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Marcos Personality – A Better Insurance for Social Media Hits than Election Surveys

By: Elena Grace Flores

Dr. Ana Maria Tabunda of Pulse Asia discloses to the Chiefs that the voters of Bongbong Marcos during the 2016 elections consists of the old and the young. His votes were cross ages because of the actual accomplishments he and his family contributed to the country. Influences of endorsers might help at a minimal degree but it’s the personality that counts the most. Just like in social media. The Marcoses can easily get hits than election survey posts. Their personality is indeed better insurance for social media hits than election surveys. z

YouTube video byBongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Maraming salamat muli sa inyong mga comment! Kami naman po ang sasagot.

Social Media Visibility

Bongbong Marcos and his sons feature various scenarios of their family and political life in a very relaxed manner. The videos they post always have some humor. Most Filipinos already know about their achievements ever since the Marcos era but it’s their personalities that made them even more popular to all ages.

Achievements that Cannot be Denied

Most people cast their votes to politicians that have helped them. The Marcoses are really hands-on when it comes to the people’s welfare. Despite the black media propaganda against them, they good deeds are already secured in the hearts of Filipinos. Not to mention the physical evidence like the Heart Center, and the likes nationwide.

Online Interaction

In their recent video, the Marcoses show that they actually respond to the comments via their social media pages. They do so with ease. Nothing serious. Laughing at their imperfections is one of the highlights of these materials. More hits are coming their way for such glimpse of reality.

Direct Influence

It is very important that the personality of the endorser matches with the endorsee to basically generate results during elections. In the case of the Marcoses, Bongbong Marcos’ support to his sister, Senatorial candidate, Imee Marcos relatively has a high impact. It can even influence the candidacy of Imee’s son, Matthew Marcos Manotoc for the gubernatorial race in Ilocos Norte.

Sure Insurance

If people doubt the election surveys, the hits or likes at Bongbong Marcos’ videos and posts prove that the general public is captivated by their presence. There’s definitely insurance that news won’t be ignored having them in the cover.

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Imee Marcos blasts Anchor for Repeated Supreme Court Questions

Supreme Court
By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte governor and 2019 candidate for Senator, Imee Marcos says her family’s wealth came from her father’s successful law practice. He had some investments in various industries as well. Gov. Marcos also clarifies the source of the $300-M Swiss bank accounts deposits that the Supreme Court ordered confiscated in 2003. She explains that it was still a legal question and called the achor “makulit” or annoying for asking the same questions over and over again. z

YouTube video byOne News PH

[VIDEO]:’No big mystery’

Vast Investments

One of the Chiefs’ hosts disputes Marcos that based on his father’s asset declaration during his time, his monthly income was only Php 120,000. Gov. Marcos shrugs this off saying that legal documentations are already in court and she is not surprised if there are some propaganda or politicking rumors that are used to jeopardize the real score. All she knows are his vast investments in telecommunication, mining, and many other industries.

Hard-Working Family

Even the anchor agrees that the Marcoses are notable hard workers. The Senatorial bet is proud of this. Perhaps, the ultimate reason why they never struggle in life financially. It would be unfair to give credit to the golden urban legend, she said. Leave the rumors with the legal experts, she added.

Repeated Questions

Softly and jokingly, Marcos calls the interviewer “makulit” (annoying) for asking repeated questions that are restructured to press for different answers from her. However, she remained calm and blasts the naughty one with a sarcastic joke. There might be some discussions about gold deposits but she has never seen one physical gold bar unlike her mother before her father became President.

Hardships after EDSA

The Marcos family never had any financial difficulties until EDSA. Marcos relays their bad experience when they were thrown to another unfamiliar country. It was hard enough not knowing anybody. Least not having their usual financial support and moral system.

Ask the Lawyers about the Supreme Court Ruling

Upon the insistence of the host regarding the 2003 Supreme Court ruling, Marcos blatantly advised him to ask the lawyers instead since there are some relating cases that are ongoing. Bongbong Marcos already answered them earlier but they want a different one. Well, unfortunately for them, they cannot get anything controversial from Imee Marcos. After all, she is a Marcos and possesses the intellect and charm of her father.

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Bongbong Marcos: Ilocos Bazaar Showcases the Wealth of the Area

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos said that agricultural produce, processed foods, and native accessories are among the Ilocano products that can be found at the Ilocos Bazaar. These are the true wealth of the area. Such activities and partnerships under the initiative of Governor Imee Marcos are a great help for the SMEs’ to profit. Most of all, they are also helpful in the development of business linkages.z

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]:If you plan to buy gifts for Christmas, support your fellow Filipinos! We hold this bazaar to help Ilocanos, but there are many other locally-made goods that you can support this season.

Secret Wealth in a Bazaar

Every year we hold a “secret bazaar” and bring Ilocano products to Manila. It’s a great opportunity for our local weavers, empanada makers and other Ilocano entrepreneurs to gain exposure and additional income, Marcos said.

Gift-Giving Program

Another Christmas activity for Marcos outside of Ilocos is the Medical Mission and Gift-Giving program for the year. The activities were held for the benefit of the residents of District 5 in Manila last Saturday. Apart from the free medical assistance, their donors and partners generously provided raffle prizes for the beneficiaries. Despite the occasional drizzle of rain, people stayed on and we all went home happy with Christmas joy. The celebration was heartfelt and it remains in the hearts of the givers and receivers as well.

