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Bongbong Marcos Supporters: Stop Calling the Late Former President Marcos a Dictator


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Irate supporters of Bongbong Marcos express their disgust with most mainstream media that label the late Former President Ferdinand Marcos as a dictator. President Du30 earlier explained that he cannot call Marcos such since there is no legal basis for it. Even conviction of moral turpitude is not present. It is also lawful for him to be laid to rest at the Heroes Cemetery. There’s no proof that he’s an oppressor. Only facts that he’s an ex-national leader and a soldier. Those alone are more than enough reasons to give him military honors.

Youtube video by; United News International

[VIDEO]: The Philippine Postal Corporation has issued commemorative stamps featuring the late Former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Marcos Centennial Stamps

The Philippine Postal Corporation or PhlPost issues a commemorative stamp to coincide with the birth centenary of the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. They are available for sale at P12 per piece. Victorino Z. Serevo designs it with Marcos’ portrait and signature. They are available in selected PhlPost branches until September 10, 2018. Marcos loyalists flock to the post offices to obtain them as a remembrance. They are not happy to hear some reports that next in line to have a stamp portrait is Hitler.

Elected to Office

A dictator is a ruler with total power over a country. Typically, one who has obtained power by force. The late President won the reelection for a second term from 1969 to 1972. Marcos saves the country under Martial Law and steps down in 1986 despite his victory. This is to avoid bloodshed during the EDSA revolt. If there is a dictator in a democratic country, then it is not Marcos but the late Former President Cory Aquino who assumed the top office after the mutiny, according to former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.


Not a Plunderer

Calling Marcos a thief or a plunderer has no legal basis. No such accusations can stand in court after more than 30 years. The real score must be written in history but that remains debatable. He is only a dictator through media propaganda and for the outlaws. Not through the hearts and minds of the majority of law-abiding Filipinos.

No Human Rights Violations

Former Vice President Jejomar Binay was a critic of the Marcos patriarch during the martial law period. However, to this date, no single case is filed against the late president that can nail him down of any human rights violation. Binay only assisted claimants in the alleged martial law abuses from the Marcos estate. This is the reason why the ex-VP endorses Bongbong Marcos as Vice President. His still influential political network is working on stopping the opposition’s forces to block the young Marcos’ VP electoral protest which is his stepping stone for the Presidency in the near future.

Limited Offer: Only 50,000 Ferdinand Marcos Centenary Stamps on Sale until 2018

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Media Propaganda Affects People but Love Remains for Marcos and Du30


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Thee love of the majority of Filipinos for President Rodrigo Du30 remains just like with the Marcoses. This is despite the decline in his net satisfaction and trust ratings, according to Palace spokesman Ernesto Abella. Bongbong Marcos earlier expresses his disagreement to control social media. He explained that it can actually neutralize biased mainstream media reports. The Marcoses has suffered more than 30 years of misinformation after his father, the late Ferdinand Marcos stepped down in 1986. Media propaganda causes his popularity to decline. Just like what Du30’s detractors are hoping for.

Youtube video by; CBC News

[VIDEO]: CBC news Senior Correspondent Adrienne Arsenault reports from Manila about the horrors of President Rodrigo Du30’s war on drugs. She also speaks to jailed Philippine Senator Leila de Lima who is a vocal critic of the country’s strongman president. (An example of black media propaganda).

Ratings Dropped

Abella explains that the drop in the President’s net satisfaction ratings was expected since the “honeymoon period” for the administration has now ended. “The change in the President’s satisfaction rating, from 78 percent in June to 67 percent in September, and trust rating, from 82 percent in June to 73 percent in September, is normal given the fact that people start measuring their expectations usually after the honeymoon period, or after a year in office,” Abella said this through a press briefing in Malacañang.

Public Trust is Good

In spite of this, however, Abella believed that public satisfaction remains “good” and public trust remains “very good”. Social Weather Stations (SWS) conducted the non-commissioned survey from September 23 to 27. Those were days after the nationwide rally held on September 21 – the National Day of Protests.  The Liberal Party-inspired groups protested the alleged street killings and alleged human rights violations in Luneta. They blamed the administration’s drug war for all the killings. These include crimes of passion, feud among illegal drug criminals, and personal rifts or grudges. However, the pro-administration supporters were bigger in number. They rallied to show their support to the President in a bigger historical vicinity at Plaza Miranda.

