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Bongbong Marcos: Martial Law is Necessary to Prevent World Crises

martial law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos said in an interview that Martial Law implementation in the whole Mindanao is crucial to solving the world’s crises. Terrorism is happening worldwide. “ISIS” intends to propagate in Mindanao to expand their territory. This must not be allowed to happen.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos said that the conflict with rebels is a world issue.

Anti-Admin Disposition

Detractors say that the Supreme Court’s affirmation of the legality of President Duterte’s imposition of martial law in Mindanao can only serve to feed his predisposition to authoritarianism. He has betrayed all too often by self-comparison with Ferdinand Marcos, they said.

Strong Pro – Martial Law Vote

11 justices agreed with the president. 3 would have gone along but partially including the Supreme Court Chief Justice, There’s only one full dissenter, Marvic Leonen. Battling insurgents and renegade rebels in Marawi is not easy because of their “ISIS” connections. This is why Du30 decided to cover all of Mindanao of Martial Law in anticipation of the conflict spilling over.

Military Backs the President’s Declaration

According to the military, even before the Marawi flare-up, some of the enemies already crossed the sea from Lanao del Sur, the province of which Marawi is the capital. They have gone to Bohol province, in the Visayas as well where they were immediately ceased because of the residents’ coordination with authorities. In Metro Manila itself, alerts to terrorist threats are under close watch at the present time.

The President’s Ways

Du30 already raises the prospect of Countrywide martial law for the drug war. He, however, continued to use normal powers in dealing with it. His ways are considered too brutal, anyway. Du30 is also accused of masterminding extra-judicial killings. The president just doesn’t care for as long as he serves the people well. Although, he looks forward to Marcos’ presidential takeover and to spend time with his grandchildren.

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Arroyo and Bongbong Marcos on Drug War: Crimes are Down by 10 Percent

drug war

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The truth on the President’s drug war comes out from the mouth of his allies. Bongbong Marcos and former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo are pro-administration politicians. Despite the claims of his detractors, statistics don’t lie. Crimes are down by 10 percent and that’s the fact. Now, people realize who the real liars are.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Former President and House Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo praises the President.

Awesome Leadership

Awesome leadership and results are the markings of the first year of President Du30, said the former President Arroyo. Sound decisions come from intelligence findings for every critical situation available to the leader only. He is able to focus on the reality of the problem than to the pieces of advice given that are not factual.

Foreign Affairs Alignment

Bongbong Marcos also gives credit to the President who is able to realign foreign affairs policies. He manages to resume the good relationship with China like how it was during the Marcos regime. On top of that, he also opens the doors to Russia while he keeps the United States on the side. Criticisms loom on his strategy but it is effective. Only a good leader can do that, Marcos said.

Real Drug War Data

Illegal drugs are still around. But Du30 is able to bring down the number of crimes by 10 percent. This is in the first 11 months of his administration. The data from the Philippine National Police shows that during the last quarter of 2016, the administration obtains a new quarterly record low in crime since 1989.

Human Rights

Rene Saguisag said that Du30 must respect human rights and dignity. Senator Leila de Lima echoes this. She accuses the president of false new against her. The Social Weather Stations survey on crime victims in January 2017 shows that 4.9 percent of families recently fall victims to any crime. The decrease in crimes comes at a price – the many deaths of alleged criminals.

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Du30: Successor in Place But Contested,Throne Grabber and Rating No Big Deal


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President urges the people to make sure not to be mistaken on the presidency’s succession line just in case he dies. Stick with the Constitution, not with the throne grabber, he said. Next is Leni Robredo although her post is being contested by Bongbong Marcos. He also does not mind how some individuals rate him after one year in office. He’s doing his job for the welfare of the Filipinos.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Giit ni Duterte, si VP Robredo ang hahalili sa kanya kung pumanaw siya at ‘di si Elly Pamatong

Contested Successor

“There are two claimants to the presidency,” the President explained at the 120th founding anniversary of the Presidential Security Group or PSG. Du30 was not referring to Vice President Leni Robredo and former Senator Bongbong Marcos who is contesting his victory. The two personalities are fighting over the VP post before the Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET.

Throne Grabber

Du30 refers to the habitual nuisance bet and suspended lawyer Elly Pamatong. He recently announced via a Facebook video that he is now the new Philippine president. “One of them has already organized, and he has claimed that he has deposed me – presidential candidate Pamatong. He said he has taken over,” Du30 said humorously.

