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Want to Know Who’s Behind the Black Media Propaganda against Binay, Marcos, Du30 etc?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Perfecto Yasay said that the family of Mar Roxas is very good when it comes to creating black propaganda. That was the reason why his grandfather Manuel Roxas became President. President Du30 allegedly knows the lawyer who is in charge of creating foul news to destroy him. This goes the same to Binay, Poe, and even the late Senator Santiago who was Bongbong Marcos’ running mate during the 2016 election.

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Black Propaganda Destroyed Binay but not his Political Force

The allegations of corruption that go nowhere against the former Vice President Jejomar Binay still emerge every now and then through the “yellow” media. This is because of his strong political foundation. Being a veteran politician, Binay’sinfluence remains strong. His kingmaker, Pastor Boy Saycon is very active in supporting Bongbong Marcos. This is evident in Marcos’ bid to win the VP election protest against Leni Robredo. Saycon also acts as a consultant to the President. Particularly when it comes to sovereign territories. On top of that, his family and party have the majority support of their constituents in Makati, the country’s financial district.

Marcos-Du30 Media Propaganda

Thee love of the majority of Filipinos for President Rodrigo Du30 remains just like with the Marcoses. Bongbong Marcos earlier expresses his disagreement to control social media. He explained that it can actually neutralize biased mainstream media reports. The Marcoses has suffered more than 30 years of misinformation after his father, the late Ferdinand Marcos stepped down in 1986. Media propaganda causes his popularity to decline. Just like what Du30’s detractors are hoping for.

Gadon Fights for the Truth

Vice President Leni Robredo vows to block former Senator Bongbong Marcos from the second highest position in the country. This is despite criticism, impeachment threats, and an election case against her. Meanwhile, the Filipino Alliance for Transparency and Empowerment or Fate said that “an obvious hand is seen in manipulating” the upcoming impeachment hearing against Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. The group cited Political and Electoral Reform executive director Ramon Casiple’s statement that lawyer Lorenzo “Larry” Gadon, who filed the impeachment complaints against Sereno, publicly admits that he wants to “avenge” former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo and the late Chief Justice Renato Corona. Gadon wants to make sure that the vice Presidency goes to Bongbong Marcos.

Mayor Sara Retaliates to Critics

Her comments about former President Noynoy Aquino, “Of course we all know, there is something off about PNoy. Roxas might be intelligent but PNoy among other things is not.”  The incumbent Davao City mayor claimed that she has at least two anecdotes about “what is off” with Aquino, but that she would reserve them for when another photo of her comes out. She added she has “anecdotes” about Roxas, broadcaster Korina Sanchez, and TV personality Kris Aquino as well.

Media Propaganda Affects People but Love Remains for Marcos and Du30

Gadon Vows to Make Bongbong Marcos VP by Impeaching Supreme Court CJ As Robredo Swears to Block Him

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Why both the President and Binay want Bongbong Marcos as Vice President?


By: Danilo Flores II

Political will, this is the common reason why both current President and former Vice President Jejomar Binay want Bongbong Marcos to be Vice President. Senator Bongbong, or Ferdinand Marcos Jr. finishes as seventh during the Senatorial race during in the 2010 national elections.

Youtube video by; EagleNews PH
[VIDEO]: QUEZON City, Philippines – In an exclusive interview with Weng Dela Fuente of the program “Liwanagin Natin”, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., declared his belief that the Vice-President can do more for the country, whoever wins the President. He said that there is no need to totally agree with each other…

Before becoming a Senator, Bongbong also serves as a Governor and a member of the House of Representatives. In his term as Senator, Bongbong becomes the chairman of the Committee on Local Government and Committee on Public Works.

On top of his chairmanship, Bongbong is also an active member of many other committees. Digong and Binay both believe that Bongbong Marcos can heal the wounds of Martial Law victims for they have both seen the truthfulness of his intentions to serve the Filipino people.

Supporters Want Digong – Bongbong Marcos Team Up

Former Davao City, now President Digong was a popular name fee months before the official campaign period began. The people appreciates the great achievements he accomplished in his City.

Many supporters from all over the country urge Davao’s chief to step up and lead the entire nations instead. The former mayor initially says he was too old and tired for the job. But the people’s cry went louder, then they were finally heard.

Upon official confirmation of his candidacy, the name of Bongbong Marcos instantly surfaces as Duterte’s perfect running mate. But the young Marcos already ties the knot with the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Meanwhile, Digong finds a teammate in Senator Allan Peter Cayetano. The current President says he believes in the capability and political will of Sen. Cayetano to be his running mate and partner for change.

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Digong Believes Ferdinand Marcos is A Hero; His Vote Is Always “YES”

Presidential Debates organized by the COMELEC seemed like a blockbuster hit anticipated by the Filipino people. The show provided an avenue where the people can get to know the aspiring Presidents and make a choice.

