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President Duterte Refuses to Pass the Presidency to Robredo Despite the Uncertainty of His Health


By: Elena Grace Flores

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte discloses that he might have cancer and added that he does not know where he stands as the results of recent medical tests have not come yet. Duterte said in a speech in Manila that he underwent an endoscopy and colonoscopy about three weeks ago. His doctor was advised this week to repeat the tests. Both tests aim to diagnose any abnormality in the digestive tract and colon. Despite the uncertainty of his health, he refuses to give hope to Vice President Leni Robredo that she can soon take over his place. He thinks that she is too weak strategy-wise to be a good leader for the Philippines.

YouTube video by TOKHANG TV

[VIDEO]: President Du30 said that VP Leni Robredo is too weak to be the next Philippine leader.

The President’s Health

Duterte has admitted even before that he has Barrett’s Esophagus, a gastroesophageal reflux disease in the stomach. The President has stated that he does not know how he is physically-speaking now. However, he said that in case he has cancer, he will let the public know about it. He does not care if it is stage 4. For sure, he will not prolong his agony both personally and professionally. The president also said that he will not prolong the agony of the top office of the land but to resign is definitely not an option.

Loyalty to the Late President Marcos

This strike against Robredo is not new anymore.  Duterte earlier said he would rather leave the country in the hands of a Marcos than his constitutional successor. He once said, “If I stop now in my crusade against drugs, and if there is no order in this place, and corruption will continue? You’re dead meat. I said you’re better off choosing an alleged dictator in the likes of Marcos. That’s what I suggested.” The late Ferdinand Marcos was accused as a tyrant but many prove the allegations as wrong and were just a black media propaganda against him. His namesake, Ferdinand Marcos is the Protester for the VP post.

Bongbong Marcos as Presidential Successor

Contrary to the media propaganda of Robredo’s camp, Atty. Glenn Chong assures the public that the recent threshold the PET uses for the recount of the VP electoral protest filed by Bongbong Marcos against Leni Robredo is 50%. Chong explained that 21,000 votes of Robredo did not pass the Supreme Court standard. As of now, they are set aside first. Therefore, the presumptive Vice President has 21,000 fewer votes currently. This is why in the revision reports, the total number of Robredo’s votes is a lot lower than the total of the election returns printed from the election machine.

Repeating History with Martial Law and Destabilization

According to Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Carlito Galvez Jr., the CPP has organized in at least 10 universities in the Metro for the plot to oust President Duterte. The traces gathered involving the activities of Reyes with the communist group can support this allegation. Galvez is also claiming that the communists intend to drag Duterte into declaring martial law as a political death trap. He compares it to the Plaza Miranda bombing of the 1970s. The authorities contemplate that a more or less similar scenario can happen again as per the nature of the rebels’ history.

VP Electoral Protest Update

Galvez also clarifies that the Liberal Party is not part of the CPP’s “Red October”. However, he adds that the CPP does desire to form a coalition with opposition groups to be able to oust the President. The party might not be officially associated with the communists but many of them especially the yellow-minded can only support the insurgents because of their intention to get rid of Duterte.

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Stop Mental health problem during teenage years before it happens

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Mental health problems that are growing in today’s lifestyle are difficult to manage for families but can be prevented before it can even develop into a serious condition. Parents just need to be vigilant with their children when they sense them acting strangely. It might save your child into going through this confusing and painful episode during adulthood. This report should not be missed:

Independent Published: ‘Adolescence can be a difficult transitional period and it’s when we typically see the first signs of mental health disorders such as schizophrenia and depression. This study gives us a clue why this is the case’ Teenagers’ brains can reveal whether they will develop mental health conditions later in life, research has found.

Brain scans can therefore give clues as to whether adolescents may be at greater risk of having schizophrenia or depression, years before the conditions take effect. Researchers at the University of Cambridge and University College London conducted MRI scans on almost 300 young people aged 14-24 to monitor brain structure.

It added: Results, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that the brain regions which showed the greatest MRI changes during adolescence were those in which genes linked to schizophrenia risk were most strongly expressed.

Professor Ed Bullimore, Head of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge, said: “Adolescence can be a difficult transitional period and it’s when we typically see the first signs of mental health disorders such as schizophrenia and depression. “This study gives us a clue why this is the case: it’s during these teenage years that those brain regions that have the strongest link to the schizophrenia risk genes are developing most rapidly.”

