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Bongbong Marcos is Now a Member and Chairman of Partido Federal ng Pilipinas


By: Elena Grace Flores
UNTV News and Rescue

Oath-taking as Member and Chairman of Partido Federal ng Pilipinas
Bongbong Marcos takes his oath as a member of the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas. He is also now its chairman. PFP is a pro-Duterte party. It seeks alliance with Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio’s. This is through Hugpong ng Pagbabago. However, it is not clear if he runs as its standard-bearer. So, the guessing game continues. The deadline for the Certificate of Candidacy filing is October 8, 2021. Therefore, the excitement begins.

Standard Bearer Nominations

Marcos now has at least 2 standard-bearer nominations. The PFP did it first. Then the KBL which is his father’s original party. He also has a silent endorsement from the Nacionalista Party. Plus the ongoing talks with the PDP-Laban.

Mysterious Tandem

The deadline is fast approaching. But Marcos still has no VP if he runs for president. Whereas, Bong Go remains the only bet for the PDP-Laban Cusi faction. He runs for VP. Perhaps they can merge as they run from their respective parties. But speculations say that Go is due for substitution.

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Imee Marcos and Sara Du30’s Alliance Secures the Marcos-Du30 Tandem in 2019 or 2022


By: Elena Grace Flores

It was in the news that Mayor Sara Du30 was at the wedding of Atty. Michael Manotoc, Gov. Imee Marcos’s son with Cara Manglapus. However, it seems like the alliance did not stop there. There are seen in various occasions and have fought their own fights adjacent to each other. The governor is a staunch supporter of Inday Sara’s political party that Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez is not happy with. Gov. Marcos also had a separate issue with Majority Floor Leader  Rodolfo Fariñas. They are prominent proofs that the President is not anti-women. In fact, they are the foundation of the Marcos-Du30 executive tandem for 2019 transitory government election or the 2022 national elections. Take note that both are daughters of the country’s popular Presidents.

Youtube video by; PH Radar


The Alliance of the Marcos and Du30 Women on Top

Youtube video by;  News5Everywhere

[VIDEO]: Mayor Sara Duterte, may banta kay House Speaker Alvarez

The Imee Marcos-Sara Du30 alliance creates a strong north-south partnership that cultivates the already well-grounded constituency. These are composed of the millions of Du30-Marcos voters and supporters. Mayor Du30 appears to be at odds with the two leaders of the House of Representatives. It is also not a secret that Gov. Marcos had a spat with Majority Leader Rudy Fariñas. The Presidential daughter also had a conflict with Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

President Du30 on Daughter’s Political Career

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[VIDEO]: Pahayag ukol sa pagpalit ni Mayor Sara Duterte bilang susunod na pangulo

Empowered Female Politicians

Anti-Du30 women campaigners, who are also anti-Marcos, have painted an inclusive discourse of standing up for women. However. Imee Marcos-Sara Du30’s alliance can only force them to give the benefit of a doubt to the men they hate and demonize. This is where those groups can be tested if they are indeed pro-women. Another possibility is that – they are merely partisan feminist. It is not basically the gender of Imee and Sara that matters to them but their fathers’.

The Opposition’s Scary Tandem

Youtube video by; Tatay Duterte News


The Promise

In the end, an Imee Marcos-Sara Du30 alliance is an exciting political development. It can happen as early as 2019 if the transitory election during the Federalism shift can pass through the Congress. If not, the alliance may just plant the seed of a Marcos-Du30 tandem in 2022. If it does develop into such a thing, and regardless of who ends up on top of the ticket, this will certainly be a great challenge to any parties that are ambitious enough to block their quest. Needless to say, it is evident that Gov. Marcos is the groups’ senator bet whereas Bongbong Marcos is for President and Mayor Du30 is his running mate as VP.

