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The Two Sides of Ferdinand Marcos’ Story as a Leader


By: Elena Grace Flores
Two constrasting stories loom just shorty befor the September birthday of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. One was the protest against Irene Marcos’ presence at the UP capmpus. She was among the guests at the gala performance of DUP’s play The House of Bernarda Alba. They were only dozens of anti-Marcos students there but the incident was magnified by the media as always. Besides, the group responsible for the UP invite believes otherwise. Meanwhile Bongbong Marcos’ blog covers how he perceives his father as a person and a respected leader. This is contrary to the demonization of President Marcos during martial law that many Filipinos can relate to.

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Bongbong Marcos [VIDEO]: BBM VLOG #78: Answers About My Dad | Bongbong Marcos

The Weaknesses and Strenghts of President Marcos as a Leader

According to the late President Marcos’ son, Bongbong Marcos, it was during the time of his father that Philippines became the envy of many nations. This was when agriculture was productive and his father’s undeniable presence contributed to the country’s high profile then. He might not have some handyman and cooking skills but he has the leadership skills that can bring the country forward regardless of the alleged atrocities against him.

DUP’s Apology

DUP also apologizes for the disruptions during and after the performance. They also clarifies that the DUP (Dulaang UP) may have differences in political leanings from the activists but they wish to assure the UP community and the public that it will discern more its actions in the future. We have not forgotten the atrocities of Martial Law and we are one with the community in its protest against human rights abuses,” the organization said in a statement.

The Pride of the Philippines

The fashion sense of President Marcos made the country proud. His son is happy enough of the traits he got from his beloved father. They are both patient regardless of their efficiency. He is proud of his father to bring in the sense of pride for the nation. President Marcos means the world to his namesake. He was taught by example. Not to mention his sense of humour.

The Goodness of the Marcoses

The fallen leader is not only missed by his family but also by those who knew what’s best for the Philippines during his time. His other daughter, Senator Imee Marcos even said that activists must not be stopped in airing their grievances for as long as they follow the democratic provisions of the constitution. Her father may be gone but with her and her brother’s dedication for the country’s progress – the Philippines can never go wrong despite the odds.

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Atty. Larry Gadon Sheds Light to Imee Marcos’ UP Diploma Mystery

Larry Gadon
By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Larry Gadon who runs for Senator said that another popular senatorial candidate, Imee Marcos and he had the same professor Dr. Froilan M. Bacungan who was his reliable source when they were studying in different universities. He was under Prof. Bacungan at FEU or Far Eastern University while Marcos was at UP. Gadon recalls his mentor saying that the Governor was a brilliant student. Despite this, she fails to take a bar examination because the Dilawans withhold her credentials to qualify during the 1986 coup d’ Etat or EDSA. z

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Atty. Larry Gadon Divulges the Dilawan’s Hand in Imee Marcos’ Law Degree

1986 Power Take Over

Atty. Gadon insists that the EDSA revolution was really a Coup d’ Etat because it was a case of a power grab. The Dilawans or yellows were triumphant at that time because of the black media propaganda against the late President, Ferdinand Marcos. The deceased Cory Aquino and the likes allegedly maneuvered the public lies using the death of her husband, Ninoy Aquino to generate public sympathy.

Dysfunctional Members of the Aquino Family

The outspoken attorney added that the Aquino patriarch Ninoy was a communist. His wife, Cory was evil, and even their son, the former President Noynoy Aquino is sick on the head. There cause Filipinos to live a life of lies using the media networks of their cronies.

Denying Imee Marcos of her Credential

The Dilawans who are trying to erase the achievements of the Marcoses from the land, resort to making it impossible for Imee Marcos to get a Special Order needed to complete the requirements of her pre-admission degree. She was supposed to take supplemental units to satisfy UP with the qualification needed as recognized by the university. Her UK education seems not at par with their imposed pre-requirement. She was able to complete her units for the law course but did not qualify for the bar examination because of the said requirement.

Wake Up Filipinos

The self-confessed true blood Marcos loyalist urges Filipinos not to believe in the false information that the Dilawans continue to propagate. They are only into power and not into the welfare of the people. Former President Marcos’ projects can attest that he is the only President whose accomplishments cannot be overpassed when it comes to giving Filipinos better lives.

Defending the Favorite Senatorial Candidate

First, President Rodrigo Du30 attacks the Otso Diretso Liberal Party candidates saying that they will go straight to hell. Then, comes Atty. Gadon who is in line with the President’s criticisms towards the LP bets. Gadon just merely describes the nature of the roots of the country’s traitors. Followed by the Filipino leader who characterizes the yellow hopefuls with the same characterizations. All for Imee Marcos and the Filipino people.

