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Wealth for Humanity is Real – Not for a Few Individuals but for the World


By: Elena Grace Flores

Exploring with DJ Manny

[VIDEO]: Karen Hudes collaboration about the Gold and other important video

No Wealth is Missing

There’s a vast of gold sitting illegally at the World Bank. This is what Karen Hudes, a World Bank lawyer for 20 years divulges. This coincides with former First lady Imelda Marcos’s interview with Mel Tiangco. She also showed the documents that would prove her claim. However, no wealth is missing, added Hudes. Therefore, Ferdinand Marcos is not guilty of the alleged hidden wealth.

FEM’s Secret Account

The gold is in a trust fund. It was deposited by Ferdinand Marcos in the 1950s, Hudes explained. He was not yet president at that time. Therefore his widow is right that her husband already had those wealth even before he became president.

For the Benefit of Humanity

Mrs. Marcos stresses on TV that she wants to survive at a very ripe age because of the world’s benefit. She’s the keeper of the documents at 92 years old. Although, trust funds need the approval of the trustees in coordination with the government and the heirs. This is not for her or for her family anymore. But for the world. When Bongbong Marcos is president, Congress has a task to do for the movements of the said wealth.

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This is How the BBM-Sara Show of Power Enhances Public Investments


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: The Rising Economy Of Philippines

17 Billion Dollars Build Build Build Investments

The massive 17 billion dollars infrastructure investments popularly known as the Build Build Build project prevents the economy from being stagnant during the pandemic. This was an initiative of the late president Ferdinand Marcos. President Rodrigo Duterte followed his blueprint. His namesake runs for president in the 2022 elections. The son is called by the name Bongbong Marcos or BBM.

The Gold Reserves Helped

The Philippines is one of the largest holders of gold reserves. It’s estimated around 150 tons. Plus 100 billion dollars worth of cash reserves deposited by former President Marcos. They serve as collateral for government projects in a form of loans. Therefore, the BBM-Sara Uniteam promises political stability. This enhances foreign investments.

The Rising Economy

The country is on its way from a lower-middle-income country. It has a gross national income per capita of US$3,430 in 2020 to an upper-middle-income country (per capita income range of US$4,096–$12,695) in the short term. Economic growth is expected to further rebound as the pandemic eases up.

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A New People Power is About to Happen in Bringing Back a Marcos to Lead the Country

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bagong Lipunan

[VIDEO]: The Anti-Marcos realized their Mistakes.

Heart and Political Will of Marcos

Most anti-Marcos activists realized their mistakes of supporting the late Corazon Aquino to the presidency in 1986. They said that Ferdinand Marcos has the heart and political will in governing the country. They wish to bring back a Marcos in the 2022 elections. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. has the support of majority of the Filipinos.

San Juanico Bridge and More

The black propaganda always accuses Marcos as a thief. Needless to say, during the time of the Aquinos, the foreign debts multiplied without any projects. In the case of Marcos, the San Juanico bridge is still a necessity at this time. Plus his other infrastructure projects. No other president after him did as much as him for the service to the Filipinos.

BLISS Housing Project

How could one turn his or her back to Marcos in 2022 if he or she lives in Imelda Marcos’s provision? The BLISS housing project of the former first lady gave security to long-time residents of many areas. So, her son Bongbong Marcos as he is fondly called is expected to have a landslide win. As many Filipinos are already awakened from the nightmares made by the Dilawans.

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The Works of Ferdinand Marcos that are Beneficial to Date but not in History Books

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

All Rights are Respected
The late President Ferdinand Marcos is a patriotic leader. His people, the Filipinos were the priority. He made sure that there’s respect for all rights. No matter what status one is in. This is a big contrast compared to history books. He was demonized by his political enemies. So, it is best to compare notes. Then check the evidence. Stories from the golden era survivors must tally with proof.