He added: “As these regions are important hubs that control how regions of our brain communicate with each other, it shouldn’t be too surprising that when something goes wrong there, it will affect how smoothly our brains work. “If one imagines these major hubs of the brain network to be like international airports in the airline network, then we can see that disrupting the development of brain hubs could have as big an impact on communication of information across the brain network as disruption of a major airport, like Heathrow, will have on flow of passenger traffic across the airline network.”

Dr Kirstie Whitaker from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge and lead study author said: “During our teenage years, our brains continue to develop. When we’re still children, these changes may be more dramatic, but in adolescence we see that the changes refine the detail. “The hubs that connect different regions are becoming set in place as the most important connections strengthen. We believe this is where we are seeing myelin increasing in adolescence.” It is thought that as many as 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in the UK every year. The NHS advocates diagnosis and intervention as soon as possible in order to manage the condition and improve recovery chances.

Depression and anxiety are the most common forms of mental health diagnosis in Britain. It is estimated that 1 in 100 people will experience schizophrenia at some point in their lifetime, however it has been suggested that many more people may experience it but defer seeking help due to stigma about the condition and its symptoms.


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Makati Constituents’ Health is Abby Binay’s Top Priority

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There’s really no place like Makati in the Philippines in terms of genuine public service. Mayor Abby Binay claim for the responsibility as the head of the city came a week after assuming office saying that: “The health of our constituents is still the city’s top priority. I will see to it that the immediate concerns will be addressed promptly so we can deliver the best health services to our constituents.

She expressed this assurance after inspecting all the medical facilities in Makati as she took over Acting Mayor Romulo Pena after winning the recent election. Despite Pena’s less than a year stay, the quality of the services and supplies is already deteriorating. Prompting mayor Binay to review all purchase orders and order immediate repairs of the Hospital ng Makati and the maintenance of the air-conditioning units of the establishments including that of the health centers.

The Binays are noted to be very particular in the public services provisions in Makati that they hope to extend to its sister cities – so that Filipinos nationwide can have access to good healthcare, education and livelihood programs. The Binay Foundation also sponsored an insurance policy for registered residents’ burial, funeral coverage and emergency claim but it was discontinued during Pena’s time. Now, residents are hoping that the Serbisyong Tunay program would be resumed at the soonest possible time. These privileges are on top of the free medications, books, shoes and uniforms – plus senior citizens’ awesome benefits.


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Human Papillomavirus or HPV Infection (HPV4)

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
HPV4 also known as Human Papillomavirus or HPV Infection is a known sexually transmitted disease that causes women’s cervical cancer. The skin along the genital area can be infected with this condition. Other than the rare occurrence of genital warts, some patients do not show any symptoms until the disease developed into a more chronic type or worst, cancer in the cervix of women. Irritability and discomfort in the sex organ are observed by those who contracted the disease. Babies however can be infected by their mothers after labor that can damage the child’s airways and lungs.

As a sexually transmitted disease it is obviously contracted while having sex. Although there are more than a hundred kinds of human papillomaviruses, only forty can be transferred from one human being to another. HPV Vaccine must not be missed by people who are prone to the disease. Lifestyle dictates the vulnerability of a person.

Symptoms can be cleared out in time just by treating the symptoms – probably within two years from contracting the condition. However, if cell changes have been diagnosed, Cryotherapy, Conization or Electrosurgical Excision Procedure may be undertaken based on the specialist’s recommendation to get rid of abnormal cells that might be cancerous by nature!

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The Two Kinds of Hepatitis

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The viral disease attacking the liver is called Hepatitis and there are two kinds of Hepatitis – Hepatitis A and B. The symptoms of both conditions are quite similar like fever onset, feeling fatigue, loss of appetite, frequent nausea, stomach pain, jaundice or yellowish skin and whites of eyes and dark-colored or coffee-like urine. The stool can also be dark colored especially with Hepatitis B.

Hepatitis A is highly infectious from the virus from the feces of the infected person that happens to contaminate the food taken. Hepatitis B can be transferred from one person to the other through exchange of bodily fluids like blood, saliva and sexual juices. An unborn baby can inherit the disease from the mother during birth.

Hep A Vaccine is used as preventive medication for Hepatitis A and Hep B Vaccine for Hepatitis B. Hepatitis A can’t be cured but the symptoms can be relieved by over-the-counter drugs or a general practitioner’s prescription like Paracetamol for fever or headaches and pain killer just to feel comfortable. Hepatitis B can be cleared just by treating the symptoms but if it becomes chronic, a liver specialist must be consulted who can prescribe antiviral medications.

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