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The Real Score Between Bongbong Marcos and Atty. Glenn Chong on Election Fraud

election fraud

By: Elena Grace Flores
Atty. Glenn Chong’s fight for clean election did not stop when he fails to grab a Senate seat during the recent  2019 elections. He now openly campaigns to declare Bongbong Marcos as the real Vice President through social media. Recently, Chong argues with Comelec spokesperson, James Jimenez on the digital election fraud that allegedly happens during the 7-hour  transmission interruption. Jimenez calls it Chong’s alternative theory. Marcos, on the other hand, pushes the Hybrid system that Chong recommends even before the mid-year poll.

YouTube video by
Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Ang Hybrid Election System | Bongbong Marcos.

Parallel Thinking on the Hybrid  System

BBM explains the advantage of a hybrid system for the next elections through his vlog. The voting and counting must be manual he said. This allows spectators to witness the actual count. Then, the transmission results from the precincts to the Comelec can be through digital transmission. Marcos said that Comelec’s mistake is evident on the use of additional servers. It is necessary that the report must go directly to the poll agency without interruption from voting centers to discourage alteration, he added. This is in line with Chong’s presentation earlier.

The President’s Recommendation

President Rodrigo Du30 recommends to the Comelec not to use Smartmatic anymore for the 2022 Presidential elections. This is exactly the advocacy of Atty. Glenn Chong. Since both the LP and the pro-administration candidates are not happy with Smartmatic, there’s no reason any more to keep it. Although the poll body is an independent entity from the government, it is open to the idea to stop using Smartmatic.

The Election Fraud is Right Inside the Machine

Jimenez and former congressman  Chong are at the Chamber of Representatives during the hearing of the House committee on public accounts. This is after the former Biliran Representative’s complaints about why there are 7 hours of break away from the media during the transmission of results.  Chong also said that his name was not in the template. This is the reason why his name can’t come out in the receipt even though he was voted. The cheating is therefore right inside the machine, he insists.

The Real Score

The real score between Marcos and Chong is simple. Both of them know that they were cheated during the particular elections. They also have evidence to prove such accusations. Therefore, it is understandable that they can work together towards a common goal.

It’s Up to the Congress

Jimenez comments that it is up to Congress to create a law on using a hybrid system for the upcoming elections. He did not show any refusal nor disagreement to President Du30’s suggestion to totally scrap Smartmatic. This is contrary to some posts on social media. He also added that election fraud accusations must be dealt with using actual facts and not alternative truths.  It is very important that the people would continue to watch if he will “walk the talk” or not. Is he really against election fraud?

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Atty. Glenn Chong Addresses Supporters’ Election Complaints Unanimous with IT Experts’ Stand


By: Elena Grace Flores
Senate hopeful, Atty. Glenn Chong storms the temporary Comelec headquarters in Pasay City on election day. He said that he lost his votes in six areas during the mid-term election. This includes his hometown, Biliran. Chong immediately acts out according to the complaints of his supporters. He’s currently out of the magic 12 at number 30 as per the initial unofficial tally.

YouTube video by

[VIDEO]: Inireklamo ni Glenn Chong ang umano’y hindi nababasang boto para sa kanya sa ilang presinto.

Anomalies in 6 Areas

Chong said that his voters received their voter’s receipts without his name on the paper. Other voters in Las Piñas had the same experience like Senator Cynthia Villar who outruns Senator Grace Poe in the number one spot. This takes place in the cities and provinces of Cagayan, Biliran, Manila, Iloilo, Batangas and Cagayan de Oro according to reports.

Possible Mistakes

Senatorial candidate Cynthia Villar said that her voter’s receipt did not match her actual voting list on Monday, May 13. In an interview, Villar said she was surprised when she saw a certain name of a candidate she didn’t vote in her voter’s receipt. However, the top senatorial bet admits that there is a possibility that she made a mistake while shading the oval of her ballot. This may not be the cases in Chong’s voters.

