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Handling Employees who Took a Leave without Notice

By: Elena Grace Flores

AWOL Helps our Enemies - NARA - 534638
AWOL Helps our Enemies – NARA – 534638 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Managing people is a tough job. Aside from dealing with individual personalities, you can be punished by the court if you dealt with them illegally. So, might as well be guided with the labor law concerning this matter. This article is definitely worth reading:

Can we sack an employee who has gone AWOL?


The driving question a lot of employers have to ask from time to time is: “can we sack someone who has gone absent without leave (AWOL)?”  The basic answer is “Yes”, but not immediately. Before you do so you’ll need to take certain steps as there might be a good reason why they’re absent without prior permission.

Showing concern and documenting the steps made are crucial in dismissing or firing an employee who have gone AWOL temporarily or permanently. The staff in question should know his or her rights and must have the chance to explain his or her side of the story. Never fire someone drastically without due process despite any wrong doing – because the tide can go against you!

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