Group Protests

Various small groups made some protests complaining about his alleged swearing, disrespect to women, and impartial end of contract move. However, the President just shrugged them off saying that their scores or ratings on his performance are no big deal for him. The Labor Secretary himself addresses the concerns of protesters. He said that total solution to the problem needs time.

Greatest Critic

Senator Leila de Lima said from prison that the one year stint of Duterte only highlights swearing, abuses, drug war killings, and fake news. She denies all accusations against her. She said that those are examples of false information from the Du30 administration.

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Think of Bongbong Marcos’ Running Mate for ICC Matters against PDu30


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The late Miriam Defensor Santiago was the first Filipino elected as judge of the International Criminal Court or ICC, based in The Hague, Netherlands, in 2011. She only let go of her post in 2014 due to her chronic fatigue syndrome. Santiago was a no-bullshit public servant. She would immediately turn down any politicking attempts once they reach her table. Anti-administration politicians can think of this if they ever bring the President’s alleged human rights complaints again to the Hague.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Nakahanda si Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano na maharap sa anumang ethics complaint kaugnay ng kanyang impeachment case laban kay Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte.

Public Service Principles Molded

Santiago served in all three branches of the government. The presiding judge of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court; immigration commissioner, agrarian reform secretary; and a senator for three terms. She filed the most number of bills in the Senate. Her decision-making principles were based on her solid experience in the legislative, executive, and judiciary branches.

Personal Touch

Bongbong Marcos said that his campaign experience with Santiago “was always a learning experience.” Important issues were always related to the experience of an ordinary Filipino.” “The way she took the legal issues and explain it to a layman is just remarkable. She had a very clear way of thinking straight to the root of the problem. But always delivered with a personal conviction that brought tears to people’s eyes from laughing,” Marcos said. He refers to Santiago’s infamous one-liners that appealed effectively to the youth.

Bongbong Marcos to Santiago

“It was her decision” to press on for the presidency despite her health condition, her running mate, Bongbong Marcos, said when asked if he ever asked Santiago to slow down during the campaign. “It was not in her constitution to stand back and take it easy. She always moved forward addressing head-on the issues. Santiago tried to address the problems she saw the Philippines was facing,” Marcos added.

Take it for the Ride

The President shrugged off threats by opposition lawmaker Gary Alejano to bring him to the ICC to answer allegations of human rights violations. This is in connection with the government’s drug war. Du30 made the statement following the quashing by the Congress for the impeachment complaint against him filed by Alejano for lack of substance.

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What does Robredo know about Democracy when she has No Clue on Shabu?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo cannot easily convince Filipinos that she fights for real democracy. The recount for the VP race is not yet on the horizon because of her alleged delaying tactics. She may mean well but it is just too obvious that she does not have in depth understanding about certain issues. Like she attacks the president’s drug war, suggests to decriminalize it when she has no clue about the difference between heroin and shabu. The latter can really mess up an addict’s head.

Youtube video by; MindaNation
[VIDEO]: Franco Mabanta brilliantly demolished Leni Robredo in 6 minutes

Eroded Democracy

Robredo insinuates that she sees that the country’s institutions are eroded. They are weakened, she said. It is not certain if she refers to the Congress’ dealings with the martial law. Or perhaps the Supreme Court’s nod to rival, Bongbong Marcos with regards to the three commissioners he pleaded for in his electoral protest against her.

Drug War

In the summit that aims to boost support for the fight against threats to democracy, Robredo expresse her concerns that alleged online propaganda is already very powerful. Drug war data are corrupted and fake news somewhat dominates the scene, she observes. There’s no realization at all that social media can only be powerful when there are real people manning them. 


Settling Differences

Robredo is right to say that Filipinos should rise above disagreements and “build bridges of understanding. In extraordinary times and if differences are not set aside, the country would not stand a chance,” said the VP. However, actions speak louder than words. She and her co-party members continue to discredit their political enemies in every way they can. This is on the verge of bringing up the dead to destroy the son who can be a very promising president in the near future.

Lessen Sufferings

“Let us build bridges of understanding, not walls. Let us bury our egos and our pride and let empathy rise. Let us not just think of a democracy as a concept but as a means to lessen the suffering of the poor,” she added.