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Not a Corrupt Media? – Why so scared?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
This is written in Inquirer’s content online: President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said Tuesday that corrupt journalists were legitimate targets of assassination; this is true but why is the title like this?: Duterte endorses killing corrupt journalists; which is false since he was only commenting that corrupt journalists can be targets of killings but definitely did not endorse their killings.

The 174 murders after the administration of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos was toppled, can clearly signify that there ae many factions that are condemning media corruption. In fairness, the journalists are merely following the platforms of their media or else, their work will not be published or released into their channels.

This statement is also true: Duterte also said freedom of expression provisions in the constitution did not necessarily protect a person from violent repercussions for defamation.

“That can’t be just freedom of speech. The constitution can no longer help you if you disrespect a person,” he said. Anger can lead to evil doings so provoking a person can trigger someon to kill another. Is this not the reality?

If this line will be highlighted without the introduction why Duterte said this, then this can be easily misinterpreted: Journalist ‘deserved to die’ – when he meant that those corrupt journalists who would do everything to destroy a person for personal interests, deserves to die – but he did not mentioned to be killed. Give it the benefit of a doubt that corrupt press people can also have an untimely death as a punishment.

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First Switch: Albay governor drops Mar, embraces Grace

welcome By: Hilario Andes
From the Inquirer – as expected!

“Legaspi City – I am Governor Salceda and my President is Grace Poe.

With this statement, Albay Gov. Joey Salceda ended ill speculations in his political plans, confirming that he was withdrawing  his support for administration standard-bearer Mar Roxas to push the candidacy, for independent presidential candidate, Sen. Grace Poe.”

The above excerpts from this news clipping is indeed a proof that the vital switch for the Liberal Party as per President Aquino’s order is on – as a desperate measure to salvage their standing with Mar Roxas’ poor rating in recent surveys. Salceda’s abandoning Mar is part of Oplan Delta Maria

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Sereno Corrupting SC for not Respecting Constitution on Binay’s Suspension Order

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
SC Abuse of Power
Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno used her power in the Supreme Court by delivering a litany to City Mayor Junjun Binay’s lawyers during their second oral argument that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales’ suspension order on the Makati mayor is unconstitutional based on the Doctrine of Condonation.

Doctrine of Condonation in Question
The condonation doctrine was first introduced by the Supreme Court itself into our jurisprudence in the case of then Mayor Arturo Pascual vs. The Provincial Board of Nueva Ecija, G.R. L-11959, in 1959. It stated that a reelected public official cannot be removed from his position for an administrative misconduct committed during his prior term because his reelection assumes the people’s forgiveness or perhaps unbelief on the allegations as per the case of Mayor Binay.

The Student vs. the Professor
Sereno losts her composure when she desperately argued with Binay’s lawyer Sandra Marie Olaso-Coronel, who was her former law student with the probable implications that the doctrine of condonation does not exclude the mayor’s case even if the allegations of corruption have not been proven yet – since they occurred during his previous term.

Sereno has no Right
Sereno did not have the right to scold Coronel because she did not author the doctrine. She should just campaign its revision if she thinks that it’s not favorable to the SC at this time unlike when it was first used.

Senator Santiago’s Take
Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has all the rights to pass Senate bill 2716 to counteract the Doctrine of Condonation but she is surely disrespectful to the authors of this manifest when she criticized it. At this time of writing, the status of this bill is still “pending” thus cannot be used on the judgement of Mayor Binay’s case.

Senate Bill 2716
Senate bill 2716 amends the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act to make an elected official liable for any wrongdoing committed during a previous term even if he or she was reelected. This is not yet voted for.

This is a big test if our justice system under Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno if it will diligently follow our constitution – or will do otherwise to serve their own beliefs and interests!

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Vincent Bae: CSG Organizer of TSONA has the Balls to Take Responsibility

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
According to GMA News Online: Vincent Bae, president of the CSG of Cavite State University where the True SONA of the Vice President was held last August 3, 2015, said that the council is willing to be held responsible for the activity. “We are going to be responsible on whatever we did. We believe that as a student government, we are somehow very independent,” he said in the television report. How many politicians in power with all the immunity privileges are brave enough to take responsibility on any natural or man-made disasters in the country? Vincent Bae is truly one of a kind. He is the voice of the country’s future. Why is the government not hearing them?

Divinia Chavez, Cavite State University (CvSU) President already denied knowledge of Vice President Jejomar Binay’s presence during the event and even swears all their lives; according to Inquirer but is that a problem? Should Vincent Bae’s capability be praised for being able to invite the Vice President of the country? That is such a big deal and that only proves to show how empowered our youngsters nowadays!

Edwin Lacierda, Presidential spokesperson even displayed his being inexperienced in understanding the protocol of a CSG organized event. Why is he questioning that the attendance will be checked as per the notice? He should also check the notice of attendance at UMAK for the mass celebrated for the birthday of acting Mayor of Makati, Romulo Pena or worst, go back to school. So, what will he do now? Put the CSG officers in prison? What crime did they commit?
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Binay is Kris Aquino’s President in 2016 – Tulfo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Kris Aquino was quoted by media reports saying that she will keep quiet on President Aquino’s endorsement of Mar Roxas – right after she registered as official voter in Quezon City where she is currently residing.

In another ambush interview with a retired journalist published in the, Kris also confirmed her presidential choice in 2016 and it’s no other than Vice President Jejomar Binay – for the reason that she is entitled to her own opinion.

In this transcription of Tulfo’s interview with Vice President Jejomar Binay, it is noted that V.P. Binay confirmed Kris Aquino’s favorable choice by saying; Kris speaks her own mind and no one can take that away from her.