Undisclosed Details on the Election Complaints

“We are only going to say the places because I want the Comelec to come out first with the data,” he said. Chong meets with Comelec officials exclusively. Comelec pokesperson James Jimenez asks him to file an official complaint. Chong said his camp now drafts the letter and submits it to the poll body a day after the election.

Delayed Canvassing

The IT Community says that Comelec is the most unqualified operator of the Automated Election System. While Smartmatic is the grossly incompetent contractor for the past 4 elections. They warn the public that data tampering is now on-going. This is due to non-update on Comelec official website and the posting on mainstream media is only at 0.40%. Another Senatorial bet, Tito Casiño spearheads this via social media which is unanimous to Chong’s election grievance.

Message to Chong

Defeats are not necessarily the end of an advocacy. In most cases, it is the beginning. Doors are opened to him. Connections are made. Exposures continue. As a clean election advocate, he can very well serve the country using his own credentials. He did not become an accountant, attorney, and IT expert for nothing. The fight for the people must go on despite the loss in the Senatorial race.

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Bongbong Marcos Endorses the IT Expert that Helps Discover the Digital Election Fraud

By: Elena Grace Flores

Casino was a member of the Comelec Advisory Council (CAC), mandated by law to advise the poll body on the automated election system. He told reporters that he if wins as senator, he would push for economic reforms and easing out of Smartmatic from the country’s elections. He said during the Congressional Hearing on Election Oversight that Bongbong Maarcos is the winner of the 2015 VP election by one million votes lead over Leni Robredo. Now, BBM endorses him for Senator alongside Atty. Glenn Chong and his sister, Imee Marcos.

YouTube video by
GMA Public Affairs

[VIDEO]: Pagsasaayos sa sistema ng eleksyon isa sa mga plataporma ni Toti Casiño

Casino’s Logical Theory on the 2016 VP Election

IT expert Edmund Casino is logical enough to quote the corresponding rule in the 1987 constitution on the mandate of the Comelec. He is very loud to say that they are incompetent or illiterate not to stop counting after a tampering act. It was a nationwide knowledge that Bongbong Marcos was leading at one million votes consistently during the 2016 election. The sudden shift of the total votes after the insertion of a correction can void the rest of the votes because direct tampering is a violation. Therefore, the rest is subject to forensic evaluation. In short, it should be VP Bongbong Marcos, not Leni Robredo.

The Commission on Elections’ Incompetence

Casino addresses Senator Antonio Trillanes’ inquiry on any judgment of a protest. He vehemently said that the department is the juror, prosecutor, and judge. It can never make a clear and satisfactory decision. Smartmatic does not have the capability since 4 years ago and yet the Comelec is still using the digital election provider.

IT Expert by Experience

The firm Mr. Casino criticizes the Comelec’s incompetence in understanding basic computer mechanics. They are not literate enough to even understand “WSIWYG” that stands for “What you see is what you get.” Meaning, whatever can be seen in the system must be the same in the image. This is in reference to the boxes found on the images when they are ovals in the actual voting forms. Casino’s background is economics but he was trained in the IT field all throughout the beginning of his career.

Marcos is the Legitimate Vice President

Direct tampering in the middle of a live transmission is a violation. Results prior to that must be the legitimate one. They should have stopped counting and declare whatever the result was. Beyond that is already subject to forensic evaluation. This clearly means that Marcos is the legitimate Vice President, Casino said.

The Senatorial Candidate’s Political Platform

Casino vows to eliminate electoral fraud if he wins as Senator. This is vital to Marcos who is a victim of such digital poll fraud. This is definitely the ultimate reason pf Marcos’ endorsement of the latter. They share the same goals among others.

IT Expert Edmund Casino: VP Bongbong Marcos Won the Election at One Million Votes Lead

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Bongbong Marcos Prays for a Miracle this National Elections – Just Like in Ilocos Norte


By: Elena Grace Flores
Amidst reports of anomalies during the absentee voting overseas, Bongbong Marcos urges everyone to have faith in the divine intervention. He said that elections come and go but in his home province, they take their beliefs seriously. Sure enough, his nephew, Matthew Marcos Manotoc is automatically the governor of Ilocos Norte after the withdrawal of Rodolfo Farinas from the gubernatorial race.

