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Shallow Mainstream Media are more Interested in Uson’s Pepedederalismo than in Election Reforms


By: Elena Grace Flores

Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson reveals that all the media networks seek to interview her about the “Pepedederalismo” jingle of Drew Olivar. Atty. Glenn Chong analysis the trend that when a serious public interest arises such as the election reforms, a shallow issue is magnified to cover up its impact. Chong clarifies that his advocacy has nothing to do with Bongbong Marcos because he started the cause since 2010. However, it is a great public interest that the people knew by heart that their votes for the namesake of the late President Ferdinand Marcos were not properly counted.

Youtube video by; Filipino Top 10


Filipinos to talk about Federalism

ASEC Uson said that the “Pepedederalismo” jingle video of pro-Du blo30gger Drew Olivar was only meant to get Filipinos to talk about federalism. At the rate it is going, it looks like Uson is successful in her quest. It’s not only the masses who are talking about it now but also the senators who are disgusted with its theater-like humor that depicts a woman’s private parts that captivate the target market. Appropriate or not, it remains debatable.

Who is Unethical?

“Pepe” is a colloquial term in the Philippines to refer to a vagina while “Dede” means the breasts. ASEC Uson is firm in her belief that there’s nothing unethical with the said jingle and dance act. After all, it is simply a Filipino humor which only the hypocrites won’t agree. She said, in fact, those media who are more into this craze than the current public interest on the electoral reforms are the unethical ones. They are into gossips than journalism.

Watch the Gay Humor that Captivates the Media

Youtube video by; The Young Observer


Filipinos are Worried of the Election Fraud

Uson confirms that as a Filipino she is worried about the election fraud that is done digitally in connivance with Smartmatic, or the provider itself. Chong even said that its own president admits that their system can manipulate election results. Since they can do that there last year, they can also do the same in the country. He added that the first Smartmatic elected president is ex-Pnoy. This jives with the fact that the late President Cory Aquino’s speechwriter and media propaganda strategist is the Chairman of Smartmatic.

Diversion of the Main Issue

Mocha Uson might be a name that is not a typical politician but she is popular as herself. Chong said that she can even win a seat in the Senate but she can also lose through cheating. She is also right when she said that the most unethical thing is for the Comelec and its cohorts to manipulate the election results. Senators who are angry at the cheating deserve a new term in 2019. Whereas those who cuddle the offenders are likely the benefactors of the 2016 fraud.

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Atty Chong Walked Out From Senate Hearing as Senator Pimentel Barred him from Speaking


By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong walked out of the Senate hearing on the electoral reforms as Comelec explained their answers to the allegations tolerated by Senator Koko Pimentel. The latter blamed it to lack of time. He apologized that not all resource persons were given the chance o talk. Chong urges the people not to vote lawmakers who are biased with Comelec’s nonsense explanations.

Youtube video by; DU30 News


Comelec Did Not Address the Anomalies

Comelec’s lengthy presentation made no relevance whatsoever to the specific anomalies raised by Chong in the previous hearing. Senator Tito Sotto even warned them that they have to provide factual evidence to counter the allegations because his sources are IT experts that can’t be fooled. However, Pimentel allowed Comelec’s nonsense stories to eat up the time.

Group Walk Out

The supporters of Chong followed suit after his walk out when they were informed that he is giving an interview outside of the hearing video. They swear that the event will be posted on social media as soon as they can. The people should know which bets for the seats of Senator do not deserve such votes in the 2019 elections.

Comelec to Retain Smartmatic for 2019

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV was seen at the beginning of the hearing. Sotto also left after a few minutes. The flow of the manifestations was solely in the hands of Pimentel. His partiality is very obvious here. However, he is open to the Hybrid treatment of the upcoming election that would clarify any surprises of fraudulent activities after the poll.

Fooling Around with their Answers

Those in charge of this very expensive propaganda campaign were so good at their job that they apparently even “convinced” government station PTV4 not to air the hearing live and the local gatekeepers of popular social media platform Facebook to take down pages that shared the YouTube video of the proceedings posted by the Senate, said the Manila Times.

A Big Election Fraud Against the People

Comelec now means the collector of Smartmatic proceeds. Social media marketers are one in making the call of Atty. Chong a massive campaign on letting the public know how he was ignored by the committee head. Many of them are publishing live coverages online. Few videos made it to the Youtube channel in real-time. The people must be aware that the manipulation of the country’s election is supported by some LP players as seen in the video.

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Atty. Glenn Chong: Why is Robredo so Defensive with the Senate’s Election Fraud Probe?


