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The Humble Beginning of Imelda Marcos is Key to a Great President’s Wisdom


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It’s not all glamor for the ever popular former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Her cousin Loreto Ramos attests their humble beginning. A family helper, even bought her new shoes, because she was not raised in luxury but by the kindness to house helpers. She does not have to create a glamorous image. Her grace, charm, beauty, intelligence, and golden heart are treasures enough that allow her to be the hind legs of a great President full of wisdom and soon to be the mother of one.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Imelda Marcos, who turns 88 this year, is known for her lavish lifestyle when she was the first lady. Her jewelry collection is estimated to be worth at least P1 billion.

The Great President

Then Congressman Ferdinand Marcos may have given Imelda the life that she only dream of. But it is also true the other way around. A man with who manages to have a wife like Mrs. Marcos after 11 days of courtship must be a blessed one. They got married in 1954. He was elected President in 1965. That makes her the 10th First Lady of the Philippines and an envy to the world.

Virtuous Woman

Rep. Marcos also served as governor of Metro Manila and Minister of Human Settlements aside from being First Lady. She even resumed her political career even after her husband stepped down from power due to false accusations. She has served the House of Representatives from 1995-1998, and from 2010 until at present. Her husband can never be a dictator because there’s no such thing in a democratic constitution.

Tag Price

Marcos’s 3,000 pairs of shoes are her collections for the past decades. Some local and international brands still have tag prices on them from $11 for the locally-made ones to $100 each for the imported ones. This is an indication that she has not worn all of them. Media critics failed to investigate that most of the local pair of shoes displayed are the products of the Marikina Shoe Industry that she supported. The imported ones served as models for their designs. Some mainstream media still has a lot to learn.

Bongbong Marcos’ Wisdom

Bongbong Marcos never gives a boring interview. One is always inspired after listening to him. He is filled with wisdom that detractors can only self-destroy. His wit is a mixture of humility, knowledge, and hands-on experience. Supporters are hoping that one day, the people will wake up to witness his installation as the real Vice President of the country – the same way that he was robbed of it. Then, he can be the likely successor of the Presidency.

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Midas Marquez: The Supreme Court is Fair on Marcos-Related Issues

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Midas Marquez who was the late CJ Corona’s spokesperson is the first to be interviewed among 8 applicants in the line-up.The Supreme Court vacancy is for Justice Bienvenido Reyes who will retire on July 6. After Reyes, Justice Jose Mendoza will also retire on August 13. Marquez said that the SC gives a fair ruling on Marcos-related issues so far.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Court Administrator Midas Marquez is grilled by Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) member retired SC Justice Angelina Sandoval-Gutierrez on martial law in Mindanao by President Rodrigo Duterte. Marquez said he does not see the need for the Congress to convene on martial law, but deferred answering directly to the Ilocos 6 conflict.

Hero’s Burial

Supreme Court Justice candidate Midas Marquez told the Judicial and Bar Council or JBC that the decision to bury the late President Ferdinand Marcos at Heroes’ Cemetery was “sound” and that Congress need not convene on President Du3o’s martial law declaration in Mindanao.

Martial Law Joint Session

“Congress only needs to convene if they intend to revoke martial law,” Marquez explained. This is also his stand on the present declaration of martial law in Mindanao. Both chambers’ decision not to convene to approve it is right. It is not necessary, Marquez said.

Supreme Court was Out of EDSA

The late President Ferdinand Marcos did not get an honorable dismissal. Some people made him go away during EDSA revolution. It has nothing to do with the Supreme Court. The late Cory Aquino took over the presidency.

Marcos was not a Criminal

Marquez also clarifies that Marcos did not commit crimes. He was never a criminal as Du3o earlier said. Although he was reminded of the late dictator’s human rights abuses, he thinks that he’s not solely responsible for them.

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President Du30: I can be a Copycat of Ferdinand Marcos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

President Du30 swears to follow the Supreme Court. He is willing to stop Martial Law in Mindanao if it rules against it. He warns that if he has to reinstate military rule to save the country, he will do it his way. That surely makes him a Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. copycat, he said.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The President said that if he is forced to declare Martial Law again in Mindanao after Supreme Court halts it, he will do it on his own, the Marcos way.

