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Chinese New Year Highlight: People In Binondo Await for their Senator Imee Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

Numerous eople in Binondo patiently await for their upcoming Senator, Imee Marcos. They fondly call her as such already. Many seek endless selfies with her. The governor is not new to the Chinese community especially during Chinese New Year. Ever since her father’s regime, their plight in the country is one of the priorities. Chinese-Filipino traders are essential for the country’s economy. In fact, only last year, Marcos was also their guest of honor. z

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Senatorial aspirant, Imee Marcos visits Binondo for a Chinese New Year event where residents warmly call her Senator.

Hating their Own Blood

Sometimes, the mere mention of China in the daily news is enough to get some Filipinos’ blood boiling. It is because of the ongoing territorial dispute between the two countries. Although, it is undeniable that we have 1.5 million Chinese Filipinos or Tsinoys in the country. Ultimately, the result of centuries of Chinese contact and migration from Mainland China to the Philippines.

Skills of Chinese Filipinos

Throughout three centuries of Spanish rule and 50 years of American occupation, Chinese Filipinos are an integral part of the Philippine history. They assimilate themselves within Filipino society. Most of them excel not just in commerce but also in craftsmanship. This is by working as artisans and skilled laborers.

The Senator to be Respects Total Diversity

Many Chinese Filipinos retain their Chinese surnames such as Tan, Dy, Chan, Co, Lee and Go, among others. Some adopt Spanish surnames when Governor General Narciso Claveria decreed it as policy in 1849. The families of Filipino heroes Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio are examples on this. Others adopt native surnames because of their marriage to native Filipinos.

Binondo is a Historical Landmark

Binondo is where many Chinese Filipinos reside. It remains one of the oldest Chinatowns in the world. A number of Chinese Filipino families play a significant role in the country’s economy. Business conglomerates such as the Sy family of SM, the Gokongwei family of Robinsons, the Tan family of Fortune Tobacco, and the Gotianun family of Filinvest. Philippine presidents like Emilio Aguinaldo, Sergio Osmeña, Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon Aquino, Benigno Aquino III, and Rodrigo Du30 all have Chinese ancestry.

Partneships with the Tsinoys

On 11 April 1975, with the Philippines two and a half years into the martial rule, the late Ferdinand Marcos issued Letter of Instruction (LOI) 270. It is called officially as the “Naturalization of Deserving Aliens by Decree.” It marks the turning point in the quest of ethnic Chinese and other “aliens” living in the Philippines to acquire Philippine citizenship. Marcos orders a simple procedure that enables mass naturalization. This is in lieu of the cumbersome and costly judicial process. Such action gives credit to the Tsinoys who contribute to the Philippine economy greatly. His family members in politics like Senatorial candidate, Imee and Former Senator Bongbong Marcos continue to establish partnerships with the said community for the country’s welfare.

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Imee Marcos: Moving On from Martial Law Means Learning from the Past

martial law
By: Elena Grace Flores

The martial law blaming game during the Marcos era is again a spotlight in interviews today for the upcoming 2019 elections. Senator Bam Aquino insists that Senate candidate, Imee Marcos should apologize to the victims of the said military rule of her father instead of moving on. The governor of Ilocos Norte clarifies what she meant about moving on from it. z

YouTube video byABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos clarified on her previous remark to “move on” from the martial law issues thrown to her late father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Moving on from Martial Law by Imee Marcos

Imee Marcos explains to Senator Aquino Aquino who presses the issue of the martial law apology that moving on does not mean forgetting the past. It is already in history and no one can change that. The best thing is to learn from it and make sure that it won’t happen again.

The Assessment of Millennials

The millennials are the youths who belong to the generation after the technological advancement. They have all the resources to hear both sides unlike before. The Philippines, in particular, was in the control of the mainstream media. It influences the decision-making of the Filipinos during elections. The black media propaganda against the Marcoses is spread out through its networks worldwide.

Many Apologies are Done Repeatedly

When the anchor asks if an apology must be done by Gov. Marcos, she replies that she has said sorry many times. Apologies to the victims and to others who were hurt because of the incident were undertaken on numerous occasions. However, she cannot apologize on any atrocities because the version that they knew when they were younger, was the opposite of the black media propaganda. Many older people are saying that the Marcos era was more prosperous and peaceful than any administrations after that.

Not in the Authority to Accept Responsibility

Gov. Marcos added that she is not in the position to accept the responsibility brought about by her father’s era. She can only move forward to work on how to improve the lives of Filipinos. Nevertheless, her political enemies especially the Aquinos, are again reviving this old wives’ tale.