Fairness and Justice by the Military

The Dilawans always highlight the alleged atrocities during the martial law period. But why was it proclaimed in the first place? Saving the country from communism is just one of the many reasons. The irony is, Ninoy Aquino was the go-between of the communist party and the New People’s Army. In short, he initiated brutal rebellion and terror. Ferdinand Marcos on the other hand instilled fairness and justice in the military. Therefore, who’s to blame?

Achievement through Reforms

Ferdinand Marcos’ visions are not just on blueprints. They remain beneficial to the country today. He’s on top of everything. From educational to agricultural reforms. There are no other presidents that came close to what he has done. Most of these reforms stood the test of time. The only evidence that his enemies have with revisionism is the history they wrote with media reference only as evidence. Not to mention the court cases with no proper jurisdiction.

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We Just Want You to Know who Ferdinand Marcos was!

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Remembering Ferdinand Marcos on his birthday
On the occasion of the late Ferdinand Marcos’ birthday, it is worth remembering that even after his death, he still serves the Filpino people. This is through his economic, health, education, cultural, and infrastructure projects. Thanks to President Rodrigo Duterte who finally helped fulfill his wish to be buried at the Heroes Cemetery. People now realized his heroism. Not just as a well-decorated soldier but as the leader who worked for the welfare of his countrymen.

History will Judge Him

Critics must be very careful in standing their ground against him. They should be shameful enough not to benefit from his provisions. May that be airports, hospitals, schools, bridges and roads. Not to mention water and electricity. Plus 13th month pay. Now, who is doing revisionism?

The Time of the New Ferdinand Marcos

The visions, blueprints and plans of the fallen leader can still continue with the new Ferdinand Marcos. His son and namesake vows to implement them. The nation will be great again. Bongbong Marcos is to run as President in the 2022 elections.

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Don’t like Ferdinand Marcos? Know his works that you benefit from!

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Gabay TV

If you don’t like Ferdinand Marcos, don’t use his infrastructure projects and do not benefit from his economic programs.
A loud commentator recently said that the haters of Ferdinand Marcos must stand on their principles. They should not use his projects. Like the roads, airports, LRT, hospitals, schools, and more. No benefits like the 13th-month pay should be paid to them as well. Not to mention the electricity and water usage. In short, they must go out of the Philippines if they hate Marcos that much.

Economic Drivers

Masagana 99 generates IR8 hybrid rice even for exports. Blue Revolution or fishing enhancement activities also give quality livelihood to the fishermen. Cultural Center of the Philippines, the PICC, and more exist for the nurturing of arts and crafts. Thus putting the Filipino entertainment shows on the map. So, most sectors if not all are under the economic plan of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Free Education and Health System

The literacy rate of the country during Ferdinand Marcos’ time went up to 100% in Manila. Labor reforms gave employments to Filipinos. These are through avid skills training. He also imposed the 13th-month pay as an incentive to full-time employees. On top of that is the improved healthcare system. The Filipino life span increases from 55 to 65 years old. The infant mortality rate also decreases. BLISS housing projects, Light Rail Transit Authority, and the stronger National defense during martial law, plus anti-smuggling initiatives were the other essentials on the side – that are still in use up to this date.

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Who can Implement the Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos for the people?

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by GMA News

The Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos
Former First Lady Imelda Marcos tries to live longer than she could. She said, this is because of her late husband’s will and testament. She wants to see her son, Bongbong Marcos in the presidency. It’s because only another Ferdinand Marcos can implement it. Let alone prioritize it for the sake of the Filipino people.

Marcos Family’s Inheritance

It is a misconception that the Marcoses own the Marcos gold. The former president Ferdinand Marcos was transparent enough to say that he will only retain 10% of his worldly possessions for his family. The rest was set up for the benefit of the Filipinos under the Marcos foundation. Now that the gold earns a substantial amount from 170 countries, his vision for the world to take part can really happen through the wealth for humanity.

