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How can Robredo Make a Plea to Resolve Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest Prior to Evidence Submission?

Electoral Protest

By: Elena Grace Flores
Just shortly after the PET’s denial of the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo’s plea to resolve Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest, Marcos urges the tribunal to set a preliminary conference for the submission of evidence. This comes following the death of Pastor Boy Saycon who was an integral part of the presentation of witnesses at the Senate.

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One News PH[VIDEO]: PET junks Robredo plea to immediately resolve Marcos’ poll protest

Robredo’s Premature Conclusion on the Electoral Protest

PET, in its notice of resolution said: “What protestee seeks is the immediate resolution of the instant protest.” The Tribunal has yet to complete the proceedings following Rule 65 of the 2010 PET Rules. This entails judicial recount, revision, and appreciation of the votes cast in protestant’s pilot provinces.”

False Claim

Macalintal, in the motion, also claims that after the ballot recount, Robredo’s winning margin in the three pilot provinces jump to 278,215. This is 15,742 votes more than the 2016 election returns. Macalintal tabulation shows Marcos receiving 14,159,535 votes after the recount. This number is 4,191 higher that the election returns. Nontheless, in July, the PET denied Robredo’s claim of victory. It calls the figures she cited “speculative” and her premise “fundamentally flawed.” Robredo had claimed her lead grew by as much as 15,000. This is allegedly based on the results of the recently-concluded revision, recount and re-appreciation of ballots from the 3 pilot provinces.

Marcos’ Call to Satisfy Public Interest

“Protestant Marcos is now compelled to humbly request this Honorable Tribunal to set the above-entitled case for preliminary conference in accordance with Rule 56 of the 2010 PET Rules. That the dates for the reception of evidence and the submission of the affidavits of the witnesses may finally be fixed,” he said in the motion filed through lawyer George Erwin Garcia. “Public interest demands that this electoral controversy be resolved with dispatch to determine once and for all the genuine choice of the electorate for the contested position,” he added.

Evidence First

The PET also deferred action on Marcos’ move to conduct technical examination on ballots outside the 3 pilot provinces he initially chose. The PET said its rules allow the tribunal to conduct revision of ballots and reception of evidence on the designated pilot provinces first, and on such basis, dismiss the protest if it finds that the protestant will most probably fail to make out a case.

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Senator Imee Marcos Prevents Oversight on Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest

electoral protest

By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Imee Marcos who is in charge of the election reforms committee in the Senate said that a possible oversight can happen during Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest proceeding if she won’t inhibit from it. She has deep connections with the issue and so, it’s better to let Senator Panfilo Lacson take over. This is only applicable when BBM’s case is in the agenda. Things must be prospective.

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[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos to inhibit from Senate poll panel probe on ‘Bongbong’ protest

Laws for the Future

The new Senator assures the public that there’s no retroactive or retrospective effects for the electoral reforms in the Senate. All policies must be made for future elections like the national poll in 2022 and the Barangay elections in 2023. This is if the latter won’t be done on schedule.

Nothing to do with BBM

Marcos chairmanship in the committee that makes policy changes going forward does not focus only on the younger Marcos’ plight. They must create proper guidelines to address the issues of the elections. Digital, manual, and hybrid systems are in the discussions.

A Lot of Vice Chairmen to Choose From

Senator Marcos has no problem to inhibit from the hearings of the electoral reforms when the issues of her brother’s electoral protest come up. She has a lot of Vice Chairmen to choose from. One is Senator Ping who can handle them well.

Customary Action for the Electoral Protest

Marcos is now the chairman of the electoral reforms committee. The senator’s brother has a pending electoral protest following his defeat in the 2016 vice presidential race. Therefore, it is best to inhibit from any hearing that involves BBM’s protest to be fair as per custom, she added.

Gadon’s Plan Coincides with Lower House Changes that are Favorable to BBM vs. Robredo

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The PET Denies Robredo’s Victory Claim Over BBM’s Electoral Protest

electoral protest

By: Elena Grace Flores
Presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo urges the Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET to rule on the revision of pilot provinces. Robredo claims ‘clear victory’ versus Bongbong Marcos in the electoral protest earlier. However, the PET, in its recent ruling, said Robredo’s computation after revision, recount and re-appreciation where she declares her electoral protest victory is still “speculative.”

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[VIDEO]: Robredo claims recount win, Marcos calls it ‘self-serving assumption’

Premature Electoral Protest Claim

The Tribunal has yet to complete the proceedings following Rule 65 the 2010 PET rules. This entails judicial recount, revision and appreciation of the votes cast in protestant Marcos’ pilot provinces, the PET said. “The figures submitted by protestee, Robredo are merely speculative. In arriving at the figures, she presumes that all her claims will be acceptable by the Tribunal.

Clearly a Lie

This premise is fundamentally a lie as the Tribunal is still in the process of appreciating the revised ballots. It can only rule negative against the objections and claims made by the parties thereon,” the PET explained.