Social Media to Air the Marcoses’ Side

Marcos admits that their only mistake was staying quiet about the accusations to her deceased father. They just do not have the outlet to retaliate until social media arrives. This gives them the channel to air their side. Better yet, real people who are witnesses of the said dark ages in the Philippine history also came forward through online platforms burying the half-truths propagated by the Aquino stalwarts. This is to the surprise of the yellow faction that went to the verge of befriending Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

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Kris Aquino’s Wrath Uncovers Salim Connection in Relation to Sabah Claim

By: Elena Grace Flores

Amidst criticism of how his government handled the Lahad Datu standoff, former President Noynoy Aquino said that the Sabah claim situation is a result of a conspiracy. Aquino blames the family of the late Sultan Jamalul Kiram for putting the lives of about 800,000 Filipinos in Sabah in danger. Kiram’s men could not have settled on such course of action alone. We have also noticed how our critics have stuck to a single messaging line to exacerbate a situation that has already grown dire,” Aquino said. However, listening to her younger sister’s wrath, his conspiracy theory seems to be true but not on the side of his opponents but all statements and actions seem to be pointing at his family. z

YouTube video by Talk News TV

[VIDEO]: Salim Connection: Aquinos, Pangilinan, Del Rosario

Marcos’ Strategy

Jabidah is the name of a special commando unit of then-president Ferdinand Marcos to regain Sabah in the 1960s. This is a secret plot to destabilise Sabah so that the Philippines can officially claim it back from Malaysia. The dispute over ownership of Sabah dates back to the Sultanate of Sulu which ruled until the 19th century in the southern Philippines. Malaysia still pays a rental fee to the descendants of Sultan Kiram until prior to the standoff in Lahad Datu.

Ninoy’s Black Media Propaganda

In one of his speeches, the late Ninoy Aquino who is the father of Ninoy discloses the Jabidah. The Muslim fighters of Marcos reportedly cross-fired with the government forces in an attempt to bury any evidence of the plot. This is ultimately a part of the black media propaganda launched against the most admired Filipino leader. The story manages to spark deep divisions in the Philippines that led to one of the world’s longest insurgencies – a Muslim secessionist movement that exist for decades.

Killing for the Sake of Money

Kris Aquino’s threats to Nicko Falcis insinuate that their family can just kill anyone when one pisses them off. The commentaries link her statements to the assassination of their patriarch. The death of Ninoy ignites the people’s false hatred to former President Marcos that results to the easy installation of his widow, Cory Aquino as Marcos’ replacement in the executive office. This signifies that they can kill even their own just to get ahead, according to the commentators.

The Other Conspiracy Theory

The current conspiracy that notable commentators uncover is about the personal drama of Kris Aquino, the sister of Noynoy and daughter of Ninoy. Ms. Aquino’s trouble with her former aide show’s her borrowing an airplane from an Indonesian oligarch of the Salim Group connected to Albert del Rosario who has the connection with Associate Justice Antonio Carpio who is blocking the current administration’s joint exploration in the South China Sea with the Chinese government. Manny Pangilinan who monopolizes many large businesses in the country is also in touch with the same group. He is the one who wants the share of the Spratly islands to go to the Salim group. Fortunately. China refuses to do so because it must go to the country’s treasury itself and not to a private entity. This pisses ex-Pnoy off.

The Aquinos’ Loyalty to the Malaysians

Based on the moves of the governments of the Aquinos’, it is clear that they are more pro-Malaysians than pro-Filipinos. When the son failed to protect his people in Lahad Datu, his mother officially withdraws from the Sabah claim as promised by her husband to their principals. She’s the first president that loses a Philippine territory that is still in dispute. Their Liberal Party stalwarts can only return the blame to President Rodrigo Du30 in his dealings with China. However, based on the records, the Chinese are actually more sympathetic to the Filipinos compared to the Aquinos. The Chinese government would only turnover any financial proceeds from the country to country deals to the country and not to these yellow oligarchs.

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Bongbong Marcos: The Country’s Endless Wealth Lies in Helping Each Other

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos’ virtue of kindness is evident even from the start of his recent BBM Vlog #46 video to his dog. His friends stress this trait of him as his advantage in politics. He is kind not just to people in the higher bracket but to everybody. Like what Bongbong Marcos insinuates; the endless wealth of the country can be done by helping each other. Marcos is a hands-on person in his work as a public servant with or without a title. He is blessed with a great wife. His La Salle peers said that their camaraderie up to this stage became possible through the great man who has a great woman behind him.z

YouTube video byBongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Filming this vlog was a trip down memory lane. Looking back, I have been blessed with good times and great friends.

