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Senate: Bongbong Marcos Proposed the Free Education Bill – Not the Author

By: Elena Grace Flores

The recent fact-checks of some media recently failed a great deal. Half-truths can also be misleading. Bongbong Marcos might not be the author of the Free Education bill but he proposed it. According to the Senate of the Philippines’ 17th Congress website, former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. pushed for free college education in all the state colleges and universities in the country. z

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Many senators may have claimed to propose such bill but it is already recorded in the minds of the public that Bongbong Marcos initiated it first in 2015.

Support for Public School Teachers

Likewise, Marcos also called for increased support for public school teachers. He said that it is a crucial factor in improving the country’s educational system. Marcos stressed that education is one of the most important services that the government can provide to people. He worked for possible enactment of measures for this during his last term in the Senate but the legislative agenda at that time was not able to accommodate Marcos’ proposals.

Electoral Protest Delayed the Bill

Marcos vowed to continue this quest when he becomes Vice President but his electoral protest against the presumptive VP Leni Robredo is still ongoing. However, his proposal was endorsed and authored by other Senators when he was no longer in the position. The bill becomes a law in August 2017. It aims to provide students from state colleges and universities with free education.

Screenshot of the Senate Press Release

It is actually hard to miss this kind of press release if the objective of a media entity is to tell the truth. It is very clear that the country’s news networks have the hand of anti-Marcos oligarchs. Here’s the screenshot and link of the said Press Release:

The Bill’s Authors and Co-Authors

The authors of the bill signed on January 23, 2017, were Senators Recto, Villanueva, Ejercito, Aquino IV, Gatchalian, Pangilinan, Angara, and Legarda. The bill’s passage into law also shows that other senators were made co-authors. All in all, the bill had 12 authors: senators Ralph Recto, Joel Villanueva, Joseph Victor Ejercito, Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV, Sherwin Gatchalian, Francis Pangilinan, Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara, Loren Legarda, Leila de Lima, Cynthia Villar, Juan Miguel Zubiri, and Richard Gordon.

Aquino-Marcos Feud

The Aquino and Marcos rivalry still exists these days. As one of the co-authors of Marcos’ proposed bill, Bam Aquino receives criticisms in claiming that he is the author of the bill that Marcos initiated. The feud has come a long way and it generally delays the provision of laws that would benefit the general public. Too bad that the mainstream media is more interested in “Who’s Who or Who’s What” than for the common good.

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Binay Presidency: Subsidized Quality Education will be available to all Filipinos at no cost

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
What would happen if all public schools are already over populated – and some of the remaining students cannot afford to go to private schools? The result, increasing number of out of school youths. This is already happening as livelihood becoming tight with the presidential election coming up amidst the El Nino phenomenon.

This is why people cannot feel the much publicized progress of the country – with more than 30 million people getting hungry each day.

Quality semi-private schools in Makati subsidized by the government and the private sector arranged by the Binays continued to provide students with learning institutions that are not only at par with private schools – but are also providing free uniforms and books to its enrolees.

This is definitely a priority under the Binay presidency for the whole Philippines.

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Challenges for Bar Board Passers

By: Elena Grace Flores
The bar review for soon to be lawyers do not start after graduation contrary to popular belief. One of the 2014 top board passers disclosed that the hard work should start upon entering law school. It will be too late when one is cramming to review test materials in such limited time right before the bar exam.

It takes dedication to be a lawyer in the Philippines. Controversies surround the nation and the call for good lawyers never fades. Stories of struggle from one disaster to another can be sources of inspiration. If one is determined to be a lawyer, no calamities or sad happenings can discourage him or her in pursuing this noble but highly controversial profession.

Government, private and charitable law practices are all rewarding both financially and self-fulfillment. It’s just a matter of how much. The private sector may be paid higher but so as lawyers in government offices with all the high profile public cases going on. Lawyers handling charity works to defend people who can’t afford professional fees earn the least in terms of money – but the most rewarding of them all. Now take a pick and be the lawyer that you worked hard for! Congratulations to all the Bar Board Passers!

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Learn to Program your Computer

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Computer programming is not limited to desktops only – they can be applied to almost all technology gadgets nowadays like in cell phones, tablets, notebooks and of course laptops. This “hour of code” video shows that you don’t have to be a geek to be able to program a computer. Formal education in Computer Science and Information Technology is not necessary to accomplish this task because the present curriculum is changing together with the earth’s evolution. Watch this and be inspired:

The Hour of Code is here

Posted at YouTube by:

There are online tutorials available that can aid you in learning a line of coding as you go along. Linking your blogs  can easily be done for example – by adding some codes in the html editor of your WordPress platform. Since computers are already part of our daily lives, it will help if we know simple coding to be satisfied with what we’re doing. Technology does makes the world go faster but mind you, you can also stop or slow down at your own phase if you need to. This is not about coping up with the changing world but to be able to be in control with present developments. Get on board and welcome to the hour of code!

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Bill Gates as Harvard’s Most Successful Dropout

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Although everything can’t be learned in school, it is still a great experience to be in a very prestigious learning institution. This is the experience of Bill Gates, now the billionaire of the technology world but used to be Harvard’s dropout. The difficulties, pains and failures he experienced while studying became his inspiration to be second to nobody in his chosen field – for this, he deserves to be Harvard’s doctorate degree recipient. It’s not about graduating from college but it’s what you went through and how you get about becoming the person that you are at present! Watch and listen to this closely:

Motivational – Bill Gates Speech at Harvard

Posted at YouTube by: Dave Sheahan

The mindset that you have to finish school and get a degree to be successful is not applicable to all. Exceptional people can make a fortune even without it. Life is not perfect so, we all have to learn in making the most of what we have but one thing is for sure – if you have a poor or poverty mentality, you will surely end up there! So, whatever you do, live with the hope in that you can do greater things with your given talents in any situation that you are in. That’s is the greatest challenge in life!

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