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Atty. Glenn Chong’s Strategy for Catching Election Cheating this 2019

By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong explains his strategy on how to warn the Comelec not to cheat. He also calls on the people to exercise the supreme will to discourage poll cheating. His strategy is to build up loyal voters and profile them in one precinct. The plan is to do a Du30-like landslide win. That way, he would know very well when the expected number of votes is not reached, he will have a probable cause. He also urges other election candidates to do the same. However, if he loses in the Senatorial race in the 2019 elections due to cheating, he will leave it to the people either to stage a revolution or what he refers to as extra-constitutional. z

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Atty. Chong Calls for the People to Exercise Supreme Will

Duterte-Like Strategy

Chong is certain that with his election campaign method, he can achieve a Du30-like approach. He aims to get massive votes for a landslide win just like President Rodrigo Du30. His numbers are so high that it would be impossible for Smartmatic to manipulate the count without becoming too obvious to the observing public.

Not Revolution but Extra Constitutional

A revolution is a fundamental and relatively sudden change in political power and political organization which occurs when the population revolts against the government. This is typically due to perceived oppression in political, social, and economic areas. Chong does not want to go against the government but only the cheating election agency. He would rather do an extra-constitutional action that may be legal or illegal under the law of the prevailing government or also known as “positive law”.

The Peoples’ Supreme Will

Atty. Chong believes that nothing can be more powerful as the people’s will. He perceives this as the best way for the government to prioritize setting up a clean election set-up. He does not want to go against the administration per se but to force it to enforce laws that would protect the citizens’ votes from fraudulent activities.

Social Media Intelligence Report

The Senatorial Candidate is grateful to the netizens that put him in the statistics of the Public News Asia’s Social Media Intelligence Report. In terms of recognition he ranks number 2 and popularity, number 3. He only fails in the capacity category. He is confident that his current campaign is working from reaching out to people to social media presence.

Chong’s Advice to the Comelec

Chong only has one advice to the Comelec to preserve law and order in the country. He asks the body not to cheat. This sounds like an ultimatum that the country will be in chaos if Smartmatic or any fraudulent activities control the election results once again after the very surprising loss of the former Senator Bongbong Marcos to the unknown LP bet, the presumptive VP Leni Robredo.

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Who can Block Imee Marcos become the Top Senator in the 2019 Elections?

By: Elena Grace Flores

September 22, 2018, Pulse Asia Ulat ng Bayan survey on the 2019 senatorial elections shows Imee Marcos’ substantial rise to the 7th to11th places with a 32.6% voter preference. It made her secure to have a definite place in the winners’ circle as Senator. This is a vital improvement from her ranking in June. She previously ranks 13th to 20th with a voter preference of 29.9. However, the social media community is not quite happy with such results. Therefore, an online poll was initiated and Marcos landed as the top bet instead of Senator Grace Poe. z

YouTube video byABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: Beyond Politics: Pulse explains Imee Marcos’ rise in senatorial survey

Pulse Asia’s Analysis on Imee Marcos Rise as Candidate for Senator

According to Pulse Asia, the sudden rise of Ilocos Norte’s Governor in the recent senatorial survey is not due to “an increase of her voting support. The research firm’s president said that because of the percentage decline of the voting support for other prominent candidates like Senator Bam Aquino.

Sudden Rise on the Ranking

This shows Pulse Asia’s 2019 Senatorial Elections Survey rank:

The Online Community’s Social Media Survey

Marcos always believes that the millennials already have access to information from all sides. They are capable of analyzing facts and they can have their own conclusions. This digital survey actually makes sense in line with the Senator to be’s statements:

Other Candidates Slid Down the List

“It’s not so much an increase of her voting support. It’s the decline in terms of the voting support for the others who were ahead of her in the past,” Pulse Asia President Ronnie Holmes said. “We saw a decline in terms of the pre-election support for the other candidates who were much more ahead of her in term of the ranking,” he added. Among those slid down the list are incumbent Senators Aquilino Pimentel III, JV Ejercito, and Bam Aquino. Former senators Lito Lapid and Sergio Osmeña, as well as former Philippine National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa, follow the same fate.