YouTube video by
Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Windmills of the North (part 2) | Bongbong Marcos.

Local Religious Belief

During the whole month of May, the province pays tribute to La Virgen Milagrosa of Badoc. She is the Patron Queen known for the numerous miracles that occur through her intercession.

The Windmills in Bangui

An innovative mind comes from above. That is why ideas can change a country. Marcos believes in this.  I’ll let you in on a little secret: when we first built the windmills, our main intention was to produce clean energy. Never in our wildest dreams did we think it would become a major tourist attraction, he said.

Matthew Manotoc as the Next Governor

The outgoing governor, Imee Marcos’ son, Matthew is the next governor of Ilocos Norte as he runs unopposed this coming mid-year elections. This remarkable young man is ripe in his own sense. His family’s experiences and exposures to nation-building becomes his. He has many worthwhile tested plans for his province when it comes to progressing it.

Continuity in Ilocos Norte

Circumstances favor the Marcoses this 2019. Although the namesake of Ferdinand Marcos still has an ongoing electoral protest against the presumptive Vice President, Leni Robredo, he remains calm and at peace. He devotes his time in doing his own VP work privately that are beneficial for the masses while campaigning for his sister. He calls himself the noble proxy of the governor. It even gets better this time for their bailiwick. A younger and more updated leader is about to emerge with equal if not better capabilities.

looking Forward to 2022

Bongbong Marcos may be a bit disappointed with the slow processes of his 2016 elections protest – but this does not stop him from doing what he has to do for the country. In fact, the alleged digital anomalies gave him more sympathy perhaps for 2022 when he is expected to run as President. Faith can really make a man relax amidst the storm.

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It’s all about Choosing the Right Binay for Makati Voters this Midterm Election

By: Elena Grace Flores

Contrary to the opinions of the Binay detractors, the mayoralty rivalry between the two Binay siblings is not the main issue. The difficulty lies into the choice. Who between the two can serve the commercial district better than the other as per each voter’s requirement? They both have strengths and weaknesses. However, it’s never about choosing another candidate other than the two for most Makati citizens this midterm election. The latest video helps.

YouTube video byABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: Abby at Junjun Binay nagkasagutan sa PPCRV forum.

The Humble and the Proud

Like any other sibling rivalry, both have different perceptions where they are coming from. Despite this, one can be more humble than the other. Pride destroys families. Not just nations. One can be too stubborn not to compromise. The body languages of Mayor Abby Binay and younger brother, Junjun Binay said it all.

The Strengths of Mayor Abby Binay

An an incumbent mayor, Abby Binay-Campos has done enormous progress for Makati. This is in terms of automation, hospitalization, and private-public partnerships for service improvements. She is indeed the symbol of Makati modernization.

The Positive Side of Junjun Binay

Junjun Binay’s reputation may have gone down nationwide due to the black media propaganda by the yellow faction or Dilawan but not in Makati. Old-time residents knew that he adapts to the style of his father. He would go out of his way to help his constituents. When budget is a problem, he would find ways to find the means. Even if this can implicate him to some corruption allegations by people who does not understand the urgency of the unfortunate people’s needs. He remains in the hearts of many constituents.

The Promise in 2022

The mayoralty in Makati has yet to be voted for in May 13, 2019. However, the 2022 elections is also coming up. Another Binay can run the national election. Between the two, Abby Binay has better chances. Junjun Binay is better of as mayor because of the bad publicity against him.

Loud Disagreements at the Church

The PPCRV forum at the church may dismay other church-goers but this can be a blessing in disguise. Witnesses can already choose their bet according to what they hear and see. The Makati chief of police was there to prevent a more serious trouble. Former Vice President Jejomar Binay also tried to pacify both as Junjun kneels in front of Abby. Well, this family scene folks is pure. They may be public servants but they are also genuine people who can only take so much. Let your vote speak for yourself is the better approach.