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Napolcom: No direct link to Pagdilao and Tinio on Drugs but must please Duterte


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Napolcom admitted that they have not found any direct link yet to Pagdilao and Tinio’s drug trade involvement but they seems to be under pressure to find some of President Rodrigo Duterte will lose his face.

The National Police Commission or Napolcom only found pieces of evidence and most of them are hearsays. How could they pin the two police officials in the drug trade? Napolcom Vice Chair Rogelio Casurao has allegedly identified Police Director Joel Pagdilao and Chief Superintendent Edgardo Tinio as those with “probable cause,” or with pieces of evidence that appeared to support accusations that they were protectors of drug syndicates in the country. How could that be probable cause when there’s no direct link?

Casurao added that the investigating team found documentary evidence that may prove President Rodrigo Duterte’s publicly-made accusations against the police officials – which is a clear gesture that they are under pressure. Not to find out the truth but to please Duterte.

Casurao said Pagdilao and Tinio have until Tuesday to file their replies after receiving the requests from Napolcom last Friday.
“The investigating team sent request to Director Pagdilao and Dir Tinio because they have to be given the chance to file their comment, these are not formal charges yet, only findings arrived by team” he added.

Casurao explained that while they have not found any direct link yet to Pagdilao and Tinio’s alleged drug trade involvement, being a “protector” under their rules includes non performance of duties that should have stopped the drug trade – which is balony anyway. He added: “when you protect is when you turn a blind eye on the misbehaviors. If you don’t do anything to put a stop to the (drug) incidence, that could be interpreted as a form of protection and coddling,” he said. Therefore, if that is the case, President Duterte is guilty of extra judicial killings and human rights violations because he did not do anything to prevent those?

Casurao explained that they have examined a lot of personalities who were assigned in illegal drugs units under the PNP and found out something about Pagdilao and Tinio that could fall under their definition. However, they have based their conclusion to the lack of training to police officers manning the questionable areas – and their lapses were interpreted as turning a blind eye into the matter.

Casurao added that while there have been reshuffles in certain units, same people operate within the units.
“Itong mga taong ito sila sila rin yung lumilitaw na personality, that gives us a strong belief somehow that these people are involved in drug business,” he said.
“If these findings remain undisturbed, to me it is enough basis to come up with a probable cause,” he added.
Casurao has also advised his embattled colleagues on how to address the accusations.
“Depending on your explanation we will find whether we have reason to hold out further investigation, go specific on your defense,” Casurao said.
Another accused, Chief Superintendent Bernardo Diaz, is not yet off the hook. Casurao said they have yet to establish probable cause since more evidence about Diaz are coming in and it has to be thoroughly confirmed and verified.
“On the third respondents (Diaz) we’re still trying to evaluate, we have identified certain individuals who could shed light,” he said.
“More evidence are coming, may hinihintay pa kami, but itong sa dalawa (Pagdilao and Tinio) can already stand,” Casurao said.
He explained that based on their timetable, Napolcom would be able to submit their report to Duterte before the end of August.


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Can Duterte apologize to Tinio after Ex-PDEA chief cleared him?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Former Director of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency or PDEA, Dionisio Santiago cleared Chief Supt. Edgardo Tinio, the former chief of the Quezon City Police District or QCPD, who was accused by President Duterte of coddling illegal drug syndicates – after he personally investigated the General. His background check and various reliable testimonies proved that the accusation was wrong

All his ‘mistahs’ vouched for his integrity or his classmates at the Philippine Military Academy (Class 1985). Their counter checking of Tinio concluded that he is clean from illegal drugs involvement. He was probably implicated when he received the jueteng grease money not knowing that the operator is also involved with illegal drugs trade.

A certain Agcaoili, Tinio’s subordinate, was the one who delivered protection money to Tinio allegedly from jueteng operators in Pampanga province. Again, this is not a direct knowledge as well so, can very well be hearsay.

Santiago was convinced that Duterte’s intelligence team just got pressured and submitted names of high ranking officials supposed to be involved in illegal drugs without thorough verification
He’s a good operator,” Santiago said. “But those tasked to produce the names of police officials should not let politics or other motives get in the way of their work because lives are at stake here,” he added.
Santiago, whom the President supported in his failed bid for a Senate seat in the May 9 elections, said that Tinio had sought an audience with him.

This one lapse of Duterte’s people really did prove that the president could be wrong with his allegations. Aside from Tino, retired Deputy Director Gen. Marcelo Garbo; retired Chief Supt. now Daanbantayan, Cebu Mayor Vicente Loot; Director Joel Pagdilao and Chief Supt. Bernardo Diaz were also accused before conducting counter-checking on the report. This has also discouraged Mayor Tomas Osmena in Cebu who vouched for Garbo’s reputation.


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