Two Aspirants,

Marcos spends the last few months going around different provinces in the country. Her Facebook profile shows the various events she attends. Town fiestas to the distribution of relief goods are common agenda. Marcos also hosts her own radio show, “Imee Sagot” at dwIZ. I thank the public for their trust and confidence in me. My engagement with them paid off, she said. It is also noticeable that most of her supporters go out of the way in printing and posting tarpoulines endorsing her alongside Atty. Glenn Chong, the whistleblower of the 2016 frauds that put her brother, Bongbong Marcos into a better light in his electoral protest against the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo.

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Atty. Chong, a Candidate for Senator Bravely Discloses the Police Scalawags Responsible for Santillan’s Murder

By: Elena Grace Flores

Due to the lack of interest from the mainstream media, Atty. Glenn Chong, a candidate for Senator in the upcoming 2019 elections announces the following update of the investigation of his aide’s murder by some police scalawags under the leadership of General Edward Carranza. The following are the highlights of Chong’s announcement: 1. Chong’s team bravely enters General Carranza’s territory recently; 2. The alpha or goons tried to frighten or kill Chong; 3. Carranza and his criminal followers are linked with Santillan’s murder; 4. Recap and highlights of the lies and claims of the policemen involved in the crime; 5. Richard “Red” Santillan is clean according to the policemen themselves; and, 6. According to the NBI, no one can prove that there was a shootout. z

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Candidate for Senator, Atty. Glenn Chong warns the police scalawags under Gen. Carranza after the Senate hearing of Santillan’s death.

Chong’s Team Enters General Carranza’s Territory

Chong’s team bravely enters General Carranza’s territory recently. The SOCO office and crime laboratory were visited by Chong to get the report that they withheld. Chong gets all the certified true copies where he found by surprise that 25 holes are on the t-shirt. 15 only went into his body. The rest can be a trace of torture that Carpio said he did.

The Alpha or Goons Tried to Frighten Chong

Chong is certain that the alpha or goons of Carranza tried to frighten or kill him. His staff also heard the police General who uttered that he’s dead meat. In Barangay Tikling, a red Nissan vehicle scares Chong’s group by showing the nozzle of an Armalite. The young attorney made a maneuver to let them know that he is aware of their plan to ambush him. He then informed the SM security that his life was under threat.

Carranza’s Link with Santillan’s Murder

Carranza and his criminal followers are linked with Santillan’s murder. Carranza approved the operation. Pitallo wrote an invalidated police report. Calixto’s men apprehended Santillan that resulted to his and his companion’s deaths. The PRO4A Police team gets a warning from Chong not to get involved with the case because he would really nail them down.

Police Lies Against Santillan’s Clean Reputation

Recap and highlights of the lies and claims of the police involved in the crime were not consistent with the evidence. Richard “Red” Santillan is clean according to the policemen themselves. Dr. Carpio, a medico-legal doctor said that there was no sign that Santillan receives a blow on his head. However, PAO forensics did a thorough examination and discovered a hematoma. Besides, Richard Santillan was found negative on paraffin test. Traces of gun powder nitrates were not found in his body and clothes.

Carranza is Dead Meat

The NBI also cannot get a witness to prove that there was indeed a shootout. Santillan was nabbed and tortured in the safe house then returned to the scene when he’s already dead with his companion who also died. The only negative thing that the police can point out was the family history of Jasmine. However, Senator Panfilo Lacson said that if some of her family members are robbers, it does not mean that she is a robber too. This is a challenge to PNP General Chief Agbayalde to allow Carranza to continue to do his function.

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The Supreme Court is About to Rule on Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest

Supreme Court
By: Elena Grace Flores

Contrary to the media confusion, the revision of ballots in the vice presidential electoral protest case is already complete, according to the Supreme Court recently. The PET is actually closer to knowing the winner in the VP race in 2016. The case of former senator Bongbong Marcos against the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo awaits the ruling of the SC whether the recount continues to the rest of the precincts in question or face its dismissal. Meanwhile, election fraud whistleblower, Atty. Glenn Chong swears to nail Comelec down if given the chance to be Senator. z

YouTube video by Ang Malayang Pilipino

[VIDEO]: “KASADO NA ANG PANDARAYA sa 2019!” – Atty. Glenn Chong’s Latest Revelation January 21, 2019 – 6PM

Mind Conditioning Effort by Robredo’s Camp

Marcos’ lawyer Vic Rodriguez slams Atty. Romulo Macalintal’s lies saying that they are nothing but an attempt to earn “media mileage” for his Senate bid. “Of course Robredo would claim the lead in as much as she has robbed Marcos of clear victory,” he said. Their camp always respects the views of Mrs. Robredo, he added. However, irrelevant, thoughtless or pathetic it may be,” Robredo’s camp should not resort to publicity whose “obvious intent is to preempt the PET with the aim of public mind conditioning.”

