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Read How: New Addition to First Family Symbolizes that Family can Help in the Drug War

drug war

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Dysfunctional families are the cause of the society’s problems. Products of these broken or unnurtured units can be bitter when they grow up, succumb to drug addiction, or get a twisted mind that leads them to commit crimes. Few are lucky to make their pains as inspiration for their struggle to get better in life, but still the scars remain. The President knows that and perhaps after his failure to his son, Baste, he is anxious with his newly-born grandson from his daughter with his first wife, Davao Mayor Sarah.

Youtube video by; DU30 LATEST VIDEOS
[VIDEO]: The President could not hide the excitement of having a new grandchild.

Time is Short but the President Made it

Duterte arrives at the Davao Doctors Hospital already past midnight on March 3. This is after two speaking events in Cebu. He is obviously tired but an image of a happy President as seen in a hospital cap and gown. He poses for a photo beside baby Stonefish in an incubator. Despite his busy schedule, he made sure to make time for the new addition of the first family and made it the very next day after he is born on March 2.

Drug War: Disable Drug Apparatus

Since the drug trade already flourishes for decades in the Philippines, it is very hard to stop or control it if the president is left alone in the drug war. Collateral damages arise after tying to disable drug apparatus. Lawmakers do their part by resorting to the death penalty – but scraping heinous crimes and rape in the bill just does not make sense for the people.

What Families Can Do

Perhaps, it’s time to go back to basic with our Filipino custom where mothers stay at home while fathers go out to work. Anyway, if women opt to continue working, they might as well learn some computer and IT skills online and work remotely. It’s like earning dollars without leaving home. It is not easy but once learned and mastered, it’s the best solution to prevent family problems and drug addiction – thereby a big help in the president’s drug war.

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What the Government can Do

Fast, free, and realiable internet for all must be top priority. To create jobs in a third world country is hard enough – but providing an infrastructure that can bring the nation to progress without the risk of ending up with a dysfunctional family is very ideal and possible. TESDA trainings in this kind of work are helpful. Financial aids can be offered just to buy a single computer for each applicant. The government might be surprised how many volunteers they can get to train interested Filipinos. Online experts can only be too willing to impart their acquired skills for nation building. The world changes rapidly. Filipinos can only be too smart in going with the flow. After all, they are currently a popular online work force with endless opportunities. This way, the basic tradition of nurturing the family is undertaken while finances are not sacrificed. What do you think?

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How the Liberal Party Demonizes Digong to Discourage the Return of Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The president is disgusted by the Amnesty International’s report saying that cops were being paid P8,000 (US$161) to P15,000 (US$302) per dead drug offender. No cash incentive is allegedly given for arrests to ensure that operations always result in the death of a drug suspect. This is a very demonic accusation by a human rights group, just like during the Marcos regime.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday slammed an Amnesty International report which claims that Philippine National Police (PNP) is paying policemen and vigilantes for every drug killings.

Intelligence Fund

The president only allocates 150 million pesos for intelligence funds for police anti-drug operations. They are used by undercover cops to “buy” drugs from pushers for evidence to catch them. It is the job of the police to arrest illegal drug offenders. It makes no sense for the president to give them an extra incentive for every death. Doing so is crazy, the president said.

Drug War Deaths

Since July 2016, police report more than 7,000 deaths in the war on drugs. More than 2,000 are legal police operations, but the majority are allegedly vigilante-style killings with possible links to illegal drugs. These are considered “deaths under investigation” by the PNP.

Martial Law Deaths

3,257 is the number of deaths allegedly killed by the military during President Ferdinand Marcos’ martial law regime. This is for a ten-year period from 1975 to 1985. This quoted figure is cited to support the complaint that the military under Marcos is guilty of committing human rights violations. Terror and brutality describe the martial rule through media propaganda.

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Demonization of a President

The accuracy of the 3,257 figure of martial law deaths is highly disputed. Serious doubt is cast on the sources of the figure.The possible return of a key member of the Marcos family, particularly Bongbong Marcos is feared by their political enemies. His electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo is still ongoing. Digong’s adapting the late Marcos’ winning strategies in governance also faces the same counter-resistance to topple his leadership. On top of that, his endorsement of the younger Marcos in the executive level makes him a more viable target for demonization propaganda.

3,257: Fact checking the Marcos killings, 1975-1985

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Duterte’s Drug War bound to Fail like in many Countries with same Strategies

Drug War

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Duterte tries applying nationally a formula his supporters find to have worked in Davao. His iron-fist approach restored security amid vigilante killings and set up social services unusual in the underdeveloped south. International experts predicted that is bound to fail nationally.

[VIDEO]: Various drug war strategies in many countries were conducted in the past but despite being bloody and expensive, the problems on illegal drugs continue to this date.

