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FVR Appeals to the President to Hear him Out because He’s Near Life’s End


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former president FVR or Fidel V. Ramos is one of the biggest endorsers of the former Mayor’s presidential candidacy. Now he turns to be his greatest critic. However, he pleads to the president to hear him out because people at his age are near death. He made various demands that are contrary to the administration’s policies.

Youtube video by; Dan NewsTV
[VIDEO]: Courtesy: GMA NEWS, Inulan muli ng batikos ang administrasyong Duterte mula kay dating Pangulong Fidel Ramos. Kabilang sa mga pinuna ni FVR ang kampanya kontra-droga at ang ugali raw ng pangulo na tinawag niyang “tokenism.


Ramos said that the present administration resorts to “tokenism” or only making a symbolic effort. “Tokenism is described by Ramos as pretending to do something but nothing happens. He said that the country’s enemy is tokenism. FVR mentions that he hopes the president listens to older people like him because they are near life’s end.

War on Drugs is Correct

To paralyze the illegal drugs trade is correct by going after big drug lords. The killings of small-time users and pushers are wrong. They must be rehabilitated. It is not known yet if Ramos agrees with the arrest of Senator Leila De Lima who is accused of coddling drug criminals detained at the Bilibid prison during her time as Justice secretary.

South Korean Businessman Killing

Ramos also condemns the killing of South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo. He is killed by rogue policemen inside the government-controlled Philippine National Police’s headquarters in Camp Crame. He stresses that South Korea is still one of the best partners of the country and yet the authority allows policemen to kill Jee inside their own Camp Crame.

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Health, Peace Talks, and Bigger EDSA Celebration

FVR suggests that the President should be transparent on his health status like when he is the president. He orders a spokesman to announce his condition the moment he enters the hospital. Peace talks must also be continued until it reaches a closure. It is now temporarily abandoned. His last demand is a bigger EDSA celebration next year. Perhaps, to coincide with his newly launched Biography?

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FVR Allergic of ‘Moving on’ Theme – Insists on Building an EDSA Museum to Preserve all Lies?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

FVR claims that the usual EDSA celebration might attack anti-government protests. Therefore, the president refrains from holding a big one, he said. Since there’s nothing he can do about it, he insists on pushing to build the EDSA museum to store all materials to support what his group wants people to remember – the alleged tyranny of the Marcos regime that the real initiator, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile disputes.

Youtube video by; Pilipinas Cnn News
[VIDEO]: Former President Fidel V. Ramos says a big celebration of the EDSA People Power Revolution’s 31st anniversary might attract anti-government protests.

Senator Enrile Corrects all Wrongs of Edsa

Enrile explains that it was him and the RAM group of Senator Gringo Honasan who wants the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos to step down through peaceful means – that Marcos obliged to for the safety of the Filipino people. FVR only joins later on with his symbolic jump and grabs all glories of EDSA that they painted for the world to believe in connivance with the Aquino’s political faction.

Don’t Want to Move on

Former President Ramos also don’t want people to move on from the wrongly publicized purpose of EDSA. Does this have something to do with the Martial Law abuses committed allegedly by his own Philippine Constabulary that they blamed Marcos for? Perhaps, he does not want people’s hate to go back to him if they are keen enough to know the truth – and not the made up stories that his allies want to put up at the said museum.

Truth Depends on Who People Talk to

Testimonies pour down coming from the people who happen to be part of the so-called People’s Power Revolution in EDSA. Pro-Marcos loyalists say that it is not a revolution but a mutiny by military men unsatisfied with the late GeneralFabian C. Ver’s leadership. The Anti-Marcos uses the church to lure unsuspecting Filipinos whom they install the nationalistic spirit in them when urging them to rebel against the administration. This is after the media propaganda launched to assassinate the character of then president Marcos and now, PDu30. Others purely believe that they were there for a cause – either they are pro or anti-Marcos.

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The Marcos Administration only Suppress Rebels

Media practitioners, NPAs, Communist insurgents, activists, and outlaws are the enemies of the Marcos regime. Media was only blocked temporarily when they were used by rebels to spread out propaganda against the government. It is not true that there was no freedom of speech. It was even the late Cory Aquino who made a big fuzz by suing a journalist who wrote that she hides under her bed during one of Gringo Honasan’s coup d’etat. President Digong only temporarily boycotts the media when he was pissed off with them for giving a different meaning to his words. He never resorts to the court for all his detractors calling him names.

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The President is not Expected at the Camp Aguinaldo’s 31st Edsa Celebration on Feb 24 but in Bangsamoro Meet

Edsa celebration

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President is not expected to attend the 31st-anniversary celebration of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution but anything can happen. Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella confirms that Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea represents Du30 during the activity in Camp Aguinaldo. President Digong is scheduled on February 24 to go to the Bangsamoro Transition meeting in Davao, at the same time the event takes place.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: On rumors of an ouster plot versus President Rodrigo Duterte: “There are news circulating and I think we agree with the saying where there’s smoke there is fire.”

No “Salubungan”

The “Salubungan” where the soldiers meet up with the people is not reenacted this time.This is one of the major changes in this year’s 31st Edsa celebration of the People’s Power revolution. It’s the first under the Duterte administration. The same simple ceremony as the hero’s burial for the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos. It keeps the administration’s bid to make things simple, Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra said.

Bangsamoro Meeting

Abella hints that the president has a surprise during the Edsa celebration. However, the spokesman also talks about the launch of the renewed effort to implement the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro where President Digong is scheduled to attend in Davao City.

When there’s Smoke, there’s Fire at the Edsa Celebration

There are rumors that the Liberal Party prepares to oust the president that coincides with the Edsa celebration. The administration is prepared for this. This is the reason why the official 31st Anniversary is on Feb 24 and not the usual date on the 25th. Aside from the “Walk for Life” gathering of the church prior to the anniversary, there are anti-administration groups that plan to hold rallies. It is not certain, however, if they can beat the pro-administration crowd at Luneta on the 25th.

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Rally behind the President at Quirino Grandstand on Feb 25

People who still believe in genuine change that the president aims for gather on Feb 25th at the Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park in Luneta. This is a way to show support to the policies of the president amidst speculations that some give up on him due to alleged extra-judicial killings. Davao death squad rumors also add up to it. It is interesting to see if the president remains popular after the senate dramas of the anti-administration senators.