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Coronavirus Life-Saver: PI Tourism Figure is Grateful to Japan’s Donate First Attitude


By: Elena Grace Flores

The Philippines didn’t know what to do at first on how to respond to coronavirus emergency situations. A Chinese man who collapsed in a Manila sidewalk was ignored by rescuers because of fear to be contaminated. Tourism enthusiast and founder of the 888 News Forum, Bobby Joseph discloses at the Marco Polo Hotel recently that it was Japan who made the life-saving efforts. He’s grateful to their donate first attitude before putting the blame on anyone. Kits for the first responders were distributed in time that includes a protective suit that the country obviously did not have because of unreadiness.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Japan Sent Kits for Coronavirus First Responders to the Philippines

Latvia Consul and tourism figure, Bobby Joseph is grateful to Japan for sending safety gears to the country’s medical practitioners who are in the front line for coronavirus prevention and control.

Panic Buying

Masks were sold out from drug stores nationwide. Some even used condoms to protect their hands when operating an elevator. The unknown nature of coronavirus added to the paranoia. Even the Philippine National Police was in limbo on what to do when medical practitioners refuse to help.

Economic Disaster

Joseph said that it is evident that economic ruins are at stake. Malls are empty and people do not want to spend money. It was noble however for some Filipinos who did not fail to donate masks to others who do not have. He appreciates the Japanese authorities to be able to think straight the Filipinos are panicking.

Serious Effects on Tourism

The country has 3 million tourists. 1.6 million are foreigners and 1.4 million are local travelers. While it is understandable that international travels are limited for the time being. Philippines can take advantage of domestic tourism. He agrees to President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign urging Filipinos to travel to other destinations within the country.

The Philippine Advantage

Panic can only do harm than good. Tourism-dependent people and even farmers in the agri-tourism businesses are now suffering from the drastically declined number of tourists. This is the time that Filipinos can benefit from cheaper arrangements and purchase some crops at a lower rate. One must not forget that the greatest advantage of the Philippines is the warm weather. No virus can spread quickly because they can be disinfected by the intense heat of the sun. People around the world can only hope that it will be summer very soon.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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This Happens when the Seniors Donate their Musical Passion


By: Elena Grace Flores
Nostalgic moments abound but nothing can mesmerize musical aspirants when they see their alumni from 43 years ago play a very significant overture. This is despite the fact that it has been more than 30 years since the members of the group play together. Once again, the Seniors of the Rondalla Pioneers of the South brought back to life Aureola by Brigildo Lakandazon. This is during the recent 43rd year anniversary of the Lourdes Parish Rondalla in Cebu with the title; A Bond United by Music through Time. Naila Ylaya Beltran herself, their original mentor directs the magical performance – at least to the musically inclined individuals. To donate one’s talent is indeed very rewarding.

YouTube video by
Elena Grace Flores [VIDEO]: Aureola by Brigildo Lakandazon is brought Back to Life by the Rondalla Pioneers of the South.

Regrouping was Never Easy

The Juniors with Mercy Lapiña’s Facebook group chat is the key to reuniting the rondalla veterans of Cebu. As a school teacher, Mercy spearheads the regrouping tasks. She believes that to donate one’s talent to the youth is the ultimate goal. Cyriel Pavo Lepiten of the Seniors group as a musical mentor to this date, supports the idea all throughout together with his very passionate colleagues. These two passionate leaders passion is really contagious – beating the odds along the way.

Present Plan to Donate Time

Since the existing group members now have different professions, it is a lot of sacrifice for them to donate their time and money during practices. Besides, they are also not getting any younger. A more comfortable practice facility would be ideal. Holiday gigs are in the horizon after finding a good home for this worthwhile endeavour.

The Rondalla Pioneers of the South Identity

The group needs to operate sustainably. To allow this to happen, sponsorships are welcome to compensate some musical provisions. This is on top of the musical gigs for events. Sponsors will be chosen according to the ideals of the organization. Their identity is as good as their sponsors.

Cultural Music Preservation

Music has evolved greatly in the Philippines. However, it is wise for Filipinos to preserve the traditional rondalla. All foreigners are amazed at their first glance of a show like this. Even most Filipinos themselves are not quite familiar with these kinds of instruments because the rondalla is significant only in Cebu. Listening to the experts play can definitely change lives.

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Donate Blood while You Can

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
If you qualify, donate blood while you can especially those who have rare blood types like +AB. When it is needed, it really doesn’t matter how much it will cost – for as long as, there is an available stock. The sad part is when you have all the money and connections but no blood type of the same sort is in store! We can forget politics or  overpricing that might be happening but the Philippine Red Cross is still the best blood bank you can donate to.

It is clearly posted at the Red Cross counters that blood is for free. The only thing that is not complimentary is the processing fee which will cost around 1, 100 Pesos per bag. Donations are however welcome and many find it that when you have a donation card, you are prioritized. Nonetheless, this is not true to all who experienced availing blood from the facility. It is just rightful however to donate whatever you can afford to keep the Red cross operation going!

Note also that when you avail for donated blood from the Red Cross to get the Doctor’s Request form from the hospital with all the details of the required blood – because no blood bags can be released without it. Also, patience is needed when picking up even reserved blood bags from the Red Cross – because you may never know if what you requested can come before or after the others who are waiting with you.

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