Christmas is for Children

Christmas is really for children, according to Marcos. One of the best, most joyous parts of Christmas is giving underprivileged children a day of Christmas fun and games and gift-giving, he said. And what better way to start this season of joy than by having my son Simon join me in a gift-giving activity organized by the Rotary Club of Bagumbayan-Manila at the Children’s Playground in Luneta. Hundreds of children from Manila City were treated to a stellar cultural dance number from an Argentine dance troupe. Magic tricks were also performed by clown magicians. There laughter and shouts from little children enjoying themselves are very heartwarming for the Marcoses.

Marcos’ Soft Side

The soft side of Marcos comes out when he and his son, Simon got to be sorbeteros for a day. They serve the delectable Filipino treat to the children. The kids had their fill of popcorn and snow cones as well. What’s more, each attendee received gifts which they could use in their studies. Seeing a child’s face light up in amazement is truly one of life’s simple and greatest joys for the Marcoses.

Hidden Wealth

The controversies surrounding the Marcoses revolve around their alleged hidden wealth. In fact, there are legal documents that prove they are not actually hidden. They are in a secure place that no thieves can put their hands on. This is why those detractors keep on accusing them of stealing their own money. Thanks to the brilliance of their patriarch.

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Imee Marcos Reveals Mom’s Candidacy Strategy as Supreme Court Processes her Case

Supreme Court
By: Elena Grace Flores

Candidate for Senator, Imee Marcos recently reveals that her mother, Imelda Marcos’ initial gubernatorial candidacy and withdrawal is actually in the plan. They know that it is ridiculous for her to seek another elective office considering her age. They just need more time to convince the younger family members to run for the position as outgoing Gov. Marcos vies for the national position. This strategy is actually well-thought of as the Supreme Court starts to process the former First Lady’s cases. z
Youtube Video by  Rappler

[VIDEO]: Imelda Marcos withdrawal from gubernatorial race planned from the start – Imee Marcos

Substitution Strategy

The fight for the post of Ilocos Norte governor goes down between a Rodolfo Fariñas and Matthew Marcos Manotoc, Imelda Marcos’ grandson. Farinas, who is Ilocos Norte 1st District representative runs for governor in his home province as a substitute for Jesus Arimboyutan under the PDP-Laban political party. The 67-year-old Fariñas faces Manotoc, Marcos’ grandson and son of incumbent Ilocos Norte Governor and senatorial candidate Imee Marcos.

Due Course for the Iron Butterfly

The Sandiganbayan 5th Division starts proceedings for the transmittal of records of graft cases of Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos. The anti-graft court said that they now prepare copies of the documents. The original records would be sent to the high court. The court also discloses that the notice of appeal that Marcos filed is “given due course.”

The Marcos Matriarch’s Request

In her notice of appeal, Marcos requests for the record transmission to the Supreme Court where she plans to challenge the Sandiganbayan decision. The Sandiganbayan convicts Marcos of 7 counts of graft last November 9. Her sentence of 6 to 11 years in jail for each count is pending as she is about to make an appeal to the high court.

Free on Bail

Rep. Marcos posts Php 300,000 bail as she appeals her conviction. Nonetheless, most mainstream media under the control of the opposition and their allies are quick enough to circulate massive negativity to malign her. Manotoc’s takeover neutralizes the black media propaganda. The move even made him look even much better.

Manotoc is Hot

It turns out that Manotoc is not only appealing to the millennials but also to all ages. Fariñas can’t stand a chance after his rudeness to the Ilocos 6. Now, it would be a big challenge for the Marcoses’ detractors to launch a character assassination stunt against the younger bet because it would be very obvious.

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See Bongbong Marcos’ Leadership Goals and Who is He Missing?

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos is grateful to the invitation of USEC Jun Santiago for inviting him to the highest award of the land night for the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. President Rodrigo Du30 bestows the Quezon Service Cross award to her recently. Her husband receives it on her behalf. Marcos mesmerizes on the signs of the blinding intellect behind her humor. BBM expresses how he misses his running mate during the 2016 election. Prior to that, he also reminds the youth of the leadership goals that matter for the country.
Youtube Video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: The brand of leadership and intellect that the late Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago has showed us continues to inspire our youth and our next generation of leaders. Madam Senator, you are well missed.

Only the 6th Recipient

The Quezon Service Cross is unique in that the President nominates Filipino citizens for the award. The Congress approves its conferment. Santiago’s widower, Narciso or Jun, accepts the posthumous award. He thanks the President for it. The first five recipients of the Quezon Service Cross since its creation in 1946 include Emilio Aguinaldo and Carlos P. Romulo. Ramon Magsaysay, Benigno Aquino Jr., and Jesse Robredo follow suit.

Baguio National Conference of the SK

NYC Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, Undersecretary Ronald Gian Cardema invites Marcos during the recent SK National Conference in Baguio. He reminds the youth that he is the author principal author of the who creates the Philippine Youth Commission that is now the NYC.

Imee Marcos’ Humour

Gov. Imee Marcos showers the young attendees with funny speeches that Bongbong Marcos likens to Vice Ganda’s comedy stunts. The crowd was obviously hysterical, said Marcos. Notes had it that her chance encounter with the latter becomes an issue to some.

Diplomatic Corps’ Consular Ball of Estonia

Marcos also had fun with the Consular Ball of Estonia for the Christmas season. The diplomatic corps’ members attend the event. A rare chance for them to let their hair down without having to deal with the state’s affairs. Afterall, work-life balance is crucial to all.

Leadership Goals

The VP Protestee also warns the SK leaders to not tolerate dirty elections. That whatever they experience and see in previous elections, they won’t embrace such anomalies found. Marcos certainly imparts his leadership goals to these youths who can lead the country in the future.