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Senator Imee Marcos: Internet Revamp is a Must Now!


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Abante

Senator Imee Marcos Pushes DICT’s Internet Infrastructure Maintenance Budget Since 2019

Sense of Urgency Needed for a Reliable Internet Infrastructure

Senator Imee Marcos tells the DICT off to revamp internet service. The country now shifts to digital means. A speedy change can keep life going amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, this is a top priority. Filipinos can embrace technology faster when they are able to.

The Internet is a General Solution

The government’s success in contact tracing, online education, e-commerce, and e-jobs depends highly on the internet. On top of that, crime-busting and future elections would depend greatly on such reliable digital infrastructure, she added. Marcos notes the data speed in neighboring countries. Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia have faster connections than in the Philippines. This is despite the substantial rates. The Senator strongly inquires about the 3rd Telco’s entry to the country.

The Economy is Digital-Dependent

“A robust digital economy is our hope for a post-COVID future! Slow internet speed plus unreliable online access equals a sluggish economy. This is a sorry standard of living. Particularly for local government units in more remote areas of the country, the senator said. Right after the senator’s statement, many teachers in remote areas, post videos on Facebook. They show their difficulties to get internet signals for the DepEd webinar. This is also in the recent news on TV.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Bongbong Marcos: Take Advantage of Globalization, Don’t Suffer from It


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos once said: Internet is not just for social media, it’s crucial for business. It is not only for kids on Facebook and Twitter. The amount of commerce it generates now surpasses traditional trades five years ago. The former Senator explained this while he is on a hot seat even before the President expresses his worry about the negative effects of globalization on 3rd world countries like the Philippines.

Youtube video by; Manila Bulletin Online

[VIDEO]: Manila Bulletin’s Hot Seat with Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr.

Reversing the Negative Effects of Globalization

President Rodrigo Du30 laments on the damage caused by globalization on poor economies such as the Philippines and urged Asian countries to take remedial steps to end their exploitation. To reverse the brain drain, he stresses on the need for “remedial measures.” This should be tackled by other Asian countries, he added.

Economic Migration

“Globalization, by itself, is the deprivation of some, those that we call ‘left behind’. There have to be some remedial measures. It includes one democratic movement. Some of the bright boys in one country are really exploited to go to another country,” the President said.


Foreign Remittances

More than 10 million Filipinos work overseas, around 10 percent of the population, remit billions of dollars back to the country each year. “All the plumbers, all the electricians, they have the masters certificate of a trade, are in the Middle East. It is actually not so bad for the nation’s economy. The downside is when a there’s a boom in real estate. It has yet to find the capable workers. And that leaves us behind because then you have to scrape the bottom to find out who can work with us. These are the effects of globalization,” Du30 said.

Take Advantage of Globalization

Globalization and the rules of trade are hot topics in Vietnam this week. It is where world leaders including the US President, China’s Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin are set to converge from Friday for the APEC summit. The American leader also complained that globalization sends American manufacturing jobs to cheaper countries such as China. This is in spite of his country’s first world status. As these exchanges happen, Bongbong Marcos was right that the talents of Filipinos are rewarded through online jobs. Almost all office tasks can be outsourced to the Philippines through the BPO industries. The Call Center sector also continues to grow. English trainers and business consultants are also surging high. Most of all, Google that has the online trade monopoly rely on Filipino writers, website developers, and video makers to further expand the number of their advertising platforms.

Globalization hurts poor economies

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Read How: New Addition to First Family Symbolizes that Family can Help in the Drug War

drug war

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Dysfunctional families are the cause of the society’s problems. Products of these broken or unnurtured units can be bitter when they grow up, succumb to drug addiction, or get a twisted mind that leads them to commit crimes. Few are lucky to make their pains as inspiration for their struggle to get better in life, but still the scars remain. The President knows that and perhaps after his failure to his son, Baste, he is anxious with his newly-born grandson from his daughter with his first wife, Davao Mayor Sarah.

Youtube video by; DU30 LATEST VIDEOS
[VIDEO]: The President could not hide the excitement of having a new grandchild.

Time is Short but the President Made it

Duterte arrives at the Davao Doctors Hospital already past midnight on March 3. This is after two speaking events in Cebu. He is obviously tired but an image of a happy President as seen in a hospital cap and gown. He poses for a photo beside baby Stonefish in an incubator. Despite his busy schedule, he made sure to make time for the new addition of the first family and made it the very next day after he is born on March 2.

Drug War: Disable Drug Apparatus

Since the drug trade already flourishes for decades in the Philippines, it is very hard to stop or control it if the president is left alone in the drug war. Collateral damages arise after tying to disable drug apparatus. Lawmakers do their part by resorting to the death penalty – but scraping heinous crimes and rape in the bill just does not make sense for the people.

