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What is the Reality of the Du30-Marcos Presidential Connivance?


By: Elena Grace Flores
The Liberal Party’s big loss with Ocho Diretso is the fruit of a “Bikoy” black media propaganda that backfires to the makers. Now, the Senate has the pro-Du30 supporters. In fact, both the majority and the minority are both allies of the Marcos-friendly administration. On top of that, the upper and lower houses are on the verge of voting for the new Senate President and Speaker of the House who can likely influence the Du30-Marcos connivance or vice versa. Watch closely the interview of Senator-elect Imee Marcos regarding the upcoming Presidential elections. Perhaps, not for her but for BBM.

YouTube video by

[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos: Presidency ‘not in my mind,’ says Sara Duterte ‘strongest’ 2022 bet.

Cannot Answer for the Presidential Plans of BBM

It is understandable that Senator Imee Marcos cannot answer for the presidential plans of her brother, Bongbong Marcos for the 2022 Presidential elections. However, at the rate it is going, there are signs that a Du30  and Marcos bet would be a tandem. The only question is who would run for President and Vice President. Sen. Marcos humbly said that BBM can’t even sit yet as Vice President because of the ongoing electoral protest against the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo. How much more the Presidency? As for her, it is not in her mind at all.

Sara Du30 as the Strongest Presidential Bet

Since most of the administration candidates top the recent 2019 elections, it is safe to say that the Presidential daughter is the strongest presidential bet for the time being. Sen. Marcos added that Mayor Du30 has the important qualities and supporters of a successful national leader. She can also easily nourish her experience in governance in the next 3 years. Needless to say, BBM is ripe for the Presidency but the black media propaganda against their father still haunts them.

Pay Back Time

Recently, President Rodrigo Du30 recommends to the Comelec not to use Smartmatic anymore in the 2022 Presidential elections. This is exactly the advocacy of Atty. Glenn Chong who now urges the Supreme Court to declare BBM as Vice President. Since both the LP and the pro-administration candidates accuse it of fraud, then it’s about time, the President said. Nevertheless, people should know that the poll body is an independent entity from the government.

The Hybrid System

In his recent vlog, BBM suggests the hybrid system for the next elections. The voting and counting must be manual he said. Then, the transmission results from the precincts to the Comelec can be digital. This way, transparency is certain with the use of live stream media.

The Unbeatable Connivance

The Du30-Marcos tandem is definitely unbeatable if the election is held right now. It is just a question of who would run for President and VP. Although Mayor Sara earlier jokes that she would rather run for Vice President. BBM is also more senior than her in politics but still has to make amends to the Du30 supporters who are not pro-Marcos.

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UN Campaigned for Cost-Effective Healthy Diet

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization or FAO is advocating on promoting healthy diet utilizing natural produce that can’t do any harm to humans and the environment when utilizing and processing them. However, it is common perception that it’s expensive to eat well – but it’s really not the case. It’s just a matter of educating people that that healthy stuff even found in our own backyard can look and taste good.

Since fast food advertisements are rampant these days, advocates must use visual strategies promoting healthy eating. Salads should look good to entice for example. Mixed of vegetables with bits of lean meat should be appetizing to see just like the crunchy fried chicken on TV. If the mentality of the general public changes for the better, spending on diet-related ailments which is 75% of the overall healthcare expenses will be minimized according to CDC. Not only that, greenhouses gasses contributors will be 24% less without the destructive farming techniques.

In 2050 when the world population is predicted to reach 9.3 billion by the United Nations, at least 3 billion more people will be competing with the resources available since the world population currently is at 7 billion. Therefore, further campaigns are needed for this project. If each responsible individual helps in advocating for this health cause – educating the rest of the population on healthy eating, this will not be a problem. On that note, we leave you with this question. In your own capacity, how can you promote cost-effective healthy diet that is not only sustainable for a long period of time but also environmentally-friendly?

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Dangerous Perception that World Economy is Improving

By: Elena Grace Flores

RSA-The Economist Debate
RSA-The Economist Debate (Photo credit: cybaea)

The world economy has been filled with positive reports and forecasts that inflation rate is declining and that foreign investments are coming in and so on. Yet despite of these positive thinking efforts, the expectations still fall short – to the verge that positivity itself has now become dangerous. Read this alarming news:


Why optimism may be bad news

By: The Economist

ALMOST every year since the end of the financial crisis has started with rosy expectations among American forecasters, and this one is no different. Stockmarkets are buoyant, consumer confidence is improving, and economic seers are raising their growth forecasts for 2014. America’s S&P 500 share index is at a record high, after rising 30% in 2013—the biggest annual gain in almost two decades. Powered by America, global growth of close to 4%, on a purchasing-power-parity basis, seems possible. That would be nearly a full percentage point faster than 2013, and the best showing for several years.

This is so because the government’s tasks in powerful countries are comprehensively long – but politicians would prioritize tasks that have impacts on their votes rather than create long-term reforms. This is why in America for example, their unemployment and disability issues are still big problems. Same as in the U.K. with the extremity of the rise in house pricing. European countries are still buried in debts. For sure, each individual regardless of your citizenship is feeling this financial strains!

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Ease Poverty by Supporting MSME

By: Elena Grace Flores

According to local statistics, 66% of the country’s economy is composed by Micro, Small and Medium businesses or MSME’s! Despite of this, there’s little or no support at all from the government to these sectors. The previous Arroyo administration had some campaigns in helping these sectors and it is inspiring to hear that a city support Senator Aquino’s efforts on this under the present government:

City council supports Go Negosyo Bill of Senator Aquino

By: Iligan

ILIGAN CITY, PHILIPPINES – The Sangguniang Panlungsod of Iligan supports the Go Negosyo Bill of Sen. Benigno “Bam” Aquino that would give support to small businesses and jobless people in the country so they could start a livelihood.This is through a resolution endorsed by Councilor Frederick W. Siao, Committee chairman on Trade, Commerce and Industry and approved by the council.

Filipinos are very entrepreneurial people. Aside from that, they are also very creative, talented and resourceful. You can find the best home made delicacies in the country. Often, businesses start from selling these creations in one’s hometown. However, substantial capital is needed to expand the business to other places. When there’s already a credit facility in place for this purpose mandated by the government, it will be easier for a small business to graduate to medium then big or large business!






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America is in Bad Shape

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
America will remain to be one of the world’s superpowers despite the economic turmoil it is facing nowadays and the unfortunate occurrence of bizarre incidents. The United States is the role model for most 3rd world countries but will these happenings change that? Watch this coverage of the Americans’ bad moments:


Posted at YouTube by: Jason A

When the world’s economic bubble bursed in 1990, America was badly affected also but it was not obvious at that time because of the credit facilities in place. However, this cannot go on forever.  They have lost their spot as the top contributor of funds to the United Nations already many years back. Countless residents are also facing foreclosures for their mortgages. Nevertheless, we are still one world and since America was there to help during bad times, this is our turn to do the same.

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