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Ferdinand E. Marcos: Stories of Tortures are Politically Motivated – He is Into Equality


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The late president Ferdinand E. Marcos attests that there may be some incidents of tortures but they are never his political policy. The opposition is too strong during his time. They manipulate the media.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Marcos explains that while eliminating rebellion, its causes are also addressed through economic, social and political reforms.

Media Manipulation

The stories of tortures are political strategies. He is into radical reforms. Marcos aims to provide equality to the people. The good deeds of the Marcos regime vanish just because the media escalates magnified incidents of injustices that Marcos do not have a hand on.

Blamed for Human Rights Violations because of Martial Law

Marcos is aware that the opposition blamed him for human rights violations because he declared Martial Law. He insists that it was necessary to restore order. Despite the false accusations, the late president focuses on radical reforms to bring equality to the country. Education for one equips the people for any careers they want to pursue. In the end, Martial Law eliminates rebellion.

Economic Reforms

Land reforms, career guidance in different professions, entrepreneurship, private-public business ventures are the key to the golden age era. The country can do it again if all people will join hands in complying to government policies and initiatives.

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Protests are Heard but the Fact Remains that no Cases were Filed against Marcos

Violation of the human rights are still thrown against the Martial Law regime to this date but the fact remains that there are no cases of such allegations against Marcos. In history, black and white record is essential. The mainstream media are now less credible. They cannot be the basis of truths anymore.

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Human Rights Violation Over Sabah Crisis

English: Coat of arms of the Philippines
English: Coat of arms of the Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When do you know that your human rights are violated? Where do you turn to when your government that is supposed to protect you will not do anything to give you justice? Perhaps, we should learn from what the concerned citizens of the Philippines are doing based on this article:

PH lawyers, civil society groups seek UN intervention on Sabah crisis


MANILA, Philippines—Philippine lawyers and other members of civil society groups have sought the intervention of the United Nations over alleged human rights violations in Sabah.

At last, the affected Filipinos can now be rest assured that they are not alone in their quest in reclaiming their ancestral domain. Hopefully, there will be more human rights groups that will follow suit.

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