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The Marcos Boys Treasure Moments when the Family is Complete


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sandro Marcos, the eldest son of Bongbong Marcos and Louise Araneta Marcos heads the production of the BBM Vlog 34 together with his siblings, Simon and Vince. It highlights the pictorial and the precious moments of the family especially when they are complete over the long weekend.  Sandro lives a“regular” life in London.  The Marcos couple sent their sons abroad to study so they can learn to be independent.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: It’s always fun when the family is complete.

All 5 are Together

The 3 siblings with their parents are together during the photo shoot. As Vince said, he felt more loved when his mom and dad notices the slightest things like his hair and his tucked-in shirt. This family proves that the most important things in life are really in the things that do not cost money. The family relationship must be first in line.

Seeing the Parents

Simon also expresses his gratitude in seeing his parents more often this time. The brothers are spending more time with each other overseas while their parents are back home. They are keen on doing chores like cooking on their own. The boys and their father are often chanced upon preparing dinner for the family just shortly before the mother arrives from work.

Family is Everything

A country’s troubles often originate from relationships in troubled families. It is such a breath of fresh air that the Marcoses simply show how much they treasure being together completely as a family. There may be teasings and reminders but those are all proofs of the love they have for each other. Bongbong and Liza as she is fondly called can only be proud of Sandro who overshadows their combined popularity.

The Most Popular

Sandro always attracts large crowds. He has over a million Twitter followers and still counting. Most of his followers are from the opposite sex. That only shows how charming he is. No wonder that talent agents, advertising executives, as well as TV and movie producers, also hope that Sandro would consider going into show business.

Believing in their Patriarch

Nevertheless, as humble as he is, Sandro does not think of his popularity as his own achievement. He regards it as the support from so many Filipinos who believe in his father. It can be felt via social media that people in the Philippines are very excited to hear even the slightest update about him. Just like how Filipinos are so anxious about hearing some VP electoral protest news.

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American President’s Father’s Day Message

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Getting involved in your children’s life not just on Sundays but everyday of the week is strongly advised by President Barrack Obama during his Father’s Day How message to the American people. How can this be possible for all hard working fathers when they all have to work full time for the basic needs of the family? His plea for congress just made sense. Watch this:

Weekly Address: The President Wishes America’s Dads a Happy Father’s Day

Posted at Youtube by: The White House

Equal wages for men and women, general pay raise and work schedule re-arrangement  can definitely help in allowing parents who are both working to take turns in caring for their children. The president’s recommendation for people who can volunteer to mentor a child or children can also be very possible and helpful – because there are surely plenty of individuals who are earning well but no children. A nice thought and hopefully immediate actions for better society on Father’s Day.

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Mark Herras is already a Single Dad

By: Elena Grace Flores
Ada is the name of Mark Herras’s 3-month old baby girl! Rumors of such situation that have been going around ever since – but now it became an  honest confession from a dad who loves his daughter more than anything else. It is for sure not easy for Mark to keep this reality for quite a time and telling the truth on TV may be a great relief for him.

His circle of friends including ex-girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado and also a single mom expressed her full support to Mark. Kris Lawrence understands what Mark has been through because he was in the same situation as well. Getting the courage to come out from this secret is really admirable for the love of his daughter.

It is not however clear who the mother of his baby is. Mark just assured mother and daughter with his full support. It was also mentioned that they are not living together – but not clear if Mark and the mother of his child are still together. For sure, more news regarding this are on the way!

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Love is Nothing when the Subject is Dead

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
We all die regardless of our status but sometimes many parents end up being so cruel in protecting their children – not knowing that they could scar them for life. This video shows a protective father that hindered the love affair of his daughter for obvious reasons. However, when the lover got killed while protecting her – there’s nothing a father could do to pacify her:

A heart touching Love story that would make you cry!

Posted at YouTube by: Rhob Sanchez

Parents must guide their children to the right path but still, their lives do not belong to their father and mother only. They have to grow up and find their own purpose. So, if they fall while soul searching – the parents can only give advices and support to help them stand up again but never control their choices and direction because fate does not belong to anyone in this world. You do not want to be the reason of your loved ones grief for life, right?

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Ungrateful Children Need Honesty

120712-F-VY627- (Photo credit: AirmanMagazine)

Have you wondered why your children became ungrateful? Parents always want the best for their children – but what happens when your best is not  good enough? Will you be working more to meet the demands of your family or will you take some time to have decent conversations with your children? Know the implications of your actions by reading this article from the expert:

Raising Ungrateful Children

By: Stef Daniel

How many times have you said this about your children? You know the drill, you work extra hours at work to afford them something they really want. When you finally give it to them, they are happy and excited. Two weeks later, the I-pod or the Four Wheeler is sitting outside about to get rained all over. And when you ask your child to go and put it up, they respond with an arrogant, irritated, and disrespectful grunt that rattles you to your soul.

Children might not understand it yet when they are growing up why you seem to treat them as your friends than offspring – but in due time, they will realize on their own that knowing life every step of the way is what makes them stronger, responsible and independent as an adult during the  present time. You might go through series of hurtful back-biting actions from your loved ones – but you will be pleased with the end results. You are successful in raising up model citizens of the world – with more love and experience to share to others!



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