By: Elena Grace Flores

The chaos in the camp of Vice President Leni Robredo held is obvious in the forms of emergency meetings at the OVP. The Rockwell condo complex in Makati is also another venue for such activities.  The sole objective is allegedly to strategize in counteracting the revelations of electoral fraud during the 2016 election by Senate President Vicente Sotto III backed by Atty. Glenn Chong as his resource person. This triggers Chong to ask why Robredo is so defensive when the Senate is only addressing the electoral reforms for 2019?

Youtube video by; Viral News


Panic after the first Election Fraud Hearing

Robredo’s people are in a state of panic because the Senate investigation leads obviously to the protest case filed by Bongbong Marcos against Robredo. Sotto and Atty. Chong only discussed the alleged fraud committed two years ago randomly. Since Senator Franklin Drilon who is a stalwart of Robredo can only bring up the Marcos protest case when Chong, who is a lawyer and IT expert delves into the malicious 2016 digital movements as per the official audit logs from the Comelec.

The incompetence of Robredo in Many Issues

  1. Robredo accuses SolGen Jose Calida of lawyering for Marcos. Glenn Chong said that the solicitor general is correct in not siding with the Comelec because he can go against a government agency if he believes that it is in the wrong position. Hs position mandates to defend what is good for the nation on the 50% shading threshold issue instead of 25%.
  2. On the Pansol swimming party of her representative with the PET revisors, the attendance alone is already unethical despite her alibis. There’s no concrete evidence that Marcos sent some snacks as per Robredo’s accusation.

Why Use Bongbong Marcos

Those Senate initial Senate hearing on the issue is not on mainstream print and broadcast media outlets. This is where Drilon shamelessly attempted to link Chong to the Marcos camp and his protest against Robredo. Drilon did this by insinuating that Chong got his data from the Presidential Electoral Tribunal which is clearly a lie. It’s even a bigger lie to tag Chong as a counsel of Marcos.

LP’s Media Power

Those in charge of this very expensive propaganda campaign were so good at their job that they apparently even “convinced” government station PTV4 not to air the hearing live and the local gatekeepers of popular social media platform Facebook to take down pages that shared the YouTube video of the proceedings posted by the Senate, said the Manila Times.

Cleaning Up the Election Frauds to Block Marcos

Robredo may be temporarily successful in the media blackout and in throwing some black media propaganda campaigns against Atty. Chong. However, it is obvious that their machinery on air is overwhelmed by social media-powered directly by the people. Chong’s bravery, wisdom, and wit are also enough to disprove many lies that even the libelous Senator Antonio Trillanes IV cannot stand. He is definitely an instrument to legalize Bongbong Marcos’ assumption to the VP post.

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The Continuous Election 2016 Media Blackout Triggers a Massive Call to Support Atty. Glenn Chong


By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong, the crusader for clean election is thankful to Senate President Tito Sotto for his systematic process of officially asking for the election logs in question during an official. This gives him the opportunity to trace them technically as an IT expert. His solid evidence for the alleged fraudulent 2016 automated election supports Bongbong Marcos’ initial protest on the integrity of the previous election. In a press conference, Chong announces the next senate hearing for the same issue but different forum. He swears that he would face the challenge with utmost readiness. Many people are inspired to take this matter into their hands by knocking on the Comelec’s gate and to be physically present while Chong takes care of broadcasting his revelations with hardcore proofs.

Youtube video by; Balitang Pinoy

[VIDEO]:  Atty. Glenn Chong on Manipulated Transmission of Vote 2016 Elections press briefing

Slapping the Commission of Election

Chong just slaps the Comelec with his findings during the recent Senate hearing. The videos of such important event can’t lie. They are circulated in all social media outlets by political enthusiasts. Some media did a little bit of broadcasting through online networks but barely mentioned this important development through their major channels. Others are completely quiet about it. Nevertheless, despite suspected influences by the opposition, people online made the news viral by sharing intensively. Many complained that their related posts were classified as spam. They were later republished after Chong circulated a law that can make them liable for suppressing freedom of speech and expressions. The people insist that like during the election, they have the right to be updated on their votes that were lost during the process.

Logical Trail of Evidence

The following logic with hard evidence can’t be denied by the COMELEC:

  1. Early transmissions of results from Libon, Albay.
  2. Transmission of election results from 459 precincts to Ragay, Camarines Norte, VP Leni Robredo’s bailiwicks.
  3. Audit logs from the VCM Machines of Ragay did not show that there were such activities.
  4. DNS Server Records show that the results were successfully transmitted to Ragay.
  5. DNS transmissions that had no traces from the Audit logs of the VCMs came from fake or cloned system manipulated overseas.