Samahang Maki Binay YasmiraBicolano for Binay 41 mins · Transcript of Interview of Vice President Jejomar C. Binay with Erwin Tulfo and Martin Andanar, TV5’s Radyo Asintado, dated 4 August 2015 Transcript of Interview of Vice President Jejomar C. Binay with Erwin Tulfo and Martin Andanar, TV5’s Radyo Asintado, dated 4 August 2015 Anchor: [unrecorded] VP Binay: …Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. Yung mga tama palakpakan, suportahan. Yung mga mali, ipaabot sa bayan. Halimbawa yung sa drama noon, sabi ni pangulo na hind niya tinaggap ang resignation ni Sec. Abad, hindi ako pumalakpak doon. Sa mga SONA, may mga bagay doon na pinalakpakan ko at may mga bagay doon na hindi ako pumalakpak dahil alam ko na hindi totoo. Lolo na yung mga OFW at kung ano-ano pa. At ako ay team player. Miyembro ako ng gabinete pero kapag mali umaalma naman ako. Anchor: Sir, ito po ata ang first time na nag-agree sa iyo si Senator Antonio Trillanes pero mali daw po ang mensahero. VP Binay: What can we expect from Mr. Trillanes. Nag-aabogado hindi naman abogado. Nageekonomista, wala naman alam sa economy. Si Mr. Trillanes po iyon. Anchor: Isa pang katanungan ng ating mga kababayan, kayo po ang pangalawang pangulo, hindi ho ba dumating ang pagkakataon para tawagan siya at magbigay ng suggestion o comment sa kaniya directly. VP Binay: Hindi ho mahaba pero napagusapan namin sinabi ko sa kanya, unconstitutional talaga iyan pare. Anchor: Ano po ang sabi niya? VP Binay: Ayun nagpapaliwanag siya. Dun sa Zamboanga seige. May mga pagkakataon na ako ay nagpapadala sa kanya ng memorandum tulad noong mayroon akong nirerekomenda gaya ng Department of Housing and Urban Development. Ayaw naman niyang palusutin. Pinapaliwanag ko sa kanya kung bakit kailangang magkaroon ng departamento diyan. E ayaw niya. Pero mabibilang ko sa daliri ang mga ganoong pagkakataon. Kasi dapat kilala ninyo kung sino ang pangulo. Anchor: Gaano ho kahirap na magkaiba kayo ng partido? VP Binay: Ang sisimulan natin diyan ay kung hindi kayo pareho ng partido ay yung hindi na kayo magkaksundo sa kung ano ang plataporma nila at sa plataporma mo. Kaya naman ako ay nagpapasalamat na ako ay sinama niya sa pamilya niya at ako ay makatulong sa ating mga kababayan sa larangan ng housing. Anchor: Paano po iyan bilang malapit na kaibigan ng pamilyang Aquino at ngayon dahl sa pulitika ay nagkakaroon ng lamat. Pero sabi naman ni Kris Aquino nagkapaliwanagan na. VP Binay: Oo naman. Nirerespeto po namin ang desisyon ng magkakapatid n a hiwalay sa pulitika. Pero ang tugon po namin, kahit hiwalay sa pulitika, tinuturing po namin silang kaibigan. Anchor: Pero hindi po sumagot si Kris Aquino sa pagbasbas ng pangulo kay Sec. Roxas. Kasi ang pahiwatig parang nasa inyo pa si Kris Aquino. VP Binay: Mahirap magspeculate pero si Kris independent minded yan. Anchor: [Unrecorded] VP Binay: Wala man lamang hong paabot na pasasalamat. I think this is the start we have to expect credit where it is due. Martin Andanar: May napupusuan na raw kayong running mate according kay Gov. Remulla. Meron na po ba? Ilang per cent na po ba? VP Binay: Ilagay na lang natin na meron na kaming numbers na kinokonsidera ang aming search committee. Hindi dati-rati na free-for-all pa. Pero may limited number na na kino-consider, which means ipapaabot sa kanila, ‘Payag ho ba kayo…?’ Anchor: May nakita ba naman kayong nagawang tama ng PNoy Administration? VP Binay: Oo. Merong tama na kulang nga lamang. Tila yata ‘yong sa ekonomiya. Bumuti nga ang ekonomiya, pero ‘yon ay nakilatis. Bumuti nga ang ekonomiya pero sablay naman ‘yong sasabihin tayo ang naging pinakamabuti. ‘Yong FDI ba? Hanggang sa Thailand, magmula sa Singapore, wala tayo kahit magkumpara ro’n sa foreign investments. So kinikilala natin. Pero sinabi ko nga rin, ang ganda ng ekonomiya, ‘yong foundation n’yan ay sinimulan ng dating administration. Anchor: Ang LGU na raw ang mag-implement, hindi na dadaan sa DPWH, ng infra projects. VP Binay: Let me put it this way. Matagal akong naging local government official. ‘Yong local government, merong pinapagawa sa’min, ‘yong annual development plan. ‘Yong annual development plan, bibigyan ko ng karagdagang updates ‘yon: diretsong tutulungan na ng national government para makakamtan ‘yong annual development plan nila. Kaysa naman national government pa ‘yong gumugugol, ibigay na lang nila ang pera ro’n sa local government para makuha ‘yong kanilang pinaplano. Kahit ‘yong internal revenue allotment ay dapat mai-release ‘yon kasi bahagi kasi ng IRA ay hahatian ng 50 per cent according to population, 25 per cent according to area, 25 per cent according sa revenue. ‘Pag mayaman ka, edi sa’yong lahat ‘yong buong 25 per cent na ‘yon. Dagdag yaman mo lang ‘yon. Imbis na ‘yong 25 per cent na ‘yon ay mapupunta sa mayaman na, dapat pamigay na lang sa mga nangangailangan.

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