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Bongbong Marcos Shuts Pimentel Up on his Obstruction of Injustice Congress Display


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos can become the first Filipino to be charged or detained for the offense of “obstruction of injustice”  in the Congress. This is a clear usurpation act by House Committee Chair, Johnny Pimentel. The only way he can redeem his name is to edit the charge. Instead of his “obstruction of justice” allegation,  he has to revise it to “obstruction of injustice” against Marcos. This might compensate for the injustice to Marcos of being robbed of the Vice Presidency in the 2016 elections.

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Arrest Bongbong Marcos?

Many people resist the obvious abuse of power in the 16th Congress. Bongbong Marcos just shrugs off the news of Pimentel’s threat to arrest him. This is on his advice to sister, Gov. Imee Marcos not to attend the July 25 hearing on the alleged tobacco anomaly. Johnny Pimentel’s big words must be put to the test. He may report Marcos to the Batasan for arrest and detention by him.

The Controversial Detention

Pimentel for sure will not make the arrest. He may even shut up. The confidence of most Filipinos is already shaken. The country’s prestige to be the defender of democracy have been hurt by these abusive congressmen. They display a degree of tyranny that they accuse the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos of. They should free the Ilocos 6 ASAP to save the Congress.

Power Abuse of the Congress

The abuse lies in the takeover by a House committee of such power that belongs to the executive and to the judicial branch. The heart of the danger is the fact that the government allows itself to be ruined by some ambitious and ruthless political leaders.

Anti-Usurpation Move by the Supreme Court

Associate Justice Bienvenido Reyes calls on his colleagues to continue the fight for judicial independence. “Protect the Supreme Court from the unsavory meddling of those who are trying to taint its integrity.” He mentioned the threat of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez to impeach Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno for her call to the CA justices to defy the House’s show- cause order against the three magistrates who issued the release of Ilocos 6.

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Bongbong Marcos Nails 3 Provinces, Catches Robredo Off Guard in Election Protest


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos’ revelation on the three provinces for the pilot manual recount and judicial revision of ballots in connection with his election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo, catches her off guard. Lawyer, Romulo Macalintal was beleaguered because they were expecting Lanao del Sur, Basilan, and Maguindanao.

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[VIDEO]: Atty Vic Rodriguez ambush interview spokesman BBM

3 Initial Provinces for the Recount

In his 81-page preliminary conference brief, the Marcos camp identified Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental for the recount or revision. Marcos spokesperson, Vic Rodriguez explains that they clearly show that there are major discrepancies in the votes cast on the ballots. These also include those transmitted by the Vote Counting Machines (VCMs) and reported in the Certificates of Canvass (COCs).

Camarines Sur Election Discrepancy

He also stresses that there are almost 65,000 undervotes in Camarines Sur. The three provinces have a total of 300,000 undervotes. Undervotes are ballots that are not counted. This is either because the voter did not vote for a certain position or there were unclear markings in the ballot.

Implausible Iloilo Votes

Whereas in Iloilo, Rodriguez points out that it is extremely implausible that Robredo gets 573,729 votes against Marcos’ 94,411 votes. He’s the running mate of the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago who was from the said province. They were warmly received by the Hiligaynons during their sorties there.

Negros Oriental and Witnesses

Robredo’s 248,102 votes in Negros Oriental against Marcos’ 99,208 votes look dubious. The biggest political clan there is for Marcos. The Marcos camp has a total of 362 witnesses. This is in the preliminary conference brief for July 11. They are ready to testify with evidence to support their claim. What is Macalintal talking about that Marcos is allegedly fishing for evidence?

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Election Prelim is Set: Bongbong Marcos Does Not Need to Fish Evidence


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Robredo’s election lawyer, Romulo Macalintal, filed a motion for reconsideration at the Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. Macalintal argued that Bongbong Marcos is uncertain about his own election protest. This is because of the alleged change on the 3 pilot provinces.


Change on the Pilot Provinces

Marcos and Robredo are ordered to name at least 3 pilot provinces that could prove the sufficiency of their protests. Macalintal argued, “Marcos named the provinces of Camarines Sur, Iloilo, and Negros Oriental; despite Marcos’ motion to seek the technical and forensic examination of all ballots from the provinces of Basilan, Maguindanao, and Lanao del Sur.

Fishing or Strategizing?