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No Imee Marcos at Princeton? Check Maria Imelda Josefa Romualdez Marcos

Imee Marcos
By: Elena Grace Flores

Imee Marcos who runs for Senator insists that she was able to complete her studies at Princeton. This debunks the mainstream media’s propaganda. It claims; Princeton University spokesperson Michael Hotchkiss said that although she was enrolled at the university in the 1970s, she was not “awarded” a degree. The Ilocos Norte Governor’s real name is Maria Imelda Josefa Romualdez Marcos. She discloses in many interviews that as far as she knows, she got the degree. Sure enough, a verified official report of the school using the IPFS system shows that a certain Maria Imelda Josefa Marcos and not Imee Marcos completes a B.A. degree in Religion and Politics. z

YouTube video by News5Everywhere

[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos, nanindigang graduate siya ng Princeton University

PR Crises Management Effort of the School?/h3>

Michael Hotchkiss is the deputy University spokesperson who works as part of the media relations team of the school. The department shares the University’s story through the media for image building purposes. When the news broke out about the alleged corruption by the late father of Imee Marcos, former President Ferdinand Marcos, a story also followed. A Princeton alumnus, Richard Klein surfaces and said that the lady governor flunks out of Princeton. It also says that Princeton refunded Imee Marcos’ tuition to the Philippines on the grounds that her parents had obtained the money illegally.

The School Cannot Deny Official Records

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol and network designed to create a content-addressable, peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system. IPFS provides a high-throughput, content-addressed block storage model, with content-addressed hyperlinks. This means that the content can be traced back to the ultimate source of the facts. On the case of Imee Marcos, the data link to the Princeton web system itself.

The Mainstream Media Cannot Destroy Imee Marcos Anymore

Imee enrolls in Princeton in 1973 for her college education. It was the same year that her father signs the 1973 Constitution that solidifies his one-man power. It makes him both the country’s president and prime minister at the same time. Prior to Marcos’ admission into Princeton, more than 50 students protested the university’s decision to accept her. The protestors were mostly black and Asian students who criticized the admissions office for allowing the daughter of Marcos to study at Princeton. This can be the reason for the school’s crises management efforts. However, if the mainstream media can only pick up the negative sides, IT experts who are for the truth can use digital software that can verify official files no matter how an establishment bury or delete them. Traces still exist.

Resurfacing Black Media Propaganda

The mainstream media always romanticize the governor’s insistence and the school’s alleged denial of the hidden fact during elections. This obviously for the hope to destroy her reputation and that of her family. Nevertheless, most Filipinos are already aware of the manipulation of the nation’s enemies. They even don’t care if Imee or Bongbong Marcos finish their university stints. Both have been instrumental in the makings of the country’s programs for the welfare of the people. The good thing is, they work hand in hand with the current Du30 administration that ignites the opposition even more.

Positivity on the Hidden School Record

For Imee Marcos, she knows that she is for the politics of performance. “I know what I am doing. I also entered UP like you and we know that what’s important here is who can deliver as well as one’s track record”, she said. It’s really election season. Critics also did that to Bongbong and to some people I also know. My performance, track record will show what I have done. I have many solutions that can help many people, she added.

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Atty. Larry Gadon’s Ferdinand Marcos Ill-Gotten Wealth Question Puts Logic into the Black Media Propaganda

By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty, Larry Gadon who runs for Senator in the 2019 elections prides himself as a Marcos loyalist. He addresses the ill-gotten wealth propaganda against the Marcoses straight to the point. He answers the ABS-CBN’s Harapan 2019 moderator with a question; How could there be ill-gotten wealth by the late President Ferdinand Marcos when the country did not have money during his time? If only people can analyze that, no one could deny that it’s a very logical question. z

YouTube video byABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: Gadon rejects ill-gotten wealth charge vs Marcoses

Gadon’s Straight Talking

The lawyer behind the impeachment complaint against the former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno runs for Senator. Atty. Gadon, a member of the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan political party is confident that Filipinos will vote for him because they are not stupid. They will vote for me because I am not stupid, he added.

Lashing the Typical Poverty Mentality

Gadon said that if elected, he would focus on bills that would improve the economy and the education system, and help overseas Filipino workers. These are in line with the principles of former President Marcos. Gadon explained that he would do his best to solve the problem of inflation and high power rates by pushing for alternative energy sources. This prompts the moderator to push even harder if there’s a possibility that he gets his campaign funds from the Marcoses which he vehemently denies. Gadon slams such typical poverty mentality insinuation.

