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Casimiro Village Phase 3 Multipurpose Cooperative Economic Survey

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Casimiro Village Phase 3 Multipurpose Cooperative (CV3MC)


To be able to generate funds to invest in service facilities for the members’ quality of life and operate these money-making service facilities to sustain the upgraded lifestyle of the village are the major aims for organizing the cooperative. It will be offering a credit facility to Casimiro Village Phase 3 Homeowners through CV3 Homeowners Association to fund future special projects that would allow progressive living to the community including those who are not financially able. It wll also coordinate with the government and investors for joint projects that would provide or promote safety, good health, security advancement and prosperity to the general community


There’s no other cooperative in the village or nearby location that is helping the development of Casimiro Village Phase 3. The shortage in the pay parking areas in the community creates friction among neighbors. There’s no such facility yet that ever existed inside the village aside from the one initiated by CV3HAI. Most drivers just park at public places at first come first served basis which is also causing an eye sore to the community. Repair of public areas like roads and walls were funded by some of the homeowners because others can’t afford or not willing to contribute. Casimiro Development Corporation already ceased developing the village eversince. Therefore there’s a crucial  need to gather investments the purpose of constructing and maintaining service facilities so that all homeowners can benefit from them and the financial contributors will not be forever burdened. The planned facilities such as pay parking facilities, guard house reconstruction, basketball court enhancement and club house development are badly needed to sustain the village’s operational expenses. The existence of the cooperative that will be funding and managing these projects will be more efficient when its legally recognized. Investments can be officially recorded and credited to worthy investors in due time thus protecting the interests of both contributing and non-contributing homeowners.


A.  Type of Cooperative:

___*_Credit    _____Producer    ___*_Service _____Consumer _____Marketing
_____MPC    _____Advocacy_____ARC   ______Coop Bank _____Dairy
_____Education_____Electric _____ FSC ________Fishermen _____ Health Service
_____Insurance_____Transport____Water ______Workers
_____Others (Specify)__Multipurpose_____________________

B. Office Address of Cooperative: Block 1, Lot 10, Macopa st., Casimiro Vllage Phase 3 BF International, Las Pinas City

C.  Area of Operation:      __*_Barangay        _____Municipal/City         _____Provincial
_____Regional         _____National

D.  Common Bond of Membership:      ___*__Residential         _____Institutional
_____Occupational      _____Associational
E.  Composition of Members:
_____Farmers                   _____Indigenous Community         _____Youth
_____Fisherfolks                 _____Disabled                        _____Women
_____ARB’s             _____Rebel Returnees                    _____OFW’s
_____Workers/Employees         __*__Others (Specify): Casimiro Village Phase 3 Homeowners, their relatives and associates

F.  No. of Founding/Organizing Members:  __20_

G.  Projected Increase of Membership for:

First Year    :  _____10______
Second Year    :  ___10______
Third Year    :  ____20______

H.    Authorized Capital   P_____1 M_____________
Subscribed Capital            P_____600,000_________
Paid-up Capital                   P_____200,000_________

Par value          P_____1,000____

I.    Is the proposed cooperative previously Registered with? : SEC____ DOLE_____
___*___ Others, specify: Majority of the founding members are members of CV3HAI or Casimiro Vllage Phase 3 Homeowners Association registered under HLURB but Casimiro Village Phase 3 Multipurpose Cooperative was never registered before with any legal bodies.


A.  Economic Aspect

1.  Are there any other existing cooperative/s within your proposed area of operation that provide the same goods/services which the cooperative plans to offer?  If yes, please state the name/s of such cooperative/s:  No.

2.  What strategies the cooperative shall implement to ensure the support of the members?

_______Collective purchases

___*___Commitment on lending policies

___*___Active participation in cooperative affairs

___*___Others (please specify): Immediate payment of the 10,000 Pesos initial investment.

3. Are you intending to transact business with
a) members only__  b)  members and non-members _*_

4. What business activities the Cooperative plans to undertake during the first three years of its operation:

First Year    : Generation of Funds for village’s guard house through the           Cooperative’s Credit Facility and first phase of Pay Parking
Facility near the village’s entrance
Second Year    : Pay Parking Facility (2nd Phase at the Club House area)
and Improve Basket Ball Court or construct a Covered
Court for sports and other activities
Third Year    : Club House Facility and Amenities (party, seminar or
meeting venues)    ____________________________________________________________

B.  Financial Aspect

1.  Capitalization

a. In pursuing its economic activities, how shall the Cooperative generate its capital?
__*__Share Capital Subscription
__*__Deferred payment of patronage refund/interest on share capital (Revolving Capital)
__*__Acquisition of Loans/borrowings
__*__Solicitation/acceptance of donations, subsidies, grants, etc.
__*__Fund raising activities

b. How much is the Cooperative’s initial operating capital? __Php 200,000
c. Strategies for internal capital build-up.  Collection of mnmum 10,000 Pesos investment.

