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Roque Rejects Insanity Plea of Crazy Cop for Twin Murder Case


By: Elena Grace Flores
by ABS-CBN News

Palace: ‘Buang’ cop can’t plead insanity in Tarlac twin slay

Insanity Plea Does Not Apply

The crazy cop killer of a woman and her son cannot claim the insanity plea. Presidential spokesperson, Harry Roque said this in an interview recently. Roque added that to invoke such excuse requires the policeman to prove that he’s totally out of his mind. He receives a monthly salary, and still active in service. That means that he’s capable enough to know what is right or wrong.

Opposition Blast

He also calls on the opposition to stop maligning the president using this isolated case. It’s clear that President Rodrigo Duterte protects the men in uniform who are doing their duty. They can only kill when their life is in danger. Not because of insanity.

Family of Brats

The killer cop does not only show how a bad person handles his insanity. But also how to raise brats. Killing two people in broad daylight in front of neighbors is already taboo. How much more doing that proudly in front of one’s daughter?