Alleged Stolen Wealth is a Myth

Gadon need not explain things when he gives his straight to the point answer. No, there’s no wealth that was stolen. It’s simply because there’s nowhere to steal from, he said. The mainstream media recycles the myth that the late Marcos and former First Lady Imelda Marcos must have stolen such wealth in time for the upcoming election. Their eldest daughter, Imee Marcos also runs for the same position alongside Gadon.

PCGG Fiasco

The PCGG estimates the alleged Marcos family’s ill-gotten wealth to be between $5 billion to $10 billion with. “The bulk deposits are allegedly hidden abroad.” The commission recovers over P170 billion of ill-gotten wealth from the Marcoses in the past 30 years. Most of them are already returned to the Marcoses due to lack of evidence according to Gadon. Some of these figures also do not belong to them but to the alleged cronies. A Cojuangco is actually one of these said beneficiaries. The late President Cory Aquino is a Cojuangco. On top of that, now Congresswoman Imelda Marcos accuses the PCGG of stealing from them.

Atrocities by the Aquinos are Greater than Martial Law

The outspoken lawyer also justifies martial law as a necessary step for the President to save the country from communism. He stresses that the fatalities during that time were the results of Joma Sison’s rebellion. Gadon did not fail to mention that human rights violations were even more rampant during the times of the two Aquinos. He reminds the public about the Hacienda Luisita and the Mendiola Massacres ultimately.

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Du30′ Floats Ferdinand Marcos’ Maharlika Name Change as VP Electoral Protest Drags On

Ferdinand Marcos
By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Du30 recently said that the late President Ferdinand Marcos was right. During his time, he was really right, he added. He wanted to change the country’s name to Maharlika or the Republic of Maharlika. Maharlika is a Malay word and it means more of a concept of serenity and peace,” Du30 explained. “But it’s okay. When the time comes, let’s change the name. The President floats this idea as Bongbong Marcos, the only son of the late Philippine leader awaits the resolution of his VP electoral protest against Leni Robredo. z

YouTube video by Martin Abel


Disunity Propaganda to Block Ferdinand Marcos

It is quite noticeable via social media that issues are raised to divide supporters of Marcos and Du30. Many posts imply that the President could have a hand to speed up the resolution of the VP electoral Protest that is now on its third year against the presumptive Vice President, Leni Robredo. However, if one observes the Filipino leader’s actions, it is a sure thing that he is doing everything in his power to set the record straight for Marcos but following the rule of law. Often, Du30 thinks out loud but these signify his true feelings and intentions. People can only realize his achievements when they finally happen.

Supreme Court Decision

Meanwhile, Marcos, in his extremely urgent motion of grave concern with omnibus motion, wants PET to order the Voters Identification Division of the Commission on Elections–Election Records and Statistics Department (Comelec ERSD). This is to produce the documents involving its technical examination on the Voters Registration Records (VRRs) as against Election Day Computerized Voter’s List (EDCVL) of 508 established precincts in the provinces of Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, and Basilan. Robredo consistently opposes such forms of technical examinations of the ballots and insists for SC to use the allegedly tampered digital images.

Getting Rid of Spanish Colonialism

President spokesperson, Salvador Panelo said that President Du30 does not resent Spain’s 333-year colonial rule. He merely asserts the Filipinos’ national identity. “He said that Maharlika is a Malay word. Since we are Malays, we should have a name identified with us. I agree with him, I like the idea of Maharlika as a name for the Philippines,” Panelo clarified.

Two Arguments on the Name Change

There are two contradicting views about the supposed proposal to change the country’s name. “One, as one of my staff lawyers pointed out, the ‘Philippines’ is mentioned in the Constitution. So if you issued an executive order or passed legislation to rename it, some constitutional expert might say, ‘You cannot amend that, it’s in the Constitution’,” Panelo said. The other argument, according to the President’s spokesperson, is an instance where the name ‘Philippines’ was just established for the time being. The Constitution provides that Congress may enact a law that can change the name of the country. It needs to submit it to the people for a referendum,” Panelo said. He stresses that a mere executive order would not be effective.

Ferdinand Marcos for President in 2022

President Du3o certainly appears to endorse Ferdinand Marcos’ namesake. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., better known as Bongbong Marcos. He refers to him as his Vice President. It may be a lengthy process for Marcos to regain his position as the country’s second leader but Du30 potentially paves the way for his succession to the top job when he steps down before his term or in 2022 during the next Presidential elections.