2.  Revenue
Projected revenue based on the initial operating capital.
First Year    :  150,000 _______________________________________________.
Second Year    :  360,000_______________________________________________.
Third Year    :  480,000_______________________________________________.

3.  Expenditure
How much is the estimated expenses, for:
First Year    :   75,000______________________________________________.
Second Year    :   180,000______________________________________________.
Third Year    :   240,000

4.  Investments
Does the Cooperative intend to invest in the following?
______Cooperative bank    _____Mutual
______Federation        _____Insurance
___*__Joint ventures        _____Others(specify) Service Facilities

C.  Technical Aspect

What equipment/machineries/facilities are deemed necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the Cooperative? (please check)

______Typewriter                ______Medical Instruments
___*__Computer                ______Warehouse
___*__Tables                ______Milling
___*__Chairs                ______Farm Equipment
___*__Calculator                ______Post Harvest Equipment
______Vault/Safe                ______Solar Dryer
___*__Filing Cabinet            ______Fishing Equipment
___*__Others(specify): CCTV

2.  How would the Cooperative procure its equipment/machineries/facilities?
______Cash purchase    Other mode/s (specify) _______________
______Loans        _________________________________________________
___*__Donations    _________________________________________________

What skills/experiences/trainings are deemed necessary for the operation of its equipment/machineries/facilities?
– Customer Service Training
– Understanding the Cooperative System Training

Organizational Structure/(attached organizational chart)

1.    What qualifications/skills the Board of Directors should possess to enable them to formulate sound policies, strategies and guidelines which would ensure the success of the Cooperative?
– Have concrete concern for the communty by being a bonafide homeowner or trusted substitute homeowner, relative or associate
– Professonal in his or her own field
– Knowledgeable with the Cooperative system through CDA training completion

2.    For its initial operations, who among the following officers/employees should be hired by the Cooperative.

Manager:Flaviano Alvarez – Volunteer – Retired Electrical Engineer – None   Accountant: Epitacia Alvarez – Volunteer – Retired CPA – None
Treasurer: Aida Manalastas – Volunteer – Retired Nurse – None
Secretary: Elena Grace Flores – Volunteer -Web Technology Project Manager – None
Day Collector: To be Hired –  Contractual – Elementary graduate – 3,000 allowance plus tips
Night Collector: To be Hired – Contractual – Elementary graduate – 3,000 allowance plus tips

3.    What are the Cooperative’s education programs for:

a)  Members:     Training  _________________________________________________________
b)  Officers:    Information/Reference __________________________________________________________
c)  Staff:    Skills Building _____________________________________________________________

4.  Who are the Chairmen and members of the following committees?

a)  Audit : Chairwoman –  Josie Ocampo
Members: Yolanda Manalo, Kanya Gladys May T. Luardo

b)  Credit: Chairman – Alex Malonjao
Members: Oscar M. Cifra, Eduardo Launio, Sr.

c)  Election: Chairwoman – Liza Sto. Tomas
Members: Arturo P. Ocampo, Nini Masilungan

d)    Education & Training: Chairwoman – Rose Root
Members: Sithikohn F. Thaworn, Esperanza Cifra

e)  Mediation/Conciliation: Chairman – Nicanor Layola
Members: Rodel Corton, Jose E. Magajes

We, the Founding Board of Directors, hereby certify that the foregoing Economic Survey was prepared in accordance with the facts, information and other data we believed vital to the success of the initial operations of the Cooperative.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this _______ day of _________, 201___ in _______________, Philippines above affiants exhibiting to me their valid proof of identity:

NOTE:     The CDA reserves the right to review/verify the authenticity/viability of the information provided in this survey and may require the proponent to modify, revise or amend the whole or any part thereof if necessary, or, if found to be economically unfeasible, deny the registration of the Cooperative.