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Why is Rappler Paying for Robredo’s Google Adsense Advertisements?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The media is often accused that some are paid for by politicians to feature favorable news for them. In Rappler’s case, it’s the other way around. The commercial media that is known as a biased media favoring Leni Robredo and condemning Bongbong Marcos actually pays for Robredo’s Google Ads. Why is this so?

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: This is to investigate why Rappler sponsors Leni Robredo’s Google Adsense Ads as a mainstream media for supposedly reliable news.

Responsible Journalism

It is important for journalists to report the truth for the sake of the people – that’s responsible journalism. If a media outlet carries out the duty of promoting a favored political candidate and launching black media propaganda against the opponent, that is a mortal sin in the area of responsible journalism.

Media Propaganda against the President

Just recently, Rappler published an article telling people that the name of the president comes out on the fist page of Google page when you search for the keyword; psychopath Philippines. This is a lie as measured in the Free Search Tool, Serps. Why in the world would Rappler bet on their reputation to malign the highest leader of the land?

Critical of the President

Maria Ressa, one of the founders of Rappler is very critical of the President’s drug war. They were already corrected many times because their data just don’t tally with actual public records. This could be the reason why Leni Robredo’s data on her speech in a United Nation’s side event were wrong or exaggerated. What could be the core goal of Rappler?

Google does not Tolerate Aggression

Too bad for Rappler, Google does not tolerate aggression against anyone particularly top leaders of any country. There’s no truth at all that there’s a connection with Google’s putting the president’s name in relation to the keyword “psychopath Philippines.” This is not only maligning the Du30 but also the search engine giant, Google.

See how we can Prove that Rappler Uses Google to Malign the President

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Facebook, Google’s Fake News Ban Hurt People’s Voice Media Like Mocha Uson’s Page


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

How could Facebook and Google know that the website they banned from Google Adsense contains fake news? Many legitimate online news media shout foul when their popular daily news platforms are deindexed. This results in the tremendous decline in their Google ads revenue. American companies that hire Filipino writers under American pen names have to lay off writers.

[VIDEO]: Mocha Uson, a Filipino entertainer-turned-Duterte die-hard supporter uses her Facebook page to spread fictitious and false information about pressing issues in the Philippines, from the role the USAID plays in the country to malicious and false news concerning other government officials, eliciting unwarranted hate from the public. The said Facebook page widens the rift between those who support the current administration and those who are critical of it.

Advantage and Disadvantage to Filipinos

Filipino online entrepreneurs take advantage of the situation. They set up their own media platforms online. Their advantage is seen if they know how the web technology works, have the expertise in writing online, and knowledgeable in managing fellow Filipino writers in expanding their own business.

Mocha Uson’s Sentiments

Mocha Uson who is a sexy celebrity starlet turned media host blames the fall back to her critics. It is evident that when a Facebook page receives various reports, FB temporarily or permanently blocks it depending on the offense cited. However, not only false news sites, pages or other functionality are taken down by both Facebook and Google online giants – the sources of real-time true news from real people are also discontinued.

Fact Checks can Lead to the Truth

A news can seem too good to be true or hilarious – but fact-checking from credible sources can be verified through Google, according to Mocha Uson. Sometimes, she posts some fresh news from direct sources that no other sources have them. Therefore, proofs are necessary for these types of content through videos and other verifiable materials.

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Verifiable Links

Videos, documentations, and images can be set-up using credible accounts to aid Facebook and Google’s crawlers into determining if the news is fake or not. It is vital to always follow the best practices surrounding Google Authorship. An author’s credibility is essential for proving that the news is not fake. It must be linked to an official Social Media account and bears the real name that matches a credit card or other financial proof that the person exists – such as in the Google Adsense’s system.

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Google Chrome will be quantum hacking-free before it can even attack

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In line with Google’s commitment in protecting it’s users from any threats, it has started working on post-quantum encryption for its Chrome internet browser’s protection, software engineer Matt Braithwaite wrote about this:

He said; “Quantum computers, while still only in their infancy, use advanced aspects of quantum physics to solve problems exponentially faster than today’s binary computers. That means that modern encryption, like the current internet go-to of HTTPS, wouldn’t stand up to quantum attacks.” Read the full message here:

Google is already testing the new encryption key designed to counteract all quantum threats and when done, Google Chrome users should have nothing to be afraid of anymore. Perhaps using Google Chrome’s new updated version every time should be useful in making sure that hackers are blocked at all times.


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Posted on is Indeed a Great SEO Plugin

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Aside from finding it very easy to install, Rich Snippets Plugin immediately resulted to almost twice the number of views I got from this website on the day of installation – and I can roughly say that within a week’s time, there’s almost 10 to 20% increase to the weekly views according to the analytic report available from Google Adsense. I am happy to agree with this review:

Verdict: It’s the best Plugin We’ve Reviewed

By: AndyMcllwain

The All In One header is impressive. It’s clear that the authors have taken time to make the image fit the directory layout.

We have an illustration of what a rich snippet would look like, and the snippet itself is an explanation of what the plugin does. Making use of the header for more than just a pretty picture is good attention to detail.

So, what are you waiting for? Do not just upgrade your SEO plugin – make t!


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Testing Rich Snippets and AuthorSure

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
As an all in one plugin, Schema Creator plugin or Rich Snippets provides an easy platform in adding microdata to posts. It requires a different procedure using rich snippet items or types. The authorship snippet seems to be enhanced by using  The AuthorSure plugin and can easily claim authorship. Read this in full:

Setting Up Google Rich Snippets in WordPress

In the fiercely competitive online environment, you should be looking to use every tool at your disposal to your advantage. One “tool” that is shockingly under-utilized is Google’s rich snippets feature. You’re probably familiar with rich snippets: they’re the extra “snippets” of information that sit alongside some results in the SERPs. Why do they matter? Well, for a start, they make your page stand out from the competition, meaning they are a proven way to boost your CTR and increase your traffic from the search engines.

Not sure yet at this point if these plugins together are better than WP Review Stars Premium but above all, they are easy to install and the information required are very straightforward. I guess, it all boils down to the performance at the end of the day. Will let you know soon.