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Why would Comelec’s James Jimenez Calls OFW Election Voting Troubles Fake News?

Why would Comelec's James Jimenez Calls OFW Election Voting Troubles Fake News?
By: Elena Grace Flores

Government officials must be sensitive to the concerns of the public. This is not the case with Comelec’s James Jimenez. He shrugs off the chaos and complaints expressed by Filipino overseas workers on dysfunctional machines, wrong over voting verdicts, and duplicated ballots. Jimenez justifies it by saying that the absentee voting since April 13 is relatively smooth. He warns the public for alleged fake news. However, Atty. Glenn Chong is quick enough to react on his statement.

YouTube video byPinoy TV

[VIDEO]: Atty. Glenn Chong Hinamon si Sen. Grace Poe ng Debate kung Totoong No. 1 sa Survey

Public Funds Go Down the Drain this Election

As an IT expert, Atty. Glenn Chong explains that the PCOS machines bought at almost 10 Billion pesos in 2010 are now outdated. It is just but natural to have wear and tear. The impractical thing is why keep on using such automation and spend more money on them when they are close to useless as they malfunction during the election proper? They added another 2 billion in 2013 then they rented another sets of VCMs in 2016. Therefore, they are used only during 2 elections only.

Money for Public Services Went to Smartmatic

If Comelec pays Smartmatic 12 Billion for 2 elections once every 3 years, at least 2 Billion Pesos a year are wasted instead of funding hospitals, schools, and public facilities or infrastructures. Dysfunctional machines are as good as disposable technology. They won’t be beneficial to the country anymore.

Proliferation of Fake News

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) braces for the proliferation of fake news as overseas absentee voting (OAV) began. The Comelec spokesman said that the poll body is on the lookout for those who try to disrupt the OAV by spreading false information. Since when does a genuine public complaint becomes fake news? Does Jimenez know how social media works?

Voters are Discouraged

Migrante International warned that only a few overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Japan will participate in the OAV because they are being required to pay postal stamp to be able to send back their ballots to the Philippine embassy where their votes will be counted. “The right to vote should be free,” it insisted. It also said that Filipinos in Europe expressed fear of losing their right to vote due to the postal mailing system of voting adopted by the Comelec. Jimenez’s justifications of the poll body’s processes are enough proof that the agency and their staff are incompetent.

Why Not Act on Them?

If Comelec cannot improve its system to assure Filipinos of a clean election this May and after 3 years thereafter, who can? Many people are now appealing for the President’s hand on the matter. The Comelec may be an independent body and only has to report to the President and the Congress every election, but its mandate must be clear enough. They organize, conduct, and monitor processes that would protect the people’s right to vote and for their votes to be counted properly. So far, it is not happening.

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Glenn Chong: Media Mind Conditioning vs. Election Fraud Reality

By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong who is also an IT expert divulges that Facebook limits their reach and engagement. Their test results show this conclusion. The two survey firms are also fake, he added. In fact, if it is really true that Senator Grace Poe is indeed the number one choice of the people for the Senate this election, Chong wants to invite her for a public debate. This is to see who would majority of the people listen to.

YouTube video byKabagis TV

[VIDEO]: Atty. Glenn Chong Hinamon si Sen. Grace Poe ng Debate kung Totoong No. 1 sa Survey

Election Fraud Tools

Media surveys are the election tools of the opposition to condition the minds of the Filipinos. The out of this world results are not questionable anymore if voters hear them from the news regularly. They are meant to mislead people into thinking that the fraudulent winners are the people’s choices.

Irregularities During the Overseas Voting

Atty. Chong also narrates the reports from their overseas counterparts that many of their votes are not counted because of alleged over votes. Despite voters insistence that they surely did have 12 bets for Senators. This is a common occurrence in Hongkong, the UK, Italy and even in the Middle East – where many overseas Filipino workers live. Machine malfunctions are also frequent on the record. They only prove that the Comelec is incompetent in handling clean and efficient elections.

Online Battles

While all these propaganda are on the air, the masses resort to expressing their views of certain issues online. Proofs of such anomalies are already shared over the net on the very first day of absentee voting. The people luckily have the edge on this. It only shows that Voters are now very vigilant with the possible massive cheating that can be done by politicians with ill intentions.