Robredo’s Motion is Denied

The PET therefore, denies last month’s plea of Robredo to resolve immediately all pending incidents in the electoral protest filed against her by former senator, Marcos.It points out that the final tally has yet to be completed and released “thus, the Court resolves to deny protestee’s motion on the ground of prematurity.”

Who’s Lying

Few days ago, the camp of the questionable VP warns against the proposal of Senator Imee Marcos, BBM’s sister who said the Philippines should immediately cut diplomatic ties with Iceland. She calls it a “severe step” towards diplomacy. Her spokesman said that Marcos is the wrong person to heed advice about human rights due allegedly to her family’s track record. Nonetheless, it turns out that the cases of the Marcoses cannot stand in court. It is Robredo’s case of cheating during the 2016 elections that matters to the people at the present time.

Senator Imee Marcos Suggests to Work on the Reversal of the UN Resolution

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The Marcoses Do Not Doubt the President’s Support for the Electoral Protest of BBM


By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Imee Marcos defends President Rodrigo Du30 saying that he did not commit any impeachable offense. She refers to the Recto Bank incident. The Marcoses are staunch ally of the President. This is despite the inaction of the Supreme court on the electoral protest of BBM. Du30 refuses to defend the Filipino fishermen whose boat collides with a Chinese vessel. This leads his critics to call for his impeachment.

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[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos kay Duterte: No impeachable offense

The President Considers Frendsip with China

To avoid a bloody conflict with China, Du30 agrees with Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2016 that Chinese fishermen may have access to the country’s EEZ in the West Philippine Sea. “It was a mutual agreement. Let’s give way to each other. You fish there, I fish here,” Du30 said in a speech last week. The opposition insists that his failure to defend the country is impeachable by law which Marcos rejects.

There is No Basis for Impeachment

Marco said that there is no basis for Du30’s impeachment simply because to have dialogues with other heads of states is not an offense. It would be funny if to communicate with heads of state is a crime, she said. She also cites the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s decision in July 2016 where it rules that the Philippines has exclusive rights in the West Philippine Sea but not sovereignty.

Sovereign Rights Versus Sovereignty

In the ruling, Marcos said that the tribunal differentiates sovereignty from sovereign rights. Unlike sovereignty, sovereign rights can be shared with others, she added. Policies must be in place just like what happens in Indonesa and Papua New Guinea where Philippines pay 10,000 USD to fish at their EEZ.

BBM’s Electoral Protest

The Marcoses may not be happy with the delay of the Supreme Court ruling for the electoral protest of BBM, but they never blame the President for its inacton. They continue to work for the good of the country following the Filipino leader’s mandate.

Imelda Marcos Points to Her Lasting Offerings to Filipinos on Her 90th Birthday

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Patience Please: Bongbong Marcos Breaks his Silence on his VP Electoral Protest

electoral protest
By: Elena Grace Flores

In time for the holy week, Bongbong Marcos urges the public to be patient. He explains that the Supreme Court has to go through many processes to be able to reach a fair verdict in his electoral protest against Leni Robredo. He, however, alerts voters to be vigilant on possible election anomalies during the midterm elections following the negative reports from various overseas Filipinos. His sister, Imee Marcos runs for Senator who is leading in the Hong Kong poll.



Update that Cannot be Disclosed

Marcos expresses his regret of not being able to announce the update of the protest point blank. This is due to the gag order of the Supreme Court. What is evident is his confidence to get a favorable result and his trust that he can get justice after all the sacrifices.

Recount is for Immediate Completion

The hopeful son of a great leader former President Ferdinand Marcos confirms once again that the recount in the 3 pilot provinces is due for completion if it is not yet the case. He knows that his evidences are substantial. This is why he appeals for the technical examination of the ballots in the ARMM region. The Comelec itself finds that 80% of the voters there are fake.

Comments on the Narco List Disclosure

The namesake of the Marcos patriarch finds announcing the list of drug-related politicians proper in warning the people. Nevertheless, he also suggests caution in doing this especially during elections. He said that it can be used by corrupt officials in power to discredit or intimidate their opponents.

The Yellow is Fading

There is a big reason for Marcos’ strong confidence to winning the electoral protest. Circumstances favor him over the LP opponents. They are doing everything they can to prevent him from coming back. Even Kris Aquino has to defend her brother despite their current rift. It seems that Mar Roxas, another senatorial candidate is abandoning the LP ship. His manager blames his defeat to the former President Noynoy Aquino’s depicting him as a side-kick just like Batman and Robin.

Clear Win

The conflict between ex-Pnoy and Kris is about her 2018 social media post. She laments about “why it was so clear” to her that President Rodrigo Du30 won in the 2016 elections. Roxas came second to him. Kris also remains civil with Marcos. She interviewed him once and they even have mutual friends. They are both godparents of a friend’s child. Will it be another clear win for Bongbong Marcos? It must be for SC to take this long. The decision should not be questionable. Therefore, Filipinos especially the Marcos loyalists must be patient.