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Bongbong Marcos on Congress Hearing: It Has Gone Beyond Political Conflict


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos thinks that the investigation at the Congress is merely motivated by politics. “It started off that way. I think it’s gone beyond that.” He and Ilocos Norte 2nd District Representative Imelda Marcos were also at the hearing. Governor Imee Marcos was with her legal counsel, former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.

Video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: The former senator and Ilocos Norte governor attend the hearing to support his sister, the incumbent governor of the province.

The Congress is Not the Right Venue

Former Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. questions why the issue “ended up in the House” in the first place. “I am not sure why it ended up here in the House of Representatives. It’s a political conflict in Ilocos Norte that turned into a personal one,” said Marcos. He is also a former governor of the province. His sister, governor Imee Marcos is the subject of a probe into the alleged misuse of the funds to purchase motor vehicles.

Ilocos 6’s Opinions

Marcos is not alone in his opinion. “I think you can ask the Ilocos 6 what they think of that,” explained Marcos Jr., referring to provincial employees who had been detained by the House of Representatives in late May 2017 who just gave the best answers they possibly knew during the hearing.

Going Around in Circles

The hearing was initiated by Majority Speaker Rodolfo Fariñas, who represents the first district of the province. It is evident in the Congress hearing video that he is too emotional and personal to conduct such investigation. He can’t be fair when his reputation is also in the line. At one point, Gov. Marcos and he debated on using their names in local projects. He only escapes confrontation as he has the power to turn his wrath into the other members of the Ilocos 6.

Surprise Drama

Farinas approached and spoke briefly with Governor Marcos, Representative Marcos, and Enrile. Fariñas had his back on Marcos Jr., who stands a few seats away from his mother. The majority leader acted surprised as he bumped into the former Senator. Is Farinas’ grudge rooted from the brother and not the sister?

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Gov. Imee Marcos Shocked Everyone by Showing up at the Congress Probe


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos showed up at the July 25 hearing at the Congress into the alleged misuse of tobacco funds. Marcos said that she honors the subpoena issued against her by the House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability. She also said that she takes this an opportunity to defend her side of the story.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos shocked the Congress for showing up during the probe of the alleged misuse of tobacco excise funds.

No Corruption

At the hearing, Marcos cleared her name by saying that the House allegations against Ilocos Norte provincial government are not true. The bidding was done through the website for the first lot but on the second order, it was a direct purchase as specified by the needs of the farmers.

She was Grilled

Few Congressmen take turns in grilling Marcos. She retained her innocence on the allegedly wrong process of using the tobacco funds not specified by the law. She insisted, however, that she acted based on the urgent need of her constituents. It is obvious that the lawmakers are leading her to admit that she allowed corruption to happen by signing on the cash advance that she ultimately denied.

The Governor Apologizes

The governor made it a point to apologize of some disclosure that she cannot provide evidence right on the spot. One was the new affidavit of Pedro Gorospe who allegedly stole the documents as contemplated by his sister-in-law Cynthia Gorospe, Farinas’ aid. However, Farinas clarified from his old affidavit that he returned the original documents. It was only a few months ago that he learned there were lost as Farinas filed the inquiry.

Ilocos 6

Some of the detained Ilocos Norte officials also testified to back up the justification of Marcos. This leads the Congress to say that if they were that open during the last four sessions, they could have avoided the detention. On this note, Marcos loyalists are assured that the presence of former First Lady Imelda Marcos and Senator Juan Ponce Enrile will not allow the Congress to easily detain the governor if they do not like her answers. Besides, a group of farmers is waiting outside of the House.

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Fariñas Condemned: No to Ria Christina for Congress Rep and Rudy for Ombudsman


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Gov. Imee Marcos faces the media in Manila while her lawyers filed before the Supreme Court an omnibus petition to seek the liberty of her employees. This is an order that “enjoins and prohibits” the conduct of the House investigation, and the issuance of the writ. Marcos swears that Ilocos Norte remembers and condemns Rudy Fariñas’ ambition to be Ombudsman and Congress Rep. for his daughter.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Ayon kay Marcos, gusto niyang pumunta sa pagdinig pero mayroong nagpapayo sa kaniya na sa Ilocos na lamang magpa-interrogate sa pamamagitan ng video conference.

Illegal, Cruel and Evil

“Incarcerating my poor, old, defenseless employees in order to force them to testify against me and against the province is not only illegal, cruel and evil, it is also cowardly,” Marcos said. “Please, Congress, free the “Ilocos Six,” and if this is truly the ‘Game of Thrones,’ please be warned today: the North remembers and it never forgets,” she vowed.

