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Out and Proud Documentary for Social Awareness

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The success of the soap opera, My Husband’s Lover on GMA may have triggered the existence of a documentary film entitled Out and Proud – but regardless of the issue, this show is definitely a most-awaited one. Many would debate that materials of this kind is against their moral beliefs but if they only open their eyes and be real in this place called earth, they will see clearly that it’s time to recognize the third sex. Here’s the preview of the show:

Posted at Youtube by: GMA Public Affairs

We are all different but despite of that simple truth, people can co-exist with each other in a very harmonious way. Gays are noted to add excitement and fun to a group but it’s not enough to just laugh with them. They need to live with their own rights, be protected just like any other man or woman and be accepted to a community as they are. Out and Proud is definitely a good educational medium for the society to learn about this exceptional gender! GMA is so brave to initiate this.

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Manny Pacquiao: Non Fairy Tale Rags to Riches Life Story

By: Elena Grace Flores
Manny Pacquiao has gone through lots of struggles prior to gaining his superstar status in boxing today. This is the very reason why he became the darling of the oppressed. He serves as an inspiration to those people living positively despite serious difficulties. Tough life in the sense that there’s no assurance when’s the next meal is going to be. How much more getting the appropriate boxing gear?

Liam Neeson’s narration on his true to life documentary film depicts Manny Pacquaio’s humility even after amassing substantial wealth by continuously winning in such dangerous sports here and abroad. Debut showing for this inspirational movie was March 12, 2014 in selected theatres. This is not about the technicalities of boxing – but the humble life of the boxer himself. He might have the killer punch but his attitude remains angelic that made him the ultimate pride of Filipinos aside from his boxing prowess.

There were incidents that he had to fight an opponent who was way beyond his league. Not a lot of choices for the stowaway minor from Gensan – who had to survive by doing petty jobs in a boxing gym. Yes, of all places, that was where Manny was brought by destiny. Getting the training necessary to excel in his field came in handy and he was smart enough to make the most out of it. This literally meant, fighting his way to stardom. Not having the opportunity to have a sponsor or government support to enhance his capabilities, his faith guided him through the right place and people. Obviously, he was brave enough to take chances. Get inspired by his story when you get the chance of watching Manny Pacquaio’s documentary film.

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