What Families Can Do

Perhaps, it’s time to go back to basic with our Filipino custom where mothers stay at home while fathers go out to work. Anyway, if women opt to continue working, they might as well learn some computer and IT skills online and work remotely. It’s like earning dollars without leaving home. It is not easy but once learned and mastered, it’s the best solution to prevent family problems and drug addiction – thereby a big help in the president’s drug war.

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What the Government can Do

Fast, free, and realiable internet for all must be top priority. To create jobs in a third world country is hard enough – but providing an infrastructure that can bring the nation to progress without the risk of ending up with a dysfunctional family is very ideal and possible. TESDA trainings in this kind of work are helpful. Financial aids can be offered just to buy a single computer for each applicant. The government might be surprised how many volunteers they can get to train interested Filipinos. Online experts can only be too willing to impart their acquired skills for nation building. The world changes rapidly. Filipinos can only be too smart in going with the flow. After all, they are currently a popular online work force with endless opportunities. This way, the basic tradition of nurturing the family is undertaken while finances are not sacrificed. What do you think?

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UK’s BT Broadband fault created a big fuzz – but only a way of life in the Philippines

BT Broadband

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
UK’s BT Broadband fault disrupted businesses for minutes and it’s already a big deal especially for banks and other businesses to lose revenues in that short span of time – whereas in the Philippines, internet fluctuations are a way of life. In the country where cell sites cannot be easily installed due to the rumored cancer scare that has been corrected by the Department of Health, people can only complain of bad signals or services but there’s nothing the majority can do about it but pay the usual bills to prevent it from not functioning forever. It is just amazing how the slight complaints of one country is a daily sacrifice for another. Read BT’s story in the U.K.:

BBC reported: Many of BT’s customers have experienced problems with its broadband services.The firm first acknowledged the issues in a tweet shortly after 09:00 BST and said they had been resolved three and a half hours later. Its troubles also caused several banks to be unable to offer online services. BT said that a power fault at one of its partners’ sites in London was the cause, but did not name the company involved. However, the BBC discovered that ultimate responsibility lay with the California-based data centre operator Equinix. “We’re sorry that some BT and Plusnet customers experienced problems accessing some internet services this morning,” said a spokeswoman for BT. “Around 10% of customers’ internet usage was affected following power issues at one of our internet connection partners’ sites in London. The issue has now been fixed and services have been restored.”BT’s service status pages had indicated that subscribers in parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland had all been affected.

It continued: The event occurred six months after Equinix took control of the data centre involved as part of its takeover of the Telecity Group. “Equinix can confirm that we experienced a brief outage at the former Telecity LD8 site in London earlier this morning,” said Russell Poole, managing director in the UK for Equinix. “This impacted a limited number of customers, however service was restored within minutes. Equinix engineers are on site and actively working with customers to minimise the impact.”


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Shocking Internet Bill

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
People make mistakes so do machines. Just recently after terminating my defective Tattoo stick from globe in favor of a newer and apparently better internet Huawei system, I had the shock of my life from the internet provider when I was billed 3,600 instead of he expect 1,299 Pesos like the previous one as applied based on my budget. I immediately called my daughter to call Globe and she complained. At the end, it was explained that the FREE Modem was charged and the correct amount due is only 201 Pesos. I thought that was good!

Assuming that the bill was already adjusted, I only expected to pay 1,299 Pesos for my second bill. I was again shocked to be informed by our house helper that my internet bill under my daughter’s name amounted to 4,599 Pesos if I’m not mistaken I was in my sister’s house during the call). I thought that was too much but waited for my daughter to call Globe. I’m sure it was the wrong charge for the FREE modem again. Not until my connection was disabled for 5 hours that I decided to call Globe directly.

Eventually, the FREE modem that was mistakenly charged in the first bill now became an overdue amount in the second bill, thus prompted the temporary disconnection. You can only imagine how furious I was but I kept my cool and tried to understand Globe’s internal system thinking that this can be a good article in my blog. Sure enough, I learned more things like – my daughter can actually authorize me by calling the Customer Service agent that verification by her is not anymore needed when I need assistance. The very helpful CS agent Beth gave me a Reference number that my daughter can use to fast track the verification process. It was a relief knowing that I’ll get reconnected after 2 hours.

Beth channeled me to Hillary in the Re-connection Department for the confirmation of the said case – but it was sad to know that their standard protocol is 24 hours before I get reconnected. Verification by the Credit Department has to be processed first before I can get back my connection. This should not take that long but Hillary assured me that it can be reconnected in 2 hours or so and not longer than 24 hours. I said that’s good enough. Even if I lost a day’s work today, I won’t get bankrupt anyway – and it always feels good to be kind and friendly to others! And Oh, I was told that my actual due is only 999 instead of the 1,2999 Pesos that I expected. Quite good savings in a monthly basis, I thought! I felt a lot better already. See – better be good now and don’t worry about the 3rd bill or else the Credit Department of Globe will get a blow! It got me thinking again. Shall I get HOME PHONE INTERNET BUNDLE plan instead?

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