Identical Drug War

Philippines has declared a drug war “identical” to those launched in the United States and parts of Latin America and Asia in the past decades. The campaigns led to arrests and deaths but did little to hold back the stream of substances.

Violence due to ill-conceived Policy

What the world witnessed in countries with wars against cartels like Mexico, however, were deaths and “spiraling levels of violence” which many experts have attributed to an ill-conceived government policy.

Ineffective Approach

At least one thousand leaders, including those whose countries have waged war against drugs, admitted that it was ineffective, misguided and only led to disaster.

Disaster in Latin America

“In Latin America, the ‘unintended’ consequences of war have been disastrous. Thousands of people have lost their lives in drug-related violence. Drug lords have taken over entire communities. Misery has spread. Corruption is undermining fragile democracies.

Public Backed Drug War ousted the Prime Minister

The drug war in Thailand in 2003 was backed by public support, but the country eventually pulled back from the policy marked by related killings and shunning of drug users as it did little to curb demand. Instead, addicts consumed illegal substances in hiding and diseases eventually spread. Treatment was neither available in prisons.

Justice Discrimination

Former US President Richard Nixon called drugs “public enemy number one” in 1971. But saw a ballooning number of poor, black people behind bars. Drug supply and production were only temporarily disrupted. It has destroyed policy-community relations in many areas. The Philippines’ drug war can have a different outcome, but it cannot be good based on the world’s experience.

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Hang on in there Mr. President – We don’t want you Ousted

Mr. President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Richard Gordon’s advice to the President to be quiet and be a stateman might sound bad. But mind you, it will help Duterte to be off the hot seat in the UN’s human rights probe.

[VIDEO]: To the President from the true alliance… hang on in there. Remember we need you. We don’t want you ousted.

Losing the Momentum

The President also reacted to suggestions of some allies about his “being too noisy,” specifically Sen. Dick Gordon, in his war on drugs. “Gordon said, stop making noise. No, I cannot stop because I will lose the momentum and I cannot afford it becauseIi am the President,” Duterte said, citing that crime rate had gone down by half because of the ongoing campaign against illegal drugs.

International Laws, not Hypocrisy

“The momentum has to be there and it will be there for six years until the last pusher is taken out on the streets. I cannot just play silent,” Duterte said. “It will not stop despite the hypocrisy of EU, and America and Obama.

Just a President

A country’s president is not greater than the international bodies. The Philippines is a member of the United Nations. The country must follow rules that we swear in when we signed the UN treaty.

Human Rights Accusations Mellows Down with Kind Words

The tongue can destroy the world’s harmony. Silence is better when no kindness can be said. Democracy dictates the right to be heard but that does not include insults.

Taking the Pressure off from Mr. President

Mr. President as, former Vice President fondly calls Duterte during personal meets and through telephone conversations, remember the alliance that shares the same goal with you. To prepare the nation for the next leader. This is taken cared of but you have to relax and secure a balanced life. We know that you are tired but once more we ask to please hang on in there. Let us make the noises for you.

Support is Intact

Despite the demise of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, the alliance is intact. She is also watching over us. We are grateful that you took on the responsibility to be our last hope in this generation. To be the bridge to the next.

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Why CHR is noisy on Drug War Killings and not on other Crimes?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Many people are confused why CHR or the Committee on Human Rights always make noises when it comes to Duterte’s inciting drug war killings. Whereas in petty crimes, they are quiet.

[VIDEO]: Run through of the difference between crimes committed by individuals – and the government’s influence to the rising drug war deaths.

Jurisdiction of CHR

The Human Rights Committee is the body of independent experts that monitors implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This is the reason why the CHR is more likely in line with the United Nations. They are making sure that government abuses are stopped before it can damage the country and its citizens further.

Criminal Cases belongs to the Justice System

The criminal justice system consists of four pillars namely; law enforcement, prosecution, courts, and corrections. It is the machinery that the Philippine society uses for its control and prevention. So, law enforcers are the ones responsible for them and not CHR.

Some Politicians Mislead the Public

In their quest to protect their political affiliation, some senators despite knowing the law make comments that mislead the public. Like why CHR does not say something about that girl who was raped and killed by a drug addict? Now, you know the answer.

Human Rights Watch

“The detailed testimony from a ‘death squad’ member that then-Mayor Duterte was personally involved in killings and ordered others are very serious allegations that require an independent investigation,” Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch said.

Possible DDS Copycat

Nobody can deny that vigilante killings are on the rise since the drug war started. Others noted that it might be a DDS copycat or the drug criminals killing informers that can implicate them. Either way, the government has a responsibility to protect all citizens, criminals or not. Thus, explaining CHR’s moves.

CHR is Independent and not Controlled by Government

Despite getting a budget from the government, CHR is an independent body installed to protect the people. They are the protector of the majority and not conniving with any political faction.

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