These details are mentioned in Marcos’ preliminary conference brief submitted on June 16. Macalintal stresses that Marcos “is merely fishing for evidence and not sure of his election protest.” However, analysts conclude that this is the strategy of the Marcos Camp to prevent the opponent from sabotaging the evidence in these pilot provinces. It is noted earlier that Comelec requested the Supreme Court to allow them to retrieve the ballot boxes related to the initial 3 provinces due to alleged pending local protest.

No Reverse Ruling

Robredo’s camp now urges the PET to reconsider the earlier decision to declare Marcos’ case sufficient in form and substance. However, the SC already ruled and repeated many times that it cannot reverse its decision. The move only shows that Marcos’ strategy works and it caught Robredo’s Camp off guard.

Prolonging Case?

Macalintal even accuses Marcos of “prolonging” his protest. He actually throws back the Marcos camp’s accusation against Robredo. Perhaps, they are working heavily on Basilan, Maguindanao, and Lanao del Sur that’s why the change hurt Robredo’s defense badly.

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Bongbong Marcos is Not Worried of his Own Arrest by the Congress


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos does not worry over his own arrest by the Congress with regards to his advice to his older sister, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos. He eats threats always. Besides, he has the electoral protest to work on. Gov. Marcos plans to once again snob the upcoming hearing of the alleged anomalous use of the tobacco excise tax.


Not New to Threats

Marcos just dismisses the announcement that the Congress can cite him for contempt over his sisterly advice. “Well. We’ve all been threatened with arrest,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa) meeting in Makati City recently.

Sister’s Disclosure

Governor Imee Marcos confirms that it’s a no-show for her on July 25 for the House’ inquiry into Ilocos province’s P66.45 million worth purchase of vehicles allegedly. The purchase uses the province’s tobacco excise funds. This is a practice in the province even during Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas time as governor. The lady governor prioritizes the needs of the farmers as per their requests. Her brother thinks that the Ilocos 6’s plight tells him that his sister can easily be arrested and humiliated which is against her rights.

Obstruction of Justice

Pimentel threatens Bongbong Marcos that he can be arrested for obstruction of justice for the said advice. Pimentel’s action is likened to Senator de Lima’s advice to her former bodyguard Ronnie Dayan. She thinks that he better stay away from the House probe into the proliferation of the illegal drug trading in the national penitentiary last year. She was charged with violation of Article 150 of the Revised Penal Code hereby referred to as disobedience to the summons.

Not Worried

Bongbong Marcos is confident that the anti-Marcos Solons will go nowhere in their politicking stunts. He’s not event worried about their dramas in Congress. He has the election protest against VP Leni Robredo to concentrate on when the preliminary conference starts on July 11.

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Du30: Successor in Place But Contested,Throne Grabber and Rating No Big Deal


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President urges the people to make sure not to be mistaken on the presidency’s succession line just in case he dies. Stick with the Constitution, not with the throne grabber, he said. Next is Leni Robredo although her post is being contested by Bongbong Marcos. He also does not mind how some individuals rate him after one year in office. He’s doing his job for the welfare of the Filipinos.

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[VIDEO]: Giit ni Duterte, si VP Robredo ang hahalili sa kanya kung pumanaw siya at ‘di si Elly Pamatong

Contested Successor

“There are two claimants to the presidency,” the President explained at the 120th founding anniversary of the Presidential Security Group or PSG. Du30 was not referring to Vice President Leni Robredo and former Senator Bongbong Marcos who is contesting his victory. The two personalities are fighting over the VP post before the Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET.

Throne Grabber

Du30 refers to the habitual nuisance bet and suspended lawyer Elly Pamatong. He recently announced via a Facebook video that he is now the new Philippine president. “One of them has already organized, and he has claimed that he has deposed me – presidential candidate Pamatong. He said he has taken over,” Du30 said humorously.

Group Protests

Various small groups made some protests complaining about his alleged swearing, disrespect to women, and impartial end of contract move. However, the President just shrugged them off saying that their scores or ratings on his performance are no big deal for him. The Labor Secretary himself addresses the concerns of protesters. He said that total solution to the problem needs time.

Greatest Critic

Senator Leila de Lima said from prison that the one year stint of Duterte only highlights swearing, abuses, drug war killings, and fake news. She denies all accusations against her. She said that those are examples of false information from the Du30 administration.