Survey Period

“It is worth noting that surveys are snapshots of the public mood at a given time and the SWS survey was conducted between September 23-27, just 2 days after the National Day of Protest – the bold initiative of the President allowed citizens to freely vent their grievances about the excesses and shortcomings of the government. Some sentiments may have spilled over,” Abella added. The LP cannot accuse his administration anymore of suppressed freedom of speech. The leader did learn from Marcos’ plight.

Love Begets Love

Nevertheless, “the love is still there,” Abella added.   The Palace official assured the public that the government would “continue to work harder to address the public’s urgent needs in order to bring a comfortable life for all.”   “We enjoin everyone to set aside self-interest and together build a nation worthy of the next generation,” Abella said. Biased media often interview only the sides that support their interests. In the video, Senator Leila de Lima, of course, did not admit that her own lover and bodyguard has a signed affidavit of her involvement with the drug trade that put her in prison. Emotional family members of some fatalities are also featured to solicit condemnation geared towards the president even if they are isolated cases or victims of other social problems that are in existence since time immemorial like the communist insurgents’ kidnap for ransom activities.

Abella: Despite fall in ratings, ‘love is still there’ for Duterte

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CHR Dismisses EJKs but Human Rights Watch Condemns War on the Poor


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Extrajudicial killings in the President’s war on drugs are not state-sponsored. This is according to an official of the Commission on Human Rights or CHR. The Human Rights Watch should know that there’s no comparison in the present number of vigilante killings with martial law. The military rule stops the killings of this type but did not get away from collateral damages. In history, ancient Filipino warriors put the law into their hands. This still exists even to this date.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Peter Bouckaert of the Human Rights Watch says the war on drugs is actually a war on the poor, as its victims are those who turn to drugs as reprieved from the squalor of their daily lives. Watch the full interview:

EJKs not State-Sponsored

CHR Commissioner Gwen Pimentel-Gana said there was no official policy ordering the Philippine National Police to kill suspected drug pushers and users. This is why those reported extra-judicial killings cannot be state-sponsored as earlier speculated by many human rights groups especially the ones from overseas that did not know much about the country’s culture and history.

A Police Matter

The CHR has no such finding that can lead them to conclude that the government has a hand in those killings. They, however, can see that vigilante killings continue. As a police matter, the administration should attend to this right away. Since these kinds of crimes lessened during martial law, oftentimes, the president talks about implementing it to the opposition of the Liberal Party.

Aquino’s Appointees

All the current CHR officials are appointees of the previous President Benigno Aquino III. They are Chair Jose Luis Gascon and Commissioners Karen Gomez-Dumpit, Leah Tanodra-Armamento, Roberto Cadiz and Gana who is also the sister of Senator Koko Pimentel who is an ally of Du30.

What the Foreign Human Rights Watch should Know

It is unfair to compare the martial law deaths with the vigilante killings nowadays. Gana said that to conclude that the war on drug killings are state-sponsored is not lawful. The Human Rights Watch should stop insinuating that the administration has something to do with it. The president’s pronouncements to defend his war on drugs are not admissions that he ordered such killings. Peter Bouckaert is right that there’s war on the poor since poverty is massive in the country. It’s their lack of education and opportunities that made them the killing targets. The government can only do so much. The community must actively take part in solving this problem. Perhaps with the help of human rights groups?

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Australian FM Bishop Knows her Way around PDu30 to Discuss Human Rights Unlike Most Media


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Only some media are confused why the president said the human right issues were not raised during the Australian FM’s visit in Davao. The details of the interview of Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop show it all. She did not go around accusing the president of anything like what Leni Robredo is doing. She is professional enough to cover one point to another with full respect to the Filipino leader. Those who understand the ways of the Philippine president have no problem at all in interpreting what he said.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Australian foreign minister, iginiit na napag-usapan nila ni Pres. Duterte ang isyu ng human rights

Australian FM’s Disclosure

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says that they discussed human rights during their meeting in Davao City last week. Bishop said that she relayed the Australians’ concerns with respect to killings connected to Du30’s war on drugs. “During my conversation with President Duterte we discussed the country’s anti-drug campaign at length,” she said. “I conveyed Australian and international concerns with respect to extrajudicial killings and spoke of the importance we attach to human rights and the rule-of-law,” she added. Very courteous indeed. No wonder that the president is not irked with her presence. She did not ask why he tolerates killings and things like that.