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Bongbong Marcos’ Response to President Du30’s Plea for Transitory Election


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The opposition earlier expressed its fear that the Philippine President Rodrigo Du30 asks for a transitory election to extend his term. Presidential spokesperson Atty. Harry Roque disputes this by explaining that the leader even wants to cut 3 years of his term to allow the people to vote for their next head of state. Former Chief Justice Hilario Davide floats his fear that Du30 will run again with Bongbong Marcos as the Vice President. The tandem could easily win, he said. However, Marcos hints that the President is indeed true to his word that he is not into term extension. In fact, the former Senator already confirms with the media. He intends to run as President in the next election – may it be in 2019 or 2022.

Youtube video by;  DUTERTE NEWS REPORT


Eyeing for the Presidency

The namesake of the late President Ferdinand Marcos eyes to become the next president of the Philippines. The former senator said this in a media interview.  He aspires to gain the highest position in Philippine politics. However, the presidency is not something that he wakes up in the morning and plans on it,’ he added. His return to Malacañang is the hope for the majority of Du30-Marcos supporters. So, if Du30 is not running, they can also do the reverse: Marcos-Du30 with Inday Sara as the running mate for VP.

Mayor Sara Du30 Jokes to Run as VP in 2019

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[VIDEO]: Will Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte run for Vice President? The President’s daughter was at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on for a hearing on the petition filed by her new party,

Capitalizing on Du30’s High Approval Rate

Davide’s fear is real. The Du30-Marcos tandem or vice versa can surely win the national election. This is because of the high approval rating of the President despite the massive destabilization efforts of his detractors. When both Marcos and Du30 loyalists merge, they certainly generate majority votes.

The Opposition’s Near Demise

The opposition’s near demise is now felt by their conspirators. Aside from having an unpopular head of their party elected in the executive office in the person of Leni Robredo, their forces in the other branches also dwindled. The removal of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno is a demonstration of Sol. Gen. Jose Calida’s great influence. The pro and anti-Marcos senators and congressmen are still battling many issues. One thing is certain though, that the Marcos-Du30 alliance has the number to make this strategy a reality hopefully soon.

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Davide’s Fear is the Majority’s Joy: Duterte-Bongbong Marcos to Run as the Winning Federal Transition Tandem


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Chief Justice Hilario Davide’s fear flashes on TV screens; I’m sure that if Du30 runs as Federal transition president, he will win. If Bongbong Marcos runs as Vice President, he can easily win as well, he said. Contrary to Davide’s worry, this is actually what the majority wants. The pro-Marcos-Du30 supporters’ massive presence can’t be denied. They have displayed their number on many occasions like the INC’s longest sentence that bag’s the Guinness world record. INC members voted solely for Marcos as VP during the 2016 election – plus the over 16 million voters of the President.

Youtube video by;  Innovation Philippines

[VIDEO]:  President Rodrigo Du30 now wants someone else to lead the transition to a federal system of government so he can step down as soon as a new constitution is ratified through a plebiscite.

The Palace Announcement

The Palace reveals that President Rodrigo Du30 wants an election for the federal transition government leader. “I instructed Consultative Committee to elect a transitional President. I am willing to cut my term to be co-terminus with the start of the transition period. Committee agreed,” Presidential spokesman Harry Roque confirms this. “It’s to remove all suspicions and I am tired. Ready to give it to somebody else,” the President added.

Presidential Term is Shortened and NOT Extended

The transition period toward the federal government is set to start in 2019. That would mean Du30’s six-year term would be reduced to just three. The Consultative Committee reviews the 1987 Constitution then hands over its draft proposal of the Federal Constitution to the President recently.

Words from the Congress

The Congress’ Deputy Speaker Gwendolyn Garcia said that the House would give priority to the proposal after the resumption of sessions next week. It fuels suspicion that President’s majority allies would declare a House-alone constituent assembly that would amend the Constitution.

Speculations Thrown to Discourage the Du30-Marcos Federal Tandem

Davide, one of the framers of the 1987 Constitution stresses that a federal system of government will be anti-poor because it will burden the people with double taxation. The conniving Pulse Asia survey also reports that the majority of the Filipinos are not in favor of the federal change. However, it is also evident in the latest national election that the people just don’t care with the contradictory statements of the opposition. Most voters trust the President. If he does not want succession because his current VP is incompetent, then let it be Marcos.