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Bongbong Marcos Hands-Off to Alleged Hidden Wealth, Account PCGG said Escudero


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos is always firm to say that with regards to the alleged hidden wealth battle in courts, he and his family are already hands-off from the cases. They do not wish to drag themselves into its controversy after 3 decades of legal issues. However, Senator Chiz Escudero suggests that to abolish the PCGG can follow only after the government accounts all of its assets first since 1986.

Youtube Video by; Bilang Pilipino

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos on his family’s wealth

Escudero’s Sentiments

Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero on the government’s plans to abolish some of the government agencies that include the PCGG said that, it must be accounted for first. It is a pity to know later on that the sequestered possessions are actually stolen already from the agency’s coffers.

Hidden Misdeeds of the Agency

Escudero adds that to abolish the agency may only “lead to the consequence of hiding misdeeds by the agency in the past.” The depreciation and deterioration of some assets like paintings, jewelry, buildings, shares of stocks show their lack of due diligence in its care. Not to mention losses,” he said.

30 Years is Enough

Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III, also stresses that the PCGG should already finish its task. It only has a single function and 30 years is a long time. Besides, the remaining target is just imaginary.All pending cases are in the courts.  It is not certain if there’s still wealth hidden for that matter.

Hands-Off to the Cases

Marcos explains that his family cannot linger anymore with any battles that relate to the alleged hidden wealth of his father. They are with the Marcos estate’s lawyers. Whatever the courts may decide on what to do with them are the jurisdiction of the laws and not of the Marcoses.

Chiz to gov’t: Account PCGG assets first before plan of abolition

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Senator Manny Pacquiao’s Move Backed by Sotto: Senators Must Work for the People – Not Pro or Anti Du30


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

15 senators agree to expel the four Liberal Party or LP senators from the majority bloc. A resolution issigned by 16 senators that express the sense of the majority that Senate President Pro Tempore Franklin Drilon, Senators Francis Pangilinan, Bam Aquino, and Risa Hontiveros, are not supportive of the President’s legislative agenda. Senator Manny Pacquiao takes the initiative in making that happen. The LP must not think that the majority of senators tolerate their anti-Du30 whinnings.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: As the President orders the Philippine National Police to reinstate the war on drugs, Senator Manny Pacquiao says at least 15 senators planned the ouster of their Liberal Party colleagues at his house in Makati.

Not Invited

Senate Minority Leader Ralph Recto and minority member Sen. Francis Escudero are not invited to the gathering at Manny Pacquiao’s mansion in Makati, but they know about the plan to oust the opposing four.

Courtesy to Drilon

Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III shows the resolution to Senator Franklin Drilon as a matter of courtesy. Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III confirms this.

The Punches of Senator Manny Pacquiao

Senator Manny Pacquiao takes the floor and starts the brave process. The boxer turned senator declares Drilon’s position vacant.  He is replaced by Senator Ralph Recto. Pangilinan, Hontiveros and Aquino are next in line. The agriculture, health and education committee chairmanships go to Senators Cynthia Villar, JV Ejercito and Francis Escudero, respectively. Just as simple as that.

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Senator Tito Sotto’s Explaination

Senator Tito Sotto justifies Pacquiao’s motion by saying that; Most of us are not pro-Duterte or anti-Duterte. We do not want to be subservient but we also do not want to be hostile to the administration,” Sotto explains. Sad to say, the Liberal Party takes this as power monopoly by the PDu30 administration.

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Pnoy’s Zero Satisfaction Rate is Poe’s Kiss of Death

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
“Neutral” zero rating in the first quarter is Aquino’s Public Satisfaction Rate in the Metro as per the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey. 43 percent respondents were satisfied while 44 percent were dissatisfied with Mr. Aquino’s performance, thus resulting to zero net satisfaction rating (satisfied minus dissatisfied).

Generally, 57 percent were satisfied with the Aquino’s performance as president while 30 percent were dissatisfied, resulting to a net satisfaction rating of +27 belonging to the “moderate” bracket instead of the previous good record. The big blow is the double-digit decline among classes ABC, from a net rating of “good” +44 in December to “moderate” +17 at the present time.

The people’s disappointment over the president’s so-called :Daang Matuwid” or straight path that is critisized by Binay-Gringo tandem would mean that his endorsements to any candidates this May 9, 2016 Election will be destructive to the endorsees. So when the news is out that Senator Grace Poe who’s running mate is Senator Chiz Escudero would now be backed by the Liberal Party instead of Roxas, it will be like a “kiss of death” for her!