Being Courteous is the Key

The President said that he “never discussed human rights” with Bishop and her delegation. ” They are so courteous. Maybe they know. Because if you say that, if you utter those things in my presence, you’ll get an insult. So what we did was to discuss transnational crimes, terrorism,” he said. “Nobody but nobody, not even the United States, ever, ever opened up the human rights in front of me,” he added. It is clear here that the president refers to “human rights” as the alleged human rights accusations promoted by Leni Robredo and her peers.

Spokesperson’s Confirmation

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said that Du30 and Bishop discussed terrorism, violent extremism, as well as maritime safety and freedom of navigation and overflight. He also mentioned that Australia pledged $40 million for the Mindanao peace process. The president also expressed interest in learning about responsible mining from Australia.


Some Media Still Don’t Get it

Why are some media indifferent to the Philippine president? It is obvious that they always find negative meaning to everything he says. Are they really for unity and nation building? It only takes common sense and a little research to know where the president is coming from. Not unless one would only like to pick his faults to back his political opponents.

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The President’s Testimony: Marcos Can’t Violate Human Rights – He Demanded Due Process for Communist Priests


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President vehemently let people know that the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos can never be a killer.  He stresses this out during his speech at a housing summit of the National Summit Authority (NHA) in Quezon City, Digong recalls how he got acquainted with then Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco. He is a former rebel priest. The Marcos administration handled captured rebel communists with full respect of their human rights. The president is a living witness that the cases of these two rebel priests arrested by the Philippine Constabulary were handled fairly. Evasco and Fr. Tison of Leyte’s cases are handled with due process as ordered by Marcos. Digong can attest to this because he was the prosecutor at that time.

Youtube video by; Jazzer musiko
[VIDEO]: President Duterte: Marcos was never a killer

The Catholic Church’s Anti-Marcos Sentiments

The Catholic church that holds the allegiance of some 84 percent of the population of 54 million during the Marcos regime was a powerful institution for hundreds of years. It was only during the 1970’s when it offered opposition to the Marcos government because of its demonized image orchestrated by the Liberal Party. The church began to shift the emphasis of its activities from the elite to the urban and rural poor that constitute a majority of the population. It has a decisive role in bringing Cory Aquino to power during the EDSA revolution.

Poverty Causes Priests to Rebel

The injustice is in the system, and that is evil in the eyes of the priests. Social structures are made by men thus their reason for blaming the Marcos government for the injustices made.  Other religious people say this process of social analysis and self-examination are the common experiences of Filipino priests faced with the poverty and social imbalances in their designated parishes. It is a struggle that led some priests to take up arms and join the insurgents.

Cardinal Sin

Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Archbishop of Manila, took the decisive action of calling out millions of Filipinos to support the rebel movements. Due to the media propaganda against Marcos, a vast base of support for Aquino sprouted. The institutional backing of the church remains her main power base.That prompted Manila lawyer, Eliseo B. Alampay Jr into saying that the country is ungovernable for whoever may oust her. That might be the reason why her son succeeds her as president.

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People Have Enough of the Church. Media Propaganda and the Aquinos

Aquino did not have free access to the press during the election campaign. The church offered its nationwide network to support her. A church-run radio station, Radio Veritas promotes Aquino. That escalates into many more commercial media set-ups that are anti-Marcos. This has destroyed the Marcos name here and abroad for 30 years. It is only after the existence of social media that the masses’ voice is heard and overpowered the bias press organizations. The sad thing is, many Catholics change religion after realizing that the church has done many unacceptable and immoral actions contrary to their teachings. The Aquinos in their two terms in the presidency also made the lives of Filipinos even harder. Digong’s victory over their bet is a big sign that the majority have enough of them. He is now out bringing back Marcos’ policies that benefit the people in general than the elite but discredited by propaganda. He also supports Marcos’ son, Bongbong Marcos for the Vice Presidency or perhaps gives a cabinet position soon.  That ignites the church but this time, they are about to know that their forces have weakened.