Investigations Needed

Although, Chong also gives Comelec the benefit of the doubt. He explains that the Smartmatic machines are already too old and unreliable. Besides, they can definitely be cheated as per the cases in some countries that are still using or have used them. Investigations are really a must, he suggested.

The Big Warning

The former Congressman of Biliran urges the public to count all the voters physically and match the total with the cast. Ballot duplicates must also be included in the Minutes of Voting along with other circumstances. When the anomalies or disorders are massive, they can serve as references for a possible failure of elections petition later. Everyone must be vigilant, Chong urged.

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UK OFWs Call on Comelec to Issue their Election Voting Receipts ASAP

By: Elena Grace Flores

The clean election campaign of Atty. Glenn Chong finally pays off immediately on the first day of absentee voting for the overseas Filipino workers in the United Kingdom. Some are not happy that their ballots are sent to their registered addresses and not given on the spot during the poll itself. Those who already cast their votes have some concerns as well. Few of them did not receive their receipts. They are worried that there may be some switching going on. One thing is clear. There are many loopholes in the processes that can allow cheating. Therefore, they are calling on the Comelec to act on their queries immediately. Chong runs alongside Gov. Imee Marcos for Senator.

YouTube video byKabagis TV

[VIDEO]: Unang Araw ng Pagboto ng mga OFW sa UK may Dayaan ng Nakikita. COMELEC Halata Kayo

Exercising their Right to Vote Overseas

On April 13 the casting of votes of almost two million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) starts. Migrant workers must carefully discern who among the candidates they should support. However, their votes for this midterm elections might not go to their choices as per speculations. In the UK, a group of unhappy voters made their sentiments known in front of the Philippine Embassy their.

Election Voters in the UK

Although most of the absentee voters work in Saudi Arabia, United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong, UK voters are vigilant enough to make sure that their votes are counted properly. Hong Kong is the most vote-rich OFW destination with 87,000 registered voters. However, social media shows that there are indeed active clean election advocates in England like Atty. Chong.

Possible Anomalies Detected

There are any legitimate claims that the OFWs in England divulge recently. The most serious one is the non-issuance of receipts after voting. Previously, Atty. Chong appeals to the public not to accept excuses if the receipt of the ballot casts is missing. The choices of the voter must tally with that of the receipt. Comelec must then address all these sentiments as they can lead to doubts. Thus, the results of the said poll can be declared as void if ever.

The Ideal Public Servants

It is a must that OFWs must vote for candidates who value them and their contribution to the nation’s economy. They should look for candidates who prioritize their welfare and ensure protection of their rights in and out of the country. The pubic servants who do not see them as mere products to earn from but fellow citizens with the same rights as them.

UK Residents and OFWs

In 2018 OFW remittances hit $32.21 billion. It was an all-time high record. Personal remittances were 9.7 percent of gross domestic product and 8.1 percent of gross national income in 2018. Almost 79 percent of total cash remittances in 2018 came from OFWs. They are mostly in the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Japan, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong. It is not known yet if the residents in England are part of the UK OFW statistics. This is because many Filipinas are married with British nationals and may have the status of housewives. Although it is certain that they too can vote and definitely send remittances to their families back home.

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The Marcoses Rock Campaign Trails Amidst LP-Du30 Word Wars Prior to Election 2019

By: Elena Grace Flores

The dirty side of politics resurfaces just a month prior to the mid-term election. Reports on alleged sudden increase of the Du30 family’s wealth is a common theme in mainstream media. This leads the President to think that this is just one of the black media tricks of the LP stalwarts or Dilawan. To retaliate, the President swears to install a revolutionary government if the enemies push him to the edge. Nonetheless, the Marcoses continue to rock their nationwide campaign trails. Gov. Imee Marcos for Senator is number 46 in the ballots.



Presidential Warning

During the annual convention of the Prosecutor’s League of the Philippines, President Du30 threaten to suspend the writ of habeas corpus. He warns to arrest “all” of his critics after the opposition urges attacks on his government contracts and family. Du30 then retaliates that he will declare a “revolutionary war” the anti-government players would make it difficult for him. Later, he explains that what he said about organizing a revolutionary government is just a warning.

Robredo’s Dream

The presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo’s lawyer, Romulo Macalintal argues that to declare a revolutionary government is not a function of the President. His task is to protect the Constitution. “If President Du30 really declares a revolutionary government, then it will be a show of force between his government and the government led by Robredo. She is the successor President of a democratic government,” said Macalintal. The late Corazon Aquino was a revolutionary government leader. She never won the election contrary to her claims.