Martial Law Abuses

The President’s opposition party detests Martial Law. During the Marcos regime, Liberal Party politicians were allegedly arrested, detained and tortured. The late Ninoy Aquino was even charged with rebellion punishable by death penalty. He was permitted to seek medical help in the US after he got the public sympathy for his plight.

Suppressed Freedom of Speech

Media people also complained that press freedom during Marcos’ time was non-existent. The news was accessory to the rebellion and Communist propaganda of the insurgents. Most of these media affiliations are still around these days. They are the ones that back up the VP Leni Robredo and other LP political warriors for their anti-administration campaigns.

Getting what LP asked for

The Liberal Party will definitely get what it asked for if they continue to challenge the President. Their criticisms are not taken lightly. They all go through relevant legal processes. Since they never give the Philippine leader the benefit of the doubt, he is ready to give them hell one more time using Martial Law if they insist.

Copycat of Marcos

The 1987 Constitutions was revised by the late President Cory Aquino. If LP members are not convinced that it prevents the President from doing what Marcos allowed to happen, then Du30 is more than willing to do it his way. That is more likely a Marcos copycat.

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Enrile: 1987 Constitution Prevents Repetition of Cory Aquino’s Complaints over Ferdinand Marcos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Martial Law is military rule regardless of which administration it is under, said Senator Juan Ponce Enrile. In the constitution, the people are authorizing the military to topple illegal violence, terrorism or not. The late President Cory Aquino made sure that in the 1987 constitution her complaints with the late Ferdinand Marcos won’t be repeated.

Youtube video by; Smni News

More than Just a Rebellion

The current situation in Marawi City is more than just a rebellion because it is ideological. Worst, a religious problem which is Wahhabism, a kind of fanatical Islamism which is propagated by Saudi Arabia. That is being taught in Madrassas in Mindanao.

Pro-Martial Law

Enrile, who was the former defense minister during the martial law of the late President Marcos sides for Du30’s Mindanao martial law. This is in the exercise of the Chief Executive’s constitutional mandate to fight the enemies of the State and control the peace, he said.

Not Authoritarian

Enrile explains that it is only Congress that can stop the President to continue martial law. This is ‘’if they have the votes.’’ The military must explain the basis of Mindanao martial law. Speaker of the House, Pantaleon Alvarez, however, said that they cannot out-vote the president because they have the number for pro-martial lawmakers.

The Danger

Senator Enrile thinks that Aquino’s move was pathetic. It did not consider situations where the country is in great danger. The new constitution also disregards having a reliable and strong president to finish off all kinds of violence in the country. He confirmed that the problem can only be solved if the culprits are all eliminated.

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International Media Hinted that Ferdinand Marcos is Coming Back


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The international headline of Reuters is indeed very catchy especially to the detractors of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Alarms are raised like Marcos is coming back from the dead to get back to those who accused him of crimes he did not commit. It is actually referring to the son who has the same name, Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. He is better known as Bongbong Marcos.

Youtube video by; TRENDING NGAYUN

Robbed of Victory

Bongbong Marcos is keen to do the necessary steps towards securing a recount of votes in the Vice Presidential election last year in which he says he was unfairly robbed of victory. This is despite the high cost of the recount.

Pricey Justice

He already deposited about 36 million pesos ($728,500) as partial payment for the recount of votes in 42 percent of polling precincts. Marcos is set to pay another 30 million pesos on July 14 to complete recounting votes in more than 39,000 polling precincts nationwide.

Favored Successor

Robredo’s relationship with the Philippine President is far from close and he frequently jokes about her in public. Du30’s father, who is a former Mindanao province governor, served under the Marcos regime when he was first elected president in 1965. He himself speaks highly of the younger Marcos and is very fond od his sister, Imee Marcos. There was a time in China that Du30 introduces Marcos as the new Vice President if he wins the electoral protest against Leni Robredo.

Recount is Near

Five days before June 21, both Marcos and Robredo camps must submit their manifestations for the preliminary conference as scheduled. The Protestant must submit three priority areas for the initial recount. This would determine if there’s a basis to continue it to the fullest. Most Filipinos are confident that this time, the real winner for the VP post will soon be revealed.