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Andres Bautista: Admits That They Do Not Have the Public Support Against Marcos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Andres Bautista who used to be PCGG chief and now Comelec chairman thinks that the public is easy to forgive. He admits that they do not have their support against the Marcoses – both in the alleged ill-gotten wealth that turns out to be the wealth for humanity and in the Comelec for the election fraud connivance theory.

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[VIDEO]: The late President Marcos already have lots of gold before he became president.


Robert Sison, Mrs Marcos’ lawyer, believes that the Marcos wealth was “confiscated” rather than recovered by the commission. He insists that there is no legal basis to take any of the assets. “The Philippine government has no right to question why Mrs Marcos had this art,” Mr Sison said. “Ferdinand Marcos was a gold trader before he became president, and he made his money then.” Mr Sison also pointed out that, despite numerous cases being filed against the family, no-one has been successfully prosecuted.

Some Assets are Gone?

The Commission on Good Government has has sold real estate in New York and millions of dollars-worth of shares, and obtained $600 m in Swiss bank accounts. It has also found a ruby and diamond tiara, locked in the vault of the Swiss central bank, which could fetch more than $8 m. But Andres Bautista, the head of the PCGG then admits there is still a lot missing – especially the paintings. He is speculating that the Marcoses still have the rest which is just rightful. They own them anyway. Bautista should give full accounts as to where are all the confiscated items now.

Filipinos Don’t Respect the PCGG

Bautista is aware that the commission is not well respected by the people because of corruption. He is not sure anymore if they can still get the support of the public. So far, no case yet has reached the court and he blamed the Philippine judicial system for that – not the lack of evidence that made them not stand in court.

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The Marcoses are Back in Power

The commission also slowed down because the Marcoses are gaining political force once again. Imelda is a congresswoman; her daughter Imee is a provincial governor; her son BongBong is groomed to be president. The fact that the Marcoses are back in power “really doesn’t help us,” Bautista conceded.