Image Building Press Release

Macalintal said that Robredo herself is always against a revolutionary government. She said it does not only undermine the Constitution. The questionable VP also indicates a lack of faith in the current administration. In 2017, top military and defense officials swore their support to Robredo. They said that they would not support any moves to establish a revolutionary government. However, the President’s supporters are not only the majority of the men in uniform but 16 million of the Filipino masses.

The Temporary VP’s Readiness

Nonetheless, the temporary VP said that she is ready to succeed the President once he declares a revolutionary government. It is part of her office’s constitutional mandate, she added. Robredo also criticizes Du30’s threat and said this was a violation of the Constitution. They both swear to uphold their responsibilities after the 2016 digitally fraudulent election. Du30 won clearly at a landslide while Robredo faces an electoral protest by Bongbong Marcos.

Word Wars Bury the VP Election Protest

Obviously, Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest is quiet again – pending a decision from the Supreme Court. Should there is a basis for the claims of Marcos, the election recount will proceed to other questionable areas. Currently, there is already a petition to conduct physical examination proceedings in ARMM precincts that Comelec found to have thousands of fake voters. Robredo won in those areas.

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China Debt-Scare is a Kind of Propaganda that Labels the People’s Election Choices as “Thieves”

By: Elena Grace Flores

A foreign press post a YouTube video that shows China’s use of concessional loans that leaves some countries overwhelmed by debt. Then, asks if their sovereignty is at risk when they’re unable to pay it back? The style of writing is very safe with the “question” form. It is actually not accusing the Chinese government of taking advantage but merely inquiring. The cases of countries like Sri Lanka and Malaysia are featured. However, there’s no mention about the USA that owes China at least $1.138 trillion. As safe as it may sound, this creates havoc to common readers. This is very timely for the Philippines’ plan to allow such loans for President Rodrigo Du30’s “build, build, build” project. To think that this comes out prior to the mid-term election. Do they really think that they are more clever than Filipinos?

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Tony Lambino corrects Carpio’s description of patrimonial assets that misleads people.

Foreign Press Inquiry

The video implies that China is pumping billions into developing countries around the world to help fund and build major infrastructure projects. President Xi Jinping flagship economic policy, the ‘One Belt One Road’, the initiative is billed as a transformative global trade network with China at its center that Beijing says will bring prosperity to developing nations. But is China’s use of concessional loans leaving some countries overwhelmed by debt – and is their sovereignty at risk when they’re unable to pay it back? it asked.

America’s Debt to China

The U.S. debt to China is $1.138 trillion as of October 2018. That’s 29 percent of the $3.9 trillion in Treasury bills, notes, and bonds held by foreign countries. The rest of the $21 trillion national debt is owned by either the American people or by the U.S. government itself.

Misleading Warning

Supreme Court (SC) Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio recently warned that the waiver indicated in the Chico River irrigation project means China can take any “patrimonial assets” in case the Philippines fails to pay off its debt. However, Finance Assistant Secretary, Antonio Lambino said that the Philippines would not lose the gas-rich Reed Bank, as it is not considered a patrimonial asset. This is based on the 2002 ruling of Carpio himself.

What are Patrimonial Assets?

Lambino throws the question back at Carpio, the most senior among the justices in terms of stay in the SC. “How does his 2002 Supreme Court decision, that he penned, relate to this case? What he wrote there is those patrimonial assets are not things that can increase the national wealth, that has a public purpose or have a public use,” Lambino said. “Wouldn’t a gas reserve increase national wealth? And that is what I would ask him, and what is his thinking about that?”

No Debt-Trap- Just Black Media Propaganda

The Philippine government is managing debt well, contrary to countries like Sri Lanka, said Lambino. Most inquiries by the opposition are just the templates of a standard loan. They fail to read or understand the clauses and fine prints that protect the interests of the Filipino people or the country in general. This kind of propaganda which is half-baked can generate false impressions that the government officials in power are corrupt. Such misleading news already strips the people of the able public servants that are for the welfare of their citizens. Take the case of Mayor Abby Binay in Makati. The corruption allegations against her family made her look hungry for power when she faces her own brother during the upcoming election. In reality, this is democracy in action. The effective criteria when voting should be the concrete public service track record. The Binays and the Marcoses have that but they are perceived as “thieves” by black media propaganda.