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What’s the Insurance of the Pro-Admin Tandem with Smartmatic-Hybrid System?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Valentino Facts

The Marcos Political Platform

Marcos-Mayor Sara Tandem is the People’s Insurance

Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio’s closeness with the Marcoses can bring out the best of the Marcos-Duterte tandem once again. This can still happen now if Bongbong Marcos wins his protest in the 2016 elections. However, the limited time left can deem it useless. Also, the Smartmatic’s presence together with the Hybrid system is another challenge. So, the insurance that can make this tandem win is the landslide votes of the people. This pro-admin alliance is so hot early in the poll that mainstream media just cannot ignore it.

Regional Preferences

Per location, Marcos with 20% leads in Metro Manila. The 2019 elections had seven million registered voters for this location. Manila Mayor Isko Moreno follows Marcos. But he is only in his first term as local chief executive of the Philippine capital at 18%. Duterte trails with 16%. while Poe and Pacquiao both have 12%.

Mayor Sara’s Dominance

The president’s daughter yields 29% in the Visayas, Poe with 15%, Marcos and Pacquiao with 13% each, and Moreno with 9%. Mindanao had 58% for Duterte in the region she hails from. Pacquiao with 9%, Poe 8%, Marcos 7% and Moreno with a dismal 2%. Robredo is only in the 6th place and third in Luzon with 13%, in Metro Manila with 7%, Visayas 6% and Mindanao 2%.

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Marcos Gold Insurance: Can Cryptocurrency Derail the Global Currency Reset?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Covid19 Pandemic Lockdown and Global Currency Reset: A Return to Gold Economy

Marcos Gold Insurance vs. Cryptocurrency

It is said that the Philippines has millions of gold reserves. They are the insurance that the late President Ferdinand Marcos set-up to safeguard the Philippine economy. This is for the welfare of the Filipinos and the world in general. Once Congress can facilitate the process of their usage, a different ball game is at stake for the monetary players. However, the private entities still strive to survive amidst the pandemic through the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Will they thrive in the global currency reset?

Fiat Currency Problem

Criticisms of the fiat currency system predate the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Both the dollar and the euro are losing their strength. However, the publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008 was a watershed moment. To solve the ‘double-spend’ problem of digital currencies, the Bitcoin whitepaper shows that there could be a global currency without a sovereign issuer. Money without reserves. That sounds dangerous. So, going back to gold becomes irresistible. If not necessary.

Paper Money and Gold Currency

Paper money has no intrinsic value. They can’t build something, satisfy hunger or cure disease. Their only value is through belief that a stranger gives something in exchange for that piece of paper. Gold retains its value for centuries. During a period of economic uncertainty in the late 1960s and early 1970s many governments, investors and speculators began to lose trust in the dollar. They started to exchange their dollar for gold. Until President Richard Nixon decided to end the pegging of the dollar to gold.

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PRRD’s Crazy Drug Czar Offer Triggers Insurance Talks for Mental Illness


By: Elena Grace Flores
Crazy talks are common these days from media commentaries. This is after the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo critizes the President for leading a failed drug war. PRRD then offers her the drug czar post if she thinks she is that brilliant. Meanwhile in Cebu during the 888 News Forum at the Marco Polo Hotel, panelists and media representatives initiate talks about mental illness that triggers suicide among teens in the province. Many people put the blame on the president for creating a lunatic culture since he’s bipolar but the group are into very informative discussions that can save lives including insurance coverage for mental illnes.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Arnel Pahang, an insurance expert explains the insurance coverage for mental illness in the Philippines.

Mental Illness Spares No One

Everybody is prone to mental illness according to Dr. Rene Obra, a well-respected psychiatrist in Cebu. One can experience anxiety and depression because we are all humans, he added. Therefore, uncomfortable symptoms must not be ignored. Irregularities in the sleeping, eating, and physical habits are symptoms enough for a certain mental illness. It just depends on the degree of the disorder.

