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CV3MPC Founding Members

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Casimiro Village Phase 3 Multipurpose Cooperative Founding Members:

Founding Cooperators

  • 1. General Manager
  • 2. Treasurer
  • 3. Secretary
  • 4. Accountant
  • 5. Chairman of the Board
  • 6. Member of the Board of Director
  • 7. Member of the Board of Director
  • 8. Member of the Board of Director
  • 9. Member of the Board of Director
  • 10.Audit Committee Chair
  • 11.Ethics Committee Vice Chair
  • 12.Election Chair
  • 13.Credit Committee Vice Chair
  • 14.Mediation & Conciliation Chairman
  • 15.Founding Member
  • 16.Founding Member
  • 17.Founding Member
  • 18.Founding Member
  • 19.Founding Member
  • 20.Founding Member
  • Flaviano Alvarez
  • Aida Manalastas
  • Elena Grace Flores
  • Epitacia Alvarez
  • Jose Rosales
  • Eduardo Launio, Sr.
  • Nini Masilungan
  • Esperanza Cifra
  • Jose E. Magajes
  • Josefina S. Ocampo
  • Alex Malonjao
  • Liza Sto. Tomas
  • Kanya Gladys May Luardo
  • Nicanor Layola
  • Oscar M. Cifra
  • Yolanda Manalo
  • Rodel Corton
  • Sithikohn Thaworn
  • Patrick Rivera
  • Mark Bruan Cifra

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Smoking Worsens TB Recurrence

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores What’s the use of getting treatment for your TB if you don’t stop smoking tobacco? Nothing – you are just triggering its recurrence and put yourself into the verge of danger if not, instant death – but mind you, long after strenuous sufferings! There’s nothing to debate with this topic at all. It’s just plainly destructive to combine Tobacco with TB.

This danger warning just did not come from nowhere. 5,567 TB patients in Taiwan were examined for the study. Bacteriologic testing confirmed their TB status. These are patients who went through the long process of treating the disease. Despite of that, 1.5% suffered repetitive TB condition and double that for intermittent TB cases among smokers. Bear in mind that TB is a contagious disease that is airborne, so even if you don’t smoke but living with a TB patient, you are prone to be infected by the disease as well.

The above study was presented during the April 2014 issue of the International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, and published online. Smoking Tobacco in unhealthy even to people without TB said Chung-Yeh Deng of National Yang-Ming University in Taipei. Chung-Yeh Deng is also the initiator of the research study.

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Future Total Performer in Michael Christian Martinez

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Charisma can win the crowd over technicalities. Although Michael Christian Martinez started like a rocket during his second stint – vying to make it through getting a place in the Finals, he had a shaky jump prompted his hand to position towards the floor. This is the main reason for the  score deductions. However, his determination, grace and skill not to mention the impressive flexibility drove him to still manage a great finale. Hold your breath while watching this because Christian would definitely need a good private health insurance:

Michael Christian Martinez – Olympic Free Skating Finalist – New

Posted at Youtube by: HerculeanBreed

Someday, Michael Christian Martinez will not only become an ice skating champion but he’ll soon be the future total performer in this arena. He does not need to go to some Online Colleges to perfect his act – because he already have brilliant coaches and mentors. He definitely need however a comprehensive private health insurance. Kidding aside, his heartfelt performance alone already sets him apart from the rest. He is already a winner for this very special award. The Darling of the Crowd! All Filipinos should be proud for his very exceptional achievements!

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Dysfunctional Family of Lorna Mildred Cervantes

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Lorna Cervantes with Rey CallantaBeware of this Family:

BF International Barangay Case No. 683-13: Lorna Mildred Cervantes (pictured on the right) did not pay 4 months rent amounting to 46,000 Pesos, 7,000 Pesos Meralco bill and 5,000 Pesos Maynilad bill.

She also brought with her the TV stand which is supposed to be one of the collateral exchanging it with 3  dysfunctional electric fans when intercepted by Casimiro Village Phase 3 security guard. Nonetheless, she still managed to remove all the electric lights of the apartment and the provisional fire extinguisher.

Ma Laarnie Cervantes FernandezMa Laarnie Cervantes Fernandez alias Lally Fernandez who’s husband is a taxi driver also did not pay 8 months rent while staying at Mrs. Ponching’s apartment at Casimiro Village Phase 1 as reported allegedly by the KPM association of Casimiro Village Phase 3. She moved in with her sister Lorna Mildred Cervantes at Casimiro Village Phase 3 where there were petitioned by the Homeowners Association to be evicted due to operating small businesses without permit using the apartment, parking a taxi inside the village without sticker, storing their things in the place and living there without the approval of the owner.

She was all the while the support of her sister during the eviction process sighting that legal processes take time and they can benefit to stay for free until the case has been executed.

John Paul with wifeAfter they were evicted from Casimiro Village Phase 3, an alleged motorcycle buyer of John Paul Cervantes (pictured on right), the son of Lorna Cervantes complained that the vehicle that they bought from his small vehicle buy and sell business did not have proper documentation thus preventing them to change the ownership. He was terrorizing the security guards during his part-time stay at Casimiro Village Phase 3 as per the guards’ log book report.

Also, a legal notice from the Bank of Makati (A Rural Bank), Inc. was also received at their vacated place for Ronnie Jeorge Carbungco Santos for his delinquent account that remained unpaid! Contact RECEIVERS AND LIQUIDATORS to verify c/o Mr. Bernard San Fernando Tel Nos. 02 6333931 or 6384446.

They may look like a decent family but beware…it’s just their tactic! Tough times can often make a family financially unable to pay their responsibilities but with Lorna Cervantes’ family, it’s their way of life – and they just cover them up by giving free food to their followers or throwing parties and get together including some drinking sessions!

Don’t be their next victim. Call to check the authenticity of this report at Barangay BF International c/o Barangay Secretary Nelly Angana, Joan Fortich and Executive Officer Richard Lacson Tel No. 02 8202016 Case No. 683-13 Elena Grace Flores vs Lorna Mildred Cervantes.



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