One of the debates by TV5 features a segment wherein the aspiring Presidents were asked a question answerable by a Yes or No. The controversial question is about their view on the burial of the late Marcos in the “Libingan ng mga Bayani.”

Digong and Binay voted Yes, while Grace Poe and Mar Roxas said No. During an ambush interview after the debate, Duterte said Ferdinand Marcos is a hero.

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Grace Poe Starts to Work with Duterte by asking him to cut IT Red Tape

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
GMA reported: Senator Grace Poe on Friday urged President Rodrigo Duterte to utilize information technology to fulfill his promise of eliminating red tape in government.”The government should harness the power and advantages that information technology offers to eliminate red tape,” Poe said in a text message to GMA News Online. “It is auspicious that we now have a department of information and communications technology could spearhead the immediate implementation of the President’s marching order,” she added.

It continued: Duterte, in his inaugural speech Thursday, vowed to cut down red tape as he directed heads of departments and agencies to reduce requirements and the processing time for all applications. He said the government heads should also refrain from changing the rules in government contracts and transactions.

Poe is hoping for Duterte’s initiative on this as GMA noted her saying: “I hope the new department heads will act fast and coordinate with each other to bring about ease of doing business with the government,” Poe said. The senator also welcomed Duterte’s assurance that he will bring about change while observing due process and respect the rule of law. Poe ran in the May 2016 presidential polls but lost to Duterte.


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Best Actress: Grace Poe Lies via CNN

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is unbelievable watching Grace Poe lied in front of the camera. As a PR enthusiast covering political news, it is still fresh in my mind Grace Poe’s embracing the “Daang Matuwid” slogan.

Now that the “Daang Matuwid” dream becomes sour, Grace Poe’s strategy is to go against the administration. Well, in fact she disclosed that the reason why she ran for President is to be the “alternative”. Alternative of Mar Roxas? She also has the guts to praise herself in going against Pnoy this time but her words are contradicting each orther.

Her lines saying that the government is not attentive to problems like Mamasapano, MRT and other public service problems are just a mere act on TV because she is the alternative administration bet of Mar Roxas. As Visayans put it: Langaw nga pula ug lubot – and that is Grace Poe in action.

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welcome By: Hilario Andes
DALAWANG LINGGO na po ang nakakaraan ng ihayag ng BinayBrigade HQ ang OPLAN DELTA MARIA kung saan hindi na po si Maria ang suportado ng Malacanang at ipinalit na nga po ang Gracia. Ang plano pong ito ay isang maitim at desperadong pagtatangka na sirain ang ating DEMOKRASYA sa pamamagitan ng malawakang pandaraya sa darating na halalan.

Nais na po naming ipabatid sa lahat na kami po ni Mayor Digong ay palagiang nagpapalitan ng mga mahalagang kuro-kuro sa adhikaing magkaroon ng tahimik, patas at kapani-paniwalang halalan. Subalit nakita po namin na habang papalapit ang halalan lumiliit ang mga pagkakataong ang mga adhikaing ito ay makamtan.

Ang malacanang ay sadyang DESPERADO na. AT NATATAKOT NA. Alam po nila na si Maria ay hindi na mananalo sa halalang ito kahit ilang ulit nilang pinag- mamanipula ang mga surveys. Kayat kagyat silang nagsagawa ng mga kaukulang pagpaplano para suportahan ang Gracia na sa tingin nila ay may tsansang manalo upang maprotektahan sila sa mga prosekusyon at litigasyon dahil sa DAP, PDAP, at mga Pagtatraydor sa Bayan. At para masiguro ang panalo ng Gracia, ang malacanang kasama ang mga dati naming kasapi sa noyBI noong 2010 ay naglunsad nga ng OPLAN DELTA MARIA na ang ibig sabihin ay Change Mar. ANG OPLAN DELTA MARIA AY MAYROONG NAPAKALAKING BUDGET GALING SA PERA NG MAMAMAYAN AT HINDI NATIN ITO PAPAYAGAN. At nakakalungkot isipin na yaong mga dating kasama namin sa LABAN PARA SA BAYAN ay siya ng NAGTRATRAYDOR SA BAYAN.

Matatandaang simula Agosto 2014, siniraan nilang katakot-takot ang butihing Jojo BINAY subalit alam po nating lahat na hindi sila nagtagumpay. At ngayon ang target po nila ay si Mayor Digong. At tulad ng dati ginamit nila ang isang SHOTGUN SENATOR na walang pakundangang umaatake sa mga taong gustong sirain ng malacanang – mga taong nagsisilbing balakid sa mga pansarili nilang ambisyon. AT HINDI PO NALALAYO SA PLANONG ITO ANG MGA PANINIRA LABAN KAY SENADOR BONGBONG MARCOS.