Beating the Stigma

Sad experiences are not reasons enough to commit suicide. They are mere triggers. Depression can lead to suicidal tendencies. The feeling of unworthiness is often caused by lack of nutrients and hormonal imbalance. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables every morning in an empty stomach can help regulate blood circulation. Thus, helping in getting rid of discomforts internally.

Insurance Coverage for Mental Illness

Arnel Pahang, an insurance expert explains the insurance coverage for mental illness in the Philippines. He said that suicides are actually covered when it happens at least after 12 months of the reinforcement of the policy. This is in the case of life insurance. Although he warns not to encourage suicides but should it happen, it is best to have insurance for more than a year.

Limited Social Insurance Scheme

The new social insurance scheme covers mental disorders but is limited to acute inpatient care. Psychotropic medications are available in mental health facilities. A Commission on Human Rights of The Philippines exists, however, human rights were reviewed only in some facilities and only a small percentage of mental health workers received training related to human rights. These measures need to be extended to all facilities.

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The Least Imee Marcos Can Do to Influence a Cash – Free Policy for Private Hospitals

By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino voters are already aware of the important criteria for Senators. They must have the capability to create laws that would upgrade the people’s lifestyle. Gov. Imee Marcos seems to have that capability. In fact, the cash or gold scandals that her family faces compliments that. She champions a project that further addresses the demand for nursing employment opportunities. The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) partners with BPO companies to provide online health care jobs to all registered nurses in the province. On top of that, she calls for all medicines to be exempted from value-added tax (VAT) as she pushes for a review of the cheaper medicines law. Marcos can certainly influence a remedy that would aid working Filipinos during medical emergencies. z



Oversupply of Nurses is Not a Problem with Imee Marcos

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) in partnership with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies takes measures to provide employment opportunities for Ilocano nurses. This is in line with Marcos’ commitment to generate more jobs for the Ilocanos. Her influence is definitely the key to its success.

Removal of VAT from Medicines

Marcos, who runs for a Senate seat said Republic Act 9502 or the cheaper medicines law fails to make medicines more affordable. This is because certain provisions in the law favor the interests of big pharmaceutical companies in the country. Ten years after the law passes, the prices of medicines, particularly for critical diseases and illnesses remain exorbitant. She said that to drastically bring down the prices of medicines it is crucial to remove the VAT from all medicines.

The Failure of the Aquino Administration

In fairness of the Aquino administration, it launches the Universal Health Care (UHC). It gives provision to every Filipino of the highest possible quality of health care. That should be accessible, efficient, with fair funds or assistance, and appropriate for the public”. The former President puts ita availability and accessibility friendly for all Filipinos. His government aims to ensure that every Filipino shall receive affordable and quality health benefits. This should provide adequate resources – health human resources, health facilities, and health financing. But it fails greatly because of the poor mentality influence. Public hospitals are crowded. PhilHealth can only provide maximum of 20% off hospital bills. On top of that, private hospitals can be rude to patients when they run out of their insurance coverage.

Cash – Less Deals with Private Hospitals

The workforce needs quality health care assistance. This is the key to a progressive economy or population in general. A serious illness must not cripple a promising individual. Since the policies of private hospitals are not in line with the government’s provision, a medical funding facility for this purpose is necessary. This would allow cash – less deal with the private hospital involved.

Political Provisions during Elections

Politicians would surely allocate funds for medical purposes during elections in the Philippines. Although they are mediocre, at least they exist. However, Filipinos deserve more than that. A country can’t be powerful when a mere disease can make them bankrupt when it strikes. Australia and England, for example, accommodate expensive health procedures to their citizens with money for free. The government owes the progress of a nation to its people.