Behaving Like a Juvenile Delinquent

Marcos and his peers are already in their senior years. However, when they have their La Salle Homecoming, they seem to be the boys in shorts as they were during their youth. The son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos is glad that his batch mates are already retired and they can always participate in their social activities in Baguio and elsewhere. In fact, they can act like juvenile delinquents again as he fondly puts it.

Marcos’ Peers in their Senior Years

No competition but brotherhood is the reason why Marcos’ group are intact from then until now. They help each other in whatever endeavor they face. In a country where crab mentality is a culture, this is a breakthrough. One might be okay but if his or her peers are not, it won’t be a happy circumstance. This is a crucial model under the leadership of Marcos when all Filipinos are treating each other kindly. Looking at social media posts, unity is far fetched.

Behind the Success of a Great Man is a Great Woman

In the verge of successes, the virtue of kindness of Marcos can’t be hidden, He is a sincere, warm, and a down to earth person, according to his batch mates. They said that they are very lucky to have Marcos as their brother who is a steward of his father and his own gifts. They are also thankful to his wife, Liza Araneta Marcos who is the woman behind this great man who is the key to their camaraderie.

Marcos’ Hands-On Style of Working

The former governor used to invite his friends to Ilocos when he was still in that position. This was his response when one of his mates tracks him down to participate during their initial homecoming. Despite being hands-on to his constituents’ needs, he manages to return the important call. These friends saw his dedication and good intention for his people and they are one in his service to Filipinos.

Endless Giving and Taking of Wealth

Their 45th homecoming marks their being in the hall of fame. The Marcoses might be wealthy but having friends who voluntarily donate to their charity is vital on his destiny as a future Philippine leader. The law of nature says that the more you give, the more you receive. Therefore, happiness and wealth can overflow only if people learn to be kind like Marcos’ example.

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Response to Hontiveros’ Insistence that Current Martial Law is Similar to Marcos’

martial law
By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Risa Hontiveros, who is known to defend criminals claims that the Du30 administration’s martial law has a record of distorting the rule of law. It allegedly mobilizes the state’s resources and machinery against its opponents. She insists that the situation in Mindanao seems to have similarity with that of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ regime. Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año’s response to Hontiveros during a deliberation says it all: Only lawless individuals in Mindanao are afraid of the military rule. She should study the difference between the two versions as per the constitution itself. z
Youtube Video by PH News Unfiltered

[VIDEO]: Sagutan ni Risa Hontiveros at Eduardo Año sa Martial Law extension sa House

Hontiveros’ Frustration

Hontiveros expresses her sentiment that law enforcement agencies should rely on the 1987 Constitution on the fulfillment of their duties, and not on military rule. She is against the extension of martial law in Mindanao. Her reactions to the statements of Secretary Año during the joint session of the Congress are all critical to it unsurprisingly.

The Opposition Fears for the 2019 Elections

Senator Hontiveros expresses fears that the military rule can cause harassments to local and national politicians from the opposition. This pertains especially those who will run in the 2019 midterm elections. The Congress conducts a joint session to tackle the extension of martial law in Mindanao recently as per the request of the President. The continuing rebellion in Mindanao necessitates the need for additional power to law enforcement agencies. This is something that Hontiveros is uncomfortable about.

The House’s Support

House Majority Leader Andaya made a motion to approve the joint resolution for martial law extension in the joint session. The House backs the assessment of police and military officials. It agrees that there’s “a continuing rebellion in Mindanao.” Andaya, representative of Camarines Sur, said that the House believes a “further extension of martial law and the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus will enable the authorities to finally put an end to the rebellion. It can also keep it from escalating to other parts of the countr. Thus, prevent a catastrophe like in Marawi City.”

Yes Votes

Twelve senators vote in support of the martial law extension. They are Senate President Vicente Sotto III, Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri, and Senators Gregorio Honasan II. Panfilo Lacson, Richard Gordon, Cynthia Villar, Grace Poe, Aquilino Pimentel III, Joseph Victor Ejercito, Juan Edgardo Angara, Sherwin Gatchalian, and Emmanuel Pacquiao also said yes to it. Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who presides the joint session with Senator Tito Sotto supports the martial law extension.

No votes for Martial Law Extension

There are five senators who are against the President’s desire for the military rule extension for the third time in Mindanao. They are Paolo Benigno Aquino IV, Franklin Drilon, Francis Escudero, Risa Hontiveros, and Francis Pangilinan. Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto abstained. The Senate and the House of Representatives vote to extend martial law and the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus in the whole Mindanao until the end of 2019 at 235-28-1. The Senate vote is at 12-5-1 and the House 223-23-0. This takes almost five hours of deliberations.