Disruption of Public Service

She said the allegation distracts the Ilocos Norte officials from attending to the province’s affairs. Marcos and her detained finance officials; Pedro Agcaoili, chair of the provincial bids and awards committee and provincial planning and development officer; Evangeline Tabulog, provincial budget officer; Josephine Calajate, provincial treasurer; Eden Battulayan, provincial accountant; and provincial treasurer’s office staff Genedine Jambaro and Encarnacion Gaor are the petitioners in the official plea.

Crisis in Congress

House Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas, Marcos’ local rival, Surigao del Sur Rep. Johnny Pimentel, chair of the Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability, and Lt. Gen. Roland Detabali, the House Sergeant-at-Arms are under the lawsuit. “If there is terrorism in Marawi, there is a hostage crisis in Congress. Marcos describes the plight of the Ilocos Norte officials where they are held hostage in the House of Representatives.

Loyal North

Marcos, daughter of the late President Ferdinand Marcos whose family has loyal followers nationwide especially in the north, traced the controversy to an early “politicking” for local positions in her province. Fariñas family has a stake, especially in the governorship and mayoralty. The Senate and the Congress are also possible branches for nationwide positions that the two families can clash.

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Imee Marcos Fights Fariñas, Seeks Supreme Court Intervention

supreme court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Democracy is tested in the Philippines with the involvements of the 3 co-equal branches of the government over the Ilocos 6. Due to the abuse of power in the Congress, Gov. Imee Marcos seeks the intervention of the Supreme court. The executive powers seem to agree with this.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos: Usapin sa Ilocos 6, dahil sa away-politika

Marcos Fights Fariñas

Ilocos Norte governor Imee Marcos said the House investigation into the alleged illegal purchase of P66.4 million worth of buses and multi-cabs that are considered by the Congress as an alleged misuse of tobacco excise taxes – even before reaching the verdict obviously stemmed from her political rivalry with Fariñas in their province.

On to the Supreme Court

Marcos lambasts her political rival Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas and dared him to bring the fight back to their province. She also seeks intervention from the Supreme Court at the same time. Legal experts already urged the Congress to respect the SC’s show cause order for the immediate conditional release of the six Ilocos Norte government officials but they were simply ignored.

Local Politics to Ombudsman

Since local politics started it all, Marcos thinks that they should just bring the fight back to Ilocos Norte. She explained that she reconciled with Fariñas in 2010 only to have a falling out again. This is after the lawmaker requested that his daughter succeeds him as a congressional representative. Fariñas allegedly wants to ombudsman after serving three terms in Congress.

COA Approved

The COA reports show that all projects questioned are fully liquidated. There’s never an anomaly or ghost project, said Marcos. These vehicles benefitted our farmers,” she added. Fariñas’ son Rodolfo Jr. and nephew Jeff Erickson requested for mini trucks questioned. Can this be a sabotage by the elderly Fariñas? Nothing is wrong in procuring the vehicles via the cash advance scheme instead of public bidding. The governor argues that the method is legal.

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Bongbong Marcos on the Congress’ Cruelty against Sister Imee


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos has never seen the kind of cruelty to the Ilocos Norte witnesses now called as Ilocos 6 that is extended to his sister, Gov. Imee Marcos. He has been a congressman himself and it never happened before in the House of Representatives that they do such a thing.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos, idinulog sa SC ang pagkakadetine sa Kamara ng tinaguriang Ilocos six

Congress Cruelty

This is what Marcos thinks of the Congress; “I think it’s entirely unnecessary and the word, I believe, is cruel,” he said. Marcos’ sister, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos, was subpoenaed by the House of Representatives to attend the hearing on July 25. She already refused 3 hearings before that on the alleged ₱66-million purchase of government vehicles using funds for tobacco farmers.

Political Campaign

Gov. Marcos was willing to attend the hearing. It’s Bongbong Marcos who is against it. This prompted Pimentel to warn the former senator that he could be cited for contempt. Marcos then commented that the move seemed to be a part of some kind of personal revenge or political campaign.

Congressional Race

House Majority Leader and Ilocos Norte 1st District Rep. Rudy Farinas spearheads the inquiry. He was a previously a political ally of the Marcoses. It is now known that he wanted his daughter to run as the representative for District 1 for Ilocos Norte. Gov. Marcos even transferred to District 2 after his request. However, the political ambition of the clan goes beyond that. They want to destroy the Marcoses.

Marcos’ Compassion

Marcos said that the so-called “Ilocos 6” were members of his staff during his time as governor. Then inherited by his sister when she assumed the post. “Now they’re languishing in this little room in the House of Representatives for no good reason as far as I can see, except that perhaps the members of the Committee did not like their answers,” he said.