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President Du30’s Advice to Gov. Imee Marcos on COA Budget Triggers Debate


By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Du30 threatened to make COA members fall down the stairs on an interagency briefing of Typhoon Ompong. He made this joke after he learned from Governor Imee Marcos about COA not allowing cash advances for emergencies. This was supposed to be for the budget on purchasing building materials for the victims of the disaster.

Youtube video by TOKHANG TV

[VIDEO]: Look:Imee Marcos humingi na ng dasal.

The President’s Humor is Again Not Taken Lightly

President Du30 came hard on the Commission on Audit for their restriction on government spending for the disaster. He is going as far as to say that COA employees should be pushed down the stairs.

The Governor can only Agree

With the COA only allowing cash advances for food up to Php 15,000, Imee Marcos gets exasperated. Du30 also criticizes the COA with their circulars that he could care less about.

The Budget is Needed for Emergency

COA defends that not all can be cash advanced, and also this occurring over the weekend makes things too difficult. However, Du30 criticizes the circulars further. He sees the circulars as cockeyed, with some people from the government getting to jail because of it while others get away scot-free also because of it. It seems it all depends on how they swing the legal arguments.

Cash Advance Restriction is Not a Law

With Ompong smashing through northern Luzon, which people describe as the strongest storm to hit the country for the year, the president comments on the uselessness of the circulars. He says that unless they are made into law the circulars are useless.

Typhoon Ompong Damages in Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Norte suffers a big loss after the Typhoon. The Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council assesses the damage at around Php 2.3 billion. With agriculture damages amounting to Php 1.9 billion and damages in infrastructure amounting to Php 440 million. The COA may deserve some respect because they are just doing their job. However, they should put their attitude on a check when dealing with emergency disasters. They too must be prepared when cash is needed badly for the victims’ relief efforts.

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How to Prepare for the Strong Typhoon?

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bohol - Chocolate Hills
Bohol – Chocolate Hills (Photo credit: Erick ))

Due to to recent disasters that the Philippines went through like the earthquake of Bohol and Cebu, the government sector in charge of calamity preparedness already made their plans known for the expected coming of typhoon Yolanda to the Eastern Visayas region. Read this news in full:

Bicol, Eastern Visayas to prepare for possible super typhoon


Disaster preparednessofficials in the Bicol and Eastern Visayas regions are now preparing for the possible super typhoon that could hit several provinces in their areas on Thursday. In a phone interview with GMA News Online on Tuesday, Jessan Adornado, Bicol’s Office of Civil Defense’s public information officer,

Immediate evacuation is needed for landslide-prone areas above all. I hope this time, people will see the advantage of preparing for the worst things to happen – rather than just wait and see. Remember that even if you are ready to go, the ones left behind will not have peace of mind knowing that someone, few or many were buried alive.


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