made by men thus their reason for blaming the Marcos government for the injustices made.  Other religious people say this process of social analysis and self-examination are the common experiences of Filipino priests faced with the poverty and social imbalances in their designated parishes. It is a struggle that led some priests to take up arms and join the insurgents.

Cardinal Sin

Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Archbishop of Manila, took the decisive action of calling out millions of Filipinos to support the rebel movements. Due to the media propaganda against Marcos, a vast base of support for Aquino sprouted. The institutional backing of the church remains her main power base.That prompted Manila lawyer, Eliseo B. Alampay Jr into saying that the country is ungovernable for whoever may oust her. That might be the reason why her son succeeds her as president.

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People Have Enough of the Church. Media Propaganda and the Aquinos

Aquino did not have free access to the press during the election campaign. The church offered its nationwide network to support her. A church-run radio station, Radio Veritas promotes Aquino. That escalates into many more commercial media set-ups that are anti-Marcos. This has destroyed the Marcos name here and abroad for 30 years. It is only after the existence of social media that the masses’ voice is heard and overpowered the bias press organizations. The sad thing is, many Catholics change religion after realizing that the church has done many unacceptable and immoral actions contrary to their teachings. The Aquinos in their two terms in the presidency also made the lives of Filipinos even harder. Digong’s victory over their bet is a big sign that the majority have enough of them. He is now out bringing back Marcos’ policies that benefit the people in general than the elite but discredited by propaganda. He also supports Marcos’ son, Bongbong Marcos for the Vice Presidency or perhaps gives a cabinet position soon.  That ignites the church but this time, they are about to know that their forces have weakened.

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How the Liberal Party Demonizes Digong to Discourage the Return of Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The president is disgusted by the Amnesty International’s report saying that cops were being paid P8,000 (US$161) to P15,000 (US$302) per dead drug offender. No cash incentive is allegedly given for arrests to ensure that operations always result in the death of a drug suspect. This is a very demonic accusation by a human rights group, just like during the Marcos regime.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday slammed an Amnesty International report which claims that Philippine National Police (PNP) is paying policemen and vigilantes for every drug killings.

Intelligence Fund

The president only allocates 150 million pesos for intelligence funds for police anti-drug operations. They are used by undercover cops to “buy” drugs from pushers for evidence to catch them. It is the job of the police to arrest illegal drug offenders. It makes no sense for the president to give them an extra incentive for every death. Doing so is crazy, the president said.

Drug War Deaths

Since July 2016, police report more than 7,000 deaths in the war on drugs. More than 2,000 are legal police operations, but the majority are allegedly vigilante-style killings with possible links to illegal drugs. These are considered “deaths under investigation” by the PNP.

Martial Law Deaths

3,257 is the number of deaths allegedly killed by the military during President Ferdinand Marcos’ martial law regime. This is for a ten-year period from 1975 to 1985. This quoted figure is cited to support the complaint that the military under Marcos is guilty of committing human rights violations. Terror and brutality describe the martial rule through media propaganda.

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Demonization of a President

The accuracy of the 3,257 figure of martial law deaths is highly disputed. Serious doubt is cast on the sources of the figure.The possible return of a key member of the Marcos family, particularly Bongbong Marcos is feared by their political enemies. His electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo is still ongoing. Digong’s adapting the late Marcos’ winning strategies in governance also faces the same counter-resistance to topple his leadership. On top of that, his endorsement of the younger Marcos in the executive level makes him a more viable target for demonization propaganda.

3,257: Fact checking the Marcos killings, 1975-1985

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Why both the President and Binay want Bongbong Marcos as Vice President?


By: Danilo Flores II

Political will, this is the common reason why both current President and former Vice President Jejomar Binay want Bongbong Marcos to be Vice President. Senator Bongbong, or Ferdinand Marcos Jr. finishes as seventh during the Senatorial race during in the 2010 national elections.

Youtube video by; EagleNews PH
[VIDEO]: QUEZON City, Philippines – In an exclusive interview with Weng Dela Fuente of the program “Liwanagin Natin”, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., declared his belief that the Vice-President can do more for the country, whoever wins the President. He said that there is no need to totally agree with each other…

Before becoming a Senator, Bongbong also serves as a Governor and a member of the House of Representatives. In his term as Senator, Bongbong becomes the chairman of the Committee on Local Government and Committee on Public Works.

On top of his chairmanship, Bongbong is also an active member of many other committees. Digong and Binay both believe that Bongbong Marcos can heal the wounds of Martial Law victims for they have both seen the truthfulness of his intentions to serve the Filipino people.

Supporters Want Digong – Bongbong Marcos Team Up

Former Davao City, now President Digong was a popular name fee months before the official campaign period began. The people appreciates the great achievements he accomplished in his City.

Many supporters from all over the country urge Davao’s chief to step up and lead the entire nations instead. The former mayor initially says he was too old and tired for the job. But the people’s cry went louder, then they were finally heard.

Upon official confirmation of his candidacy, the name of Bongbong Marcos instantly surfaces as Duterte’s perfect running mate. But the young Marcos already ties the knot with the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Meanwhile, Digong finds a teammate in Senator Allan Peter Cayetano. The current President says he believes in the capability and political will of Sen. Cayetano to be his running mate and partner for change.

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Digong Believes Ferdinand Marcos is A Hero; His Vote Is Always “YES”

Presidential Debates organized by the COMELEC seemed like a blockbuster hit anticipated by the Filipino people. The show provided an avenue where the people can get to know the aspiring Presidents and make a choice.

One of the debates by TV5 features a segment wherein the aspiring Presidents were asked a question answerable by a Yes or No. The controversial question is about their view on the burial of the late Marcos in the “Libingan ng mga Bayani.”

Digong and Binay voted Yes, while Grace Poe and Mar Roxas said No. During an ambush interview after the debate, Duterte said Ferdinand Marcos is a hero.