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Ferdinand Marcos on Healthcare Priority Agenda: Take Care of Filipino Hearts


By: Danilo Flores II

The next president of the Republic of the Philippines should put healthcare programs on top of the list of significant agenda. In the 2016 Presidential race, five contenders promised to ensure that all Filipinos must have a 100-percent Philhealth coverage. The present administration of President Digong aims to decongest the current specialty hospitals in Metro Manila. All provinces across the Philippines must at least have tertiary hospitals equipped with Intensive Care Units. If this is not possible in the current administration’s term, how about the next?

Youtube video by; Imelda Marcos
[VIDEO]: Imelda Marcos Heart Center opening. President Marcos narrates that when he wed, former first lady Imelda Marcos, he only asked for her to take care of his heart – but she ended up taking care of the hearts of Filipinos!

The Role of Local Government Units

As mandated by the Local Government Code of 1991, the Local Government Units must enjoy genuine and meaningful local autonomy to attain full development as self-reliant communities that contribute to the achievement of national goals. Features of the LGC include the relinquishing of responsibilities of the national government in favor of the government units to efficiently mobilize their own resources.

How Effective are the LGUs Delivering Healthcare Services?

Currently, the local government units in provincial, cities, municipalities down to barangay level has become inefficient in delivering basic healthcare services to the countryside. This can be primarily attributed to financial constraints. There is a great lack of budget for spending on infrastructure, purchase of medicines, ambulance and personnel. The sad reality is that LGU’s is not effective in providing healthcare services compared to the central government.

Alternative Source of Income

Hospitals in the provinces most likely become income generating projects of the Local Government Units. Such hospitals are now comparative to various private hospitals wherein patients could not be admitted without down payment. The LGU’s cannot afford to maintain the salaries and wages of the physicians, nurses, and staff without asking payments from the patients, defeating the very purpose of its creation.

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Realistic Platform: Do it the Marcos Way

During the presidential race, the current administration pushed healthcare programs as one of its main platforms. The first six months of the term of President Digong proves that the President’s priority program is the war on drugs. Such advocacy has become controversial due to issues on extrajudicial killings. All Filipinos hope that he make good on his promise of establishing healthcare programs to uplift the overall health of the Filipino people. If not, at least the next president should make this a priority. Who’s that going to be? The current Vice President who is a neophyte in the executive level or the son, of the healthcare initiators in the country, Bongbong Marcos?

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Any match with $healthcare?: Follow-up on Binay’s Preventive Healthcare Campaign with the OVP?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
If Obama’s $healthcare program is crazy, try the Philippines’ poor healthcare benefits from the government. If you are seriously sick and broke, can your local government help you? Makati residents may not have problems with this but the rest of the country do.

[VIDEO]: Former Vice President Jejomar Binay was already on his preventive healthcare campaign as his term ended. Watch the video what preventive healthcare is.

The ex-Vice President can only do so much

During the term of former Vice President Binay, he was campaigning already for preventive healthcare. Prevention is the best cure they say. Vaccinations are already compulsory in Barangays. Basic medical supplies in most health centers were also distributed. The DOH also promoted dancing and other exercises in their sanitary efforts to avoid dengue plus other exercises. But lifestyle change can only be fully implemented by each individual.

Far from becoming $healthcare

Binay had a good point in promoting preventive healthcare. It does not cost the government too much money. It’s educating and promoting healthy, lifestyle that matters most. The result would be minimized cases of diabetes, cancer, and other stress-related diseases. This should be continued by the new Vice President Leni Robredo.

Major Facts about Preventive Healthcare

Makati healthcare benefits are not extended to most parts of the country because of budget constraints. The national government’s allocation to each city and municipality cannot give quality healthcare services to their multitude constituents. Unlike in Makati, the Binays founded their own foundation to legally ask for donors and other private corporations to help in improving such facilities and medical supplies.

Calling V.P. Robredo to Continue Supporting Preventive Healthcare

As presented in the OVP website, Binay’s plea can be read: This is crucial to Filipinos since hospitalization is the biggest expense of families and therefore the main worry of the country’s citizens. V.P. Robredo still has quite a task to do in this field and she needs ample support from local leaders as well.

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Binay Administration: No more Filipino will die without medical treatments

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many concerned Filipinos are confident that there will be no more horror features on news regarding people appealing desperately for medical help for their sick family member – because they cannot afford the treatment when Vice President Jejomar Binay becomes president. It’s hilarious that even for cases as basic as dengue or severe diarrhea to terminal diseases like cancer, diabetes or even mental illnesses – most Filipinos have nowhere to go to.

Unlike in the first world countries, HIV-AIDS cases are not even monitored due to high cost of retro-viral boosters. Affected Filipinos will just drop dead of pneumonia or flu without knowing what really happened. Personal hygiene awareness are also not widely campaigned for – how much more teaching people how to live or deal with HIV affected family members? The masses are still very indifferent with this issue despite the high number of HIV-AIDS affected individuals in the country.

In Makati where V.P. Binay served most of his 30 years in public service, this is not an issue. The health centers are fully manned with medical practitioners and equipped with the facilities needed – not to mention the free medicines, vaccinations and vitamins especially for children and senior citizens. Modern cataract operation is also available on schedule at Ospital ng Makati or Osmak and other services.

Hopefully soon, the rest of the Filipinos can already experience the quality healthcare that V.P. Binay aimed for – for his countrymen.

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Binay on Healthcare for Philippines

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s heart-breaking watching news on TV with regards to fellow Filipinos carrying their dead child because there’s nowhere to go for proper cure when you do not have money in the Philippines. Sure, you can always go to health centers or public hospitals but there’s no guarantee to prioritize you because of the long lineup and limited facilities plus supplies.

This is the very reason why Vice President Jejomar Binay’s priority goal for his 2016 Presidential bid is to provide free quality healthcare and insurance to all Filipinos. Take the case of his healthcare programs in Makati. When you or your child is sick, you just have to go to your baranggay’s healthcare center then the doctor will give you prescription – for you to pick up your free medications from Palanan Center. You can do all that without any money from your pocket or at least you just need minimal transportation fees if you do not like to walk.

That scenario in Makati is possible if you have the Makati Health Plus Card. Aside from the free consultations and medications, you can also take advantage of some scheduled free testing and surgeries for cataract or glaucoma procedures. Other diseases will be subject to individual cases but one thing is sure – that you can have a quality healthcare perhaps not luxury healthcare but good enough to live a descent life as you age. Vice President Binay wants all Filipinos to avail of this healthcare program  when he become President in 2016. Make sure to cast your votes in favor of Binay if you want a healthy Philippines!

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