PET Case 005 is Almost Over

The PET’s final decision looms after it announces that the revision of ballots for pilot provinces in PET Case 005 is almost over. The Supreme Court said that the initial suspension of the revision is necessary to train revisors. Although, the recount resumes immediately. Edgar Aricheta, from the court, said that the process paves the way for a second appraisal of ballot boxes.

Supreme Court Protest on Precincts in Question

In his protest, Marcos assails the election results in 39,221 clustered precincts. Based on Commission on Elections data, the 39,221 clustered precincts are composed of 132,446 precincts. The initial recount that just resumes now tackle the unreadable ballots using the decrypted images as reference.

Massive Electoral Fraud

Marcos lost to Robredo by only 263,473 votes. He accuses her camp of massive electoral fraud. This includes pre-shading of ballots, pre-loading of Secure Digital cards, misreading of ballots, malfunctioning vote counting machines (VCMs) and an “abnormally high” undervotes for the position of Vice President.

Atty. Glenn Chong’s Testimony Against the Comelec

Clean election advocate, Atty. Glenn Chong who seeks for a seat in the Senate said that election manipulations already exist since 2010 until 2016. They are evident in documents and evidence found from the third district of Camarines Sur. Robredo was the former deputy of the House of Representatives from the place where many of the wet ballots are found. During a Senate hearing, Chong’s data coincides with Marcos’ accusations against his opponent. Recently, he discloses that a certain George Kintanar of the Comelec Advisory Council advices him to talk to the previous Chairman of the agency, Sixto or Boy Brillantes so that he can win in Biliran that he refuses. This can only mean that they can indeed manipulate election results.

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Attorney Glenn Chong’s Way Out Can be the Way In Towards a Senate Seat

By: Elena Grace Flores

Attorney Glenn Chong answers the Chiefs directly when asked why he has to run for a Senate post when the competition is already very tough. He can actually do much better in the House of Representatives, they said. However, Chong discloses that he is already very tired of convincing people about his clean election advocacy. If he loses, then it would be a way out for him. Otherwise, he can gain more influence if the people support him. z

YouTube video byOne News PH

[VIDEO]: Chong: It doesn’t matter if I lose

Sincerity Counts in Winning

Former Biliran Rep. Glenn Chong says that he will run during the midterm elections and it doesn’t matter if he loses. He also reveals how the people saw his sincerity through the letters he gave out in the 2007 elections. Chong has shown in many appearances that he is willing to give up his life for his good intention for the country.

Social Media Supresses the Fighting Attorney

It is very obvious through Facebook that anything related to the quest of the fighting attorney faces many restrictions at Facebook and other social media outlets. The accounts of his supporters who are mainly pro-Marcos and Du30 voters are limited to the very minimal number of postings. However, some campaigns to discredit him are still visible online. This can also be a part of the social media’s anti-spam drive.

Bongbong Marcos’ Silence

It is observed that Bongbong Marcos never said a word about Attorney Chong’s plight. He earlier confirmed that the election lawyer is not part of his legal team as per the plea of Chong himself. Chong’s revelations about the 2016 poll fraud coincides with the electoral protest of Marcos against the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo

Senate Bid Falls Into Place

As Chong tries to finalize his candidacy, his infrastructure in the Congress did not materialize. Contrary to that, all of his Senate push preparation push through. This is the reason why he thinks that it’s the will of God for him to run for Senator, win or lose. Winning is not his goal but to go further than the crossroad he’s facing.

Way Out or Way In

For Attorney Chong, it’s only the people who can decide for him to take an exit from his fight with the Comelec and Smartmatic or move forward. Should he win, he can have an edge as a legislator to ensure the country’s honest election. He vows to make sure that all votes will be counted properly. There should be no agency that manipulates the will of the people as to who would lead the country.