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Alicia Keys’ Makeup-Free Empowerment Corrected by Adam Levine as a Little Bit of Makeup

Alicia Keys

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Like Adam Levine, Alicia Keys can do whatever she wants being herself – with, without, or a little bit of makeup will do. She looks great in many ways. The best part is how she treats people around her that made somebody like Levine to only have kind words for her. He is so fascinated with her that he just recently steals  Vanessa Ferguson from Team Alicia in The Voice.

Youtube video by; Nicki Swift
[VIDEO]: The Real Reason Alicia Keys Stopped Wearing Makeup

Revealing Alicia Keys’ Secret?

Lead singer of Maroon 5, The Voice coach, and perpetually scruffy dude Adam Levine dropped by Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Show a few weeks ago to talk about the NBC reality series. And since Levine’s, uh, pretty low key (not saying he’s a boring person, but he’s clearly the most chill of the four The Voice coaches), the topic of conversation quickly shifted to his co-coach, a divine spirit that walks among us, Alicia Keys. Read more:

Adam Levine Steals Alicia Keys’ Talent

Their battle was a highlight of the night, with both Ferguson and Turner delivering a stellar performance and mastering the vocals. Both artists are two of the best on Team Alicia, so it’s a shame she pit them against one another. Levine said that he wanted Ferguson on his team. Stefani flaunted her remaining steal, too. It started to look like neither artist would be going home no matter who Keys picked. She picked Ferguson, impressed with how much she had come out of her shell. Sure enough, Levine and Stefani both pressed their buttons for Ferguson. Stefani said that she can help her with bringing out style and personality in her singing. But Ferguson ended up choosing Levine instead. Read the details here:

Being Herself

Two weeks ago, one of the The Girl Who’s On Fire’s less-perfect Voice co-hosts (Adam Levine) stopped by The Howard Stern Show where he was randomly asked about Alicia being makeup-free. In response, the Maroon 5 singer told a story that would make any true Keys fan proud. Here’s more:



It is amazing how artists with strong personalities can create a bond deep into true friendship. It is obvious when one is mean to the other, it just doesn’t end in a fight. Instead, they just laugh it off. Love is evident when respect is sometimes overlooked. It is hard to fake things like that when you have to judge singers blindly for hours. This is the reason why The Voice is fairly easy to watch – and feel good after. Her exact response to Levine? “I do what the fuck I want.” He loves her even more for that!