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Marcos Personality – A Better Insurance for Social Media Hits than Election Surveys

By: Elena Grace Flores

Dr. Ana Maria Tabunda of Pulse Asia discloses to the Chiefs that the voters of Bongbong Marcos during the 2016 elections consists of the old and the young. His votes were cross ages because of the actual accomplishments he and his family contributed to the country. Influences of endorsers might help at a minimal degree but it’s the personality that counts the most. Just like in social media. The Marcoses can easily get hits than election survey posts. Their personality is indeed better insurance for social media hits than election surveys. z

YouTube video byBongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Maraming salamat muli sa inyong mga comment! Kami naman po ang sasagot.

Social Media Visibility

Bongbong Marcos and his sons feature various scenarios of their family and political life in a very relaxed manner. The videos they post always have some humor. Most Filipinos already know about their achievements ever since the Marcos era but it’s their personalities that made them even more popular to all ages.

Achievements that Cannot be Denied

Most people cast their votes to politicians that have helped them. The Marcoses are really hands-on when it comes to the people’s welfare. Despite the black media propaganda against them, they good deeds are already secured in the hearts of Filipinos. Not to mention the physical evidence like the Heart Center, and the likes nationwide.

Online Interaction

In their recent video, the Marcoses show that they actually respond to the comments via their social media pages. They do so with ease. Nothing serious. Laughing at their imperfections is one of the highlights of these materials. More hits are coming their way for such glimpse of reality.

Direct Influence

It is very important that the personality of the endorser matches with the endorsee to basically generate results during elections. In the case of the Marcoses, Bongbong Marcos’ support to his sister, Senatorial candidate, Imee Marcos relatively has a high impact. It can even influence the candidacy of Imee’s son, Matthew Marcos Manotoc for the gubernatorial race in Ilocos Norte.

Sure Insurance

If people doubt the election surveys, the hits or likes at Bongbong Marcos’ videos and posts prove that the general public is captivated by their presence. There’s definitely insurance that news won’t be ignored having them in the cover.

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No Insurance for Robredo’s Rating to Rise after Japan Speech and Pilot Radio Show


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo has been the target of frequent attacks by allies of the President and other anti-Liberal Party groups. This has put a dent into her trust ratings. She, however, continues to criticize online abuses in her speeches especially overseas. The most recent one was in Japan. Not enough, Robredo now has an hour-long radio program every Sunday over RMN-DZXL. Unfortunately, no insurance that these efforts can salvage her from the rating dip because they seemed to be ignored.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo pushed for women empowerment in business as she spoke before global and business leaders at an international summit for women in Japan. Robredo is in Tokyo for a two-day visit. More than 1,000 business leaders and top government officials from more than 60 countries attended the summit’s opening day.

Japan Summit

Leni Robredo cited the difficulties of women due to the anonymity that cyberspace affords abusers. Robredo calls online harassment as an “emerging threat” in the Philippines. Filipino lawmakers have yet to pass measures that will make online users safe from abuse. She said this during the Global Summit of Women in Tokyo, Japan.

Quantity and Quality Time

Robredo advised parents to spend both “quantity time” and “quality time” with their children. It’s true that this is crucial for families but the VP did not quite offer a solution while she occupies the second top position in the land. She did mention to come up with more local jobs so that parents do not have to work overseas. She said this on Sunday, Mother’s Day during the pilot episode of her radio show.

Health and Nutrition

On nutrition, Robredo expressed concern over the disruptive growth of Filipino children in remote communities. She claimed that she filed a bill in Congress that would allow barangay nutrition scholars and barangay health workers to become permanent government employees. This would allow them to reach more families and teach them proper nutrition than being just volunteers. It is not certain if this bill was approved or not.

No Insurance to Improve Rating

It is a pity that the VP has to anchor a radio show and galavant around to read speeches even if she does not have the right charisma for it. The strategy could actually make her trust rating a lot lower because most people hate her guts for insisting that she won the Vice Presidential race without cheating vs the popular Bongbong Marcos. Keeping a low profile is much helpful for her these days given the circumstances.