The Social Media Powered News

The news about Chong’s presentation went viral. Facebook was quick enough to spam most of the posts. However, they also bring them back once a complaint or verification is done. There were speculations that an ex-consultant of the Vice President’s office now working at the Social Media giant could have made the spamming spree. However, it is a normal process of FB to temporarily suspend an account if there are many reports received from such posts. The lapses can be charged to inexperienced reviewers.

Chong’s Stand

Chong can’t help but be critical of Robredo. He may not be an official lawyer of Bongbong Marcos but his findings support Marcos’ electoral protest against the Vice President. Liberal Party was his original party. He discontinued his membership with the so-called yellow group. He can’t swallow the fact that an incompetent politician in the person of former President Benigno Aquino IV made it to the presidency.

Massive Call to Support Chong

Right after Chong’s Senate popularity, some groups of Marcos’ loyalists gathered in protest at the Comelec to put their act together and declare Marcos as the real Vice President of the country. However, this is easier said than done especially when there’s a gag order to both camps. Therefore, they are urging everyone to support Chong during the next hearing on August 6, 2018. He expects the Comelec and the opposition stalwarts to be tough on him. He confidently explains the magnitude of his research work. That can only nail the opponent despite their efforts to destroy his reputation.

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Election Probe: Character Assassination against Atty. Glenn Chong using Bongbong Marcos Failed


By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong emerges as the man of the hour during the automated election probe as the resource person of the Senate inquiry on the anomalous Comelec procedure powered by Smartmatic. He backs up the earlier claims of Senator Tito Sotto that advance transmissions indeed happened. The young lawyer is not only an enthusiast for clean poll since 2010 but also an IT expert. He can explain the malicious acts clearly both technically or use an analogy for the general public to understand. Besides, he made sure that the evidence in hand is from the Comelec itself as per the subpoena requested by Sotto.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]:  Drilon asks Atty. Glenn Chong if he is a counsel of Bongbong Marcos which he reputes by saying that he did not accept the nomination.

A Character Assassination against Atty. Chong

It must be clear that the recent probe was not the VP election protest of Bongbong Marcos. However, it is evident that on the seats of the resource speakers for the opposition headed by Senator Franklin Drilon, Vice President Leni Robredo’s media consultant and lawyer were among them. In fact, Atty. Bernadette Sardillo, Robredo’s counsel was caught handling a note to Drilon. That was for him to attack the credibility of Chong.

Atty. Chong was more than Ready for the Election Probe

Youtube video by; PILIPINAS Ngayon
[VIDEO]: DRILON TAMEME KAY GLENN CHONG ‘Hindi sila nakasagot kasi handa ako’ – Maharlika w/ Glenn Chong

Atty. Chong was ready with his technical expertise, wit and documentary evidence. The Comelec representatives were safer not opening their mouth or they could give Chong more power to expose their incompetence. Their only means to recover is to use the media to assassinate Chong’s character. They insist that he is Bongbong Marcos’ lawyer which he denied since he is smart enough not to accept the nomination. That shows his strong dedication to his advocacy that money can’t buy.

The Analogy of the Findings

He calls Sardillo as the tutor and Drilon as the pupil. He said that it seems that the tutor failed to teach the pupil because the instruction concerning the election probe does not match the document showed by Drilon which is for the electoral protest of Marcos. As per the May 8 illegal transmissions, the DNS serves as directory assistance. It directs the VCM machines where to send the results. Chong can read this through the actual technical behavior of the system when the machine is asking the DNS server where it has to forward the results to on hand. 459 machines were asking where to sent the results even before the election day.

Media Blackout

James Arthur B. Jimenez, Comelec’s spokesperson admits that the impact of Chong’s revelation is quite overwhelming. This is despite the mainstream media blackout. Jimenez is quite right that the incident is powered by social media. However, it is not just solely that but it is most especially powered by the people. He can hope all he wants that this news will die down but at the rate, it is going, the Filipino people are united in educating the rest when it comes to the sins of the Comelec and its cohorts that benefit from its fraudulent activities using Smartmatic.

Powered by the People using Social Media

Atty. Chong can trust that this time, he is not alone in his quest to strive for a clean and honest election. Social media users are intensely reactive to his disclosures as shared non-stop over Facebook and other online communities. Many accounts are blocked but Chong is once again ready to file a complaint to any online messaging tool operators violating the Freedom of Speech provision. This man is really something and the Filipinos can only support such a figure for the good of the country.