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No Insurance for Robredo’s Rating to Rise after Japan Speech and Pilot Radio Show


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo has been the target of frequent attacks by allies of the President and other anti-Liberal Party groups. This has put a dent into her trust ratings. She, however, continues to criticize online abuses in her speeches especially overseas. The most recent one was in Japan. Not enough, Robredo now has an hour-long radio program every Sunday over RMN-DZXL. Unfortunately, no insurance that these efforts can salvage her from the rating dip because they seemed to be ignored.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo pushed for women empowerment in business as she spoke before global and business leaders at an international summit for women in Japan. Robredo is in Tokyo for a two-day visit. More than 1,000 business leaders and top government officials from more than 60 countries attended the summit’s opening day.

Japan Summit

Leni Robredo cited the difficulties of women due to the anonymity that cyberspace affords abusers. Robredo calls online harassment as an “emerging threat” in the Philippines. Filipino lawmakers have yet to pass measures that will make online users safe from abuse. She said this during the Global Summit of Women in Tokyo, Japan.

Quantity and Quality Time

Robredo advised parents to spend both “quantity time” and “quality time” with their children. It’s true that this is crucial for families but the VP did not quite offer a solution while she occupies the second top position in the land. She did mention to come up with more local jobs so that parents do not have to work overseas. She said this on Sunday, Mother’s Day during the pilot episode of her radio show.

Health and Nutrition

On nutrition, Robredo expressed concern over the disruptive growth of Filipino children in remote communities. She claimed that she filed a bill in Congress that would allow barangay nutrition scholars and barangay health workers to become permanent government employees. This would allow them to reach more families and teach them proper nutrition than being just volunteers. It is not certain if this bill was approved or not.

No Insurance to Improve Rating

It is a pity that the VP has to anchor a radio show and galavant around to read speeches even if she does not have the right charisma for it. The strategy could actually make her trust rating a lot lower because most people hate her guts for insisting that she won the Vice Presidential race without cheating vs the popular Bongbong Marcos. Keeping a low profile is much helpful for her these days given the circumstances.

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Guidelines for Cheaper Insurance Costs

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
You might be shopping around for your home and car insurance right now but it is best to know where to look first. Asking the wrong people might mislead you. Just five things to remember:

1. Discounts are not given voluntarily. Do not agree right away on what is offered. Make it a point to ask for promotional offers like the month that they are more likely available.
2. Pay a substantial lump sum to lessen the remaining premiums but first, deal only with insurers that are tried and tested by people you know well. After all, it won’t matter how much discount you got if the claims will not materialize.

3. Do not eliminate disaster coverage just because calamities rarely happen in your area. You never know when they strike!
4. Include substantial liability coverage in your insurance to be able to take care of other people that you cause harm in case of car accident or injured within your property. This will save you from possible lawsuits in the future.

5. Get a renter’s insurance if you do not own the house. You will also be covered with liability and loss of properties in your household.

If you are happy with your existing car insurance, ask the same provider if they have other kinds of insurances that you might need. Often, if you are already a good client, they will try to give you the best options you can avail. It’s smart to do it that way.

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Considerations for Saving on Car Insurance

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Timing matters when you buy car insurance. December is more likely to be the cheapest month to buy it because this is when people are perceived to have a lot of things to pay for. Insurers would be lowering prices just to reach their target revenues for the month – at least to pay overhead and end-year bonuses. They have no choice but to design a promotional offer that most people can’t refuse.

It is also observed that local regulations can affect car insurance rates because prices vary from one place to another – despite being issued by a sole insurance company. This is why shopping around for the best insurance coverage with the corresponding good rate is essential. Of course, you may not get the best service when you buy the insurance away from home – but you can avoid the months when your locality is selling expensive car insurances.

Insurance brokers are good sources of information when shopping for attractive car insurance deals. They’re the ones who know if there are promotions offered for outstanding university students, or can refer a company that is selling both home and car insurance to get a loyalty discount and suggest the one providing the highest discount when paying a lump sum upfront. Mind you, you might want to ask them also if being married or getting through a dignified driving school can help in lowering down your car insurance cost.

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Facing the Consequences of Having No Health Insurance

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
If you are a U.S. citizen of legal age, you will be fined a penalty for not having a health insurance. Consider this fact. If you end up accumulating substantial medical bills to the government simply because you are not covered by any insurance, the funds from other tax payers will be used to pay off your damages.

In third world countries when most people do not have health insurance or no access to social security memberships due to unemployment, they can die from simple medical cases like giving birth or diarrhea – because public hospitals will not admit those who can’t afford even just for the medications required due to overcrowding!

Whereas in first world countries, people pay almost 50% of their income for healthcare but when they are sick from whatever diseases, they can be admitted to dignified hospitals and get proper care without worrying for medical bills. So, it is fair what the Americans are doing – to let those who can afford pay for their own insurance and penalize those who do not follow unless you are under government subsidy.

Despite paying the penalty for not having a health insurance, you are still uninsured so when availing hospital care, you still have to pay your own bills and for those who are dependent on your income. So, no matter where you live – it is wise to pay for your own health insurance according to what you can afford or suffer the consequences of not having one!

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Factors that Reduce Life Insurance Premiums

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The rate of life insurance premiums will not depend on your age only but also your medical record and lifestyle. In fact, there are cases that after completing a whole year of risk-free healthy living, insured individuals got their premiums readjusted to their benefit – saving some hard-earned money after being confirmed by thorough investigation by the contracted medical practitioners! See these identified factors that you can avoid for better health and lower life insurance premium:

1. If you are a smoker, consider stop smoking for a year and reapply life insurance coverage for non-smokers.
2. If you drink more than 3 glasses of alcohol daily, try eliminating that habit and qualify for a 50% less expensive life insurance coverage.

3. Make sure that your BMI or Body Mass Index is less than 30 when you apply for life insurance. You are considered overweight if it’s over 30. Make your weight proportion with your height always.
4. Ensure to have a clean driving record. Traffic violation tickets and accidents can increase your premiums to up to 50%.

5. Best life insurance rates can be obtained before you turn 35 but if you are way older than that, backdating your insurance coverage might require you to pay a lump sum. However, the premiums after that will become more affordable.

Being obese can put you at risk with high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. So, aside from your age that you can’t do something about – focus on having a healthy lifestyle to avail of favorable insurance premium rates!

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