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Sweet and Sour Cream Dory Fish Fillet

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Cream Dory fish is not a salty fish so, it can be seasoned to whatever you like but there’s a down side. It can be easily disfigured when fried, boiled or cooked directly. It is best coated with flour first to allow its fillet to stick to each other while cooking. So, here’s a very tasty cream dory fish fillet preparation:


1 Kilo of Boneless cream dory fish fillet
Half cup flour
6 Tablespoonfuls of cooking oil
1 Tablespoonful of fish sauce
1/4th teaspoon of pepper


4 Tablespoonfuls of tomato sauce
3 tomatoes
1 white onion
3 cloves of pinched garlic
1 whole carrot cut in strips
1 Tablespoonful of brown sugar dissolved in 4 tablespoonful of water
1 Tablespoonful of fresh ginger strips
Pinch of salt
Dash of pepper
1/4th cup water with one teaspoon of flour

Cooking Directions

  1. Soak the fish fillet in the fish sauce distributed evenly
  2. Coat each piece of the fillet with all purpose flour before frying in a heated oil in a pan
  3. Turn to the other side until both sides are golden brown
  4. In a separate skillet, saute onion, garlic, ginger strips and tomatoes until saucy
  5. Pour in sugar dissolved in water and wait until it simmers
  6. Add in carrots then soften a bit
  7. Put in tomato sauce and salt to taste
  8. Dash with pepper
  9. Pour in the water with flour when you achieved the desired taste
  10. Load the flour coated dory fish fillet into the sauce simmer a bit and it’s done!

Play with adding the salt and sugar and see what sort of taste your family likes. This is not a difficult recipe to make but when done without rushing, this can be a winning masterpiece that you can own yourself. Feel free to revise a bit according to your liking.








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Honey Coated Fried Chicken

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Fried chicken is a common favorite for children but it can be boring when you just follow the basic recipe of buttered chicken normally coated with flour like giant fast food chains do. Try this simple but inspiring procedure for that regular meal:


Chicken legs or cuts (6 pieces)
1/4th teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon sugar
Dash of pepper


2 spoonfuls of water
2 spoonfuls of vinegar
2 spoonfuls of brown sugar
3 spoonfuls of honey or molasses
Dash of pepper
Pinch of salt
3 cloves of minced garlic

Cooking Directions

  1.  Put the washed pieces of chicken in a bowl
  2. Spread some salt and dash with pepper
  3. Add sugar, mix evenly and set aside
  4. Pour in a bit of water into the sauce bowl
  5. Add in the vinegar and stir in sugar
  6. Mix the honey or molasses into the mixture
  7. Mix in the crushed garlic for that aromatic effect
  8. Fry the seasoned chicken and once become brownish on one side, add in a bit of the sauce on each piece
  9. Repeat the same process for the other side until sauce runs out
  10. This honey coated fried chicken is done when the sauce dries up on the chicken and that shiny effect becomes obvious

You will think that this recipe will be very appetizing for children but mind you, adults love them too! Try this now, and put that remaining supply of honey to good use.

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Stay Away from Loans if you Can’t Pay

By: Elena Grace Flores

English: Online Loans Today, All Loans in One ...
English: Online Loans Today, All Loans in One Place (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a normal behavior to seek for loans when we are out of money. Job loss, sickness, accidents or wants can drive us to borrow some cash regardless of our capacity to pay. It’s like borrow now and think how to pay it later. Such a bad move! This will either ruin your financial credibility or your life in general. Read this if you are tempted:

Follow these simple tips to kiss debt goodbye forever

By: AskMen c/o

This mindset isn’t helped by the high entry costs of most artistic industries. A truly successful artist is not just a master of his or her craft, but is also a marketing genius, a business guru and a networking machine. The product is you, and you are constantly on call. All these costs hit you hardest right when you are starting out, and keeping a tight leash on your expenditures becomes a crucial aspect of your day-to-day.

To be good in our finances, it is important to know not just how and where to borrow – but also how to generate long-term revenues. Loans can give us some comfort but only in a very short time. It’s the paying period that is not only long but also stressful. So, kiss your loans goodbye at the soonest possible time!

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Managing a Healthy Airport Diet

By: Elena Grace Flores

English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is tempting just grabbing some carbohydrate-loaded snack to substitute a meal while hanging out in the airport waiting for your flight. Don’t just satisfy your hunger and even your cravings with partial nutrition especially when traveling. You will need all the nutrients available when moving from one place to another due to sudden change of temperature that can result to common sickness like fever and flu. Here’s an airport diet recommended by Diana Kohnle as studied by the Academy of nutrition and Dietetics:

  • Skim milk.Mozarella cheese
  • Chicken fillet sandwich stuffed with fresh lettuce and mustard on top
  • Garden fresh salad with non-fatty protein topping
  • Non-salty vegetable soup
  • Fresh slices of fruits and vegetables
  • Brewed coffee with fresh fat-free milk

A little bit of everything from the menu above will be perfect – but don’t be too hard on yourself when you can’t find a whole package that includes all these items. Perhaps at least 3 selections from this recommendation will be good enough for your sustenance and nutrition. Just make the right choice for the combination and you will definitely have a disease-free travel!


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Making a Common Dish Special with New Taste

By: Elena Grace Flores
Are you getting tired of eating same old recipes? You might be changing your cooking regularly but there’s nothing much you can do if the ingredients available in the market or grocery stores are just the common stuff. Here’s what you can do to your common recipe. Just change the taste!

Choose the taste that you craved for. If you want to go for Chinese cuisine today, then do just that. Get the recipes of the sauce or flavor from a cook book and follow the formula as per the directions. Once you get the desired taste, set the sauce aside.This could be made from 2 spoonfuls of soy sauce, one spoonful of vinegar, half spoonful of sugar, a pinch of salt, some mushrooms, 4 thinly sliced ginger, one spoonful of oyster sauce and some water mixed with a little flour just to be consistent.

Gather the meat and vegetables for example for the sauteed recipe and cook them as normal with garlic and onions plus minimal salt or fish sauce. Add the sauce you made earlier on top of the mixture – and there you go with your new creation powered by the taste you like! No artificial flavors and just healthy for your nourishment.

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