Wealth for Humanity

No one can dispute Imelda Marcos of the 240 Billion Dollars worth of bill of lading as proof for the Marcos gold. The last will and testament of Ferdinand Marcos are also in place. The dream of the former first lady can happen in 2022. Another Ferdinand Marcos is about to become president if all factions are united. That way, its implementation is already a sure ball. It’s only the son who has the heart to prioritize his father’s will. There’s no more excuse if the heir and president push it through Congress.

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Why do Veteran Farmers Love the Late President Ferdinand Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

President Ferdinand Marcos Loved the Farmers
The late President Ferdinand Marcos considered the farmers as the heroes of the country. They might not have to go to war but they have daily struggle to keep people alive. Nonetheless, they are the less prioritized sector at the present time.

The Support of President Ferdinand Marcos to the Farmers

It was a fact that the Philippines once taught the Thais and the Vietnamese people how to plant rice. This cannot be erased from real history because many can attest to this event. The only argument of the Marcos detractors is the data for the financial losses in the industry. It’s because they consider it as a business. Whereas the great Ferdinand Marcos took this as a way to nurture the country’s food source. Too bad that the EDSA mutiny interrupted this.

The First Lady’s Role in Agriculture

Despite the busy schedule of the late President Marcos, he made sure that the agriculture sector was in the right hands. Farm owners always have access to his wife, former First Lady, Imelda Marcos. They correspond with her for the supplies, technology, and other provisions of the government. The farm owners then had the task to take care of their farmers like family.

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If Only Cory Aquino Listens to the Late President Ferdinand Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by #KwentoNiMyk

The Last Words of Ferdinand Marcos were a Tearjerker.
The late president Ferdinand Marcos cannot believe the mentality of his predecessor, Cory Aquino. She did not want Marcos’s legacy to stick in the minds of the Filipinos. So, She discontinued all his projects. Thus, depriving them of the government services they deserve. Hence, more than 30 years after he’s gone, the Philippines is at the tail’s end of the world.

Technology, Infrastructure, and Agriculture

The Marcos presidency means a country abreast with technology, has efficient modern infrastructure, and productive agriculture. Finance people might say that the country’s finances in farming were on the red during Marcos’s time. But the beneficiaries of the coco levy fund might not get the share of its promise – but they certainly felt the support of the Marcos administration in terms of supplies, know-how and equipment.

The Aquino Rivalry

Former President Marcos suggests to former President Cory Aquino to continue his projects like the nuclear power plant for the welfare of the Filipinos. But she refuses to listen. She is afraid that the people would always remember Marcos. He finds it ridiculous of the then president to think more about her fears than to provide what Filipinos deserve. He then predicts that the Philippines’ downfall will happen in 20 years.

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Enrile: How America Controls the Philippines Since Ferdinand Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

Marcos, like Duterte, also blocked from buying arms from US over rights issues

America’s Control Since Ferdinand Marcos

The two popular presidents, Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Ferdinand E. Marcos received unfair treatment from the USA when it comes to enhancing military capability. Duterte lashes out to former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile what Congress said. That America won’t sell to the country 20,000 more Armalites because of the alleged human rights violation accusation. These might be used to kill the citizens of the country. Enrile laughs his head off and said: They also do that to Marcos.

Human Rights Violation Accusation is an Excuse

Now, it is clear. The human rights violation accusation against these great leaders is a hoax. It’s America’s way of controlling the Philippines under a brilliant leader. Like what Enrile narrated. Marcos requested some squadron-type vehicles for combat. But the US advised him to just settle with the M5 which is for sports. This is such a rare opportunity that Ferdinand Marcos has a live witness to testify on these things during Duterte’s time.

No Strings Attached

Duterte retaliates to the Americans that if they won’t sell to the Philippines as per the specification of the choppers needed, then he would get them from Russia. They softened. Meanwhile, Enrile also stresses that the Americans only gave their very old helicopters and equipment to Ferdinand Marcos. So, the latter asked them to pay rent for the military bases they occupied. That’s the very reason why they want to destroy Marcos and his successors. When it comes to aiding, there must be no strings attached.