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See How Congressman Sandro Marcos Gets the Nod of Senator Imee Marcos on the Maharlika Investment Fund


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video by: SMNI News
[VIDEO]: Congressman Sandro Marcos answered the concerns of Senator Imee Marcos

No Pensions are to be used for the Maharlika Investment Fund

Senator Imee Marcos is hesitant at first to use the pensioners’ money for the Maharlika Investment Fund start-up. Nevertheless, Congressman Sandro Marcos said that the GSIS and SSS already have investible funds that are not utilized. The pensions remain intact.

Grateful for the Scrutiny

Sandro added that he’s grateful for the scrutiny of his aunt because this would assure people that the country’s investments are carefully planned and managed. The senator later agrees that the proposed sovereign wealth fund can benefit the Philippines.

The Senator is Not Against it

Amidst speculations, Senator Marcos is not against the project.  Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno and former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo also said good things about the project. In fact, the idea is not at all new in the country. Former President Rodrigo Duterte tried to implement and even former Senator Bam Aquino made the same proposal.

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PBBM Speaks at the APEC Investment Forum in Thailand


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Business leaders applaud PBBM at APEC CEO Summit 11/17/2022

CEO Gathering in Thailand

PBBM recently asked his fellow Asia-Pacific leaders to create a “free, fair, and inclusive” trade and investment environment in the region. In this regard, the CEOs in the area applauded him when he speaks about the matter during their forum confidently.


President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that the best politics is performance. That’s a way to get the people’s trust. Most politicians want to have that.

Sustainable Venture

The President encouraged investments in the high-quality ICT (information and communications technology) infrastructure in less developed member economies as he advocated for regional economic integration to ensure more resilient and sustainable supply chains and green investments

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BBM’s Foreign Investment Claim is More Real than what Fact-Checkers Say


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7

[VIDEO]: Marcos Jr. claims foreign investors not scared of another Marcos administration

BBM’s Foreign Investment Claim

Bongbong Marcos claims that foreign investors are not scared of another Marcos administration. The late president Ferdinand Marcos had good ties with many countries. In fact, political stability through his unity concept can lure investments in the Philippines.

A Victim of Fake News

BBM claims that he himself is a victim of fake news. He does not propagate them contrary to what his critics claimed. Foreign investors should know how they tainted the reputation of his family for more than 30 years now. Nonetheless, he continues to be popular with people. Because they can still feel the love of his father and mother until now through their projects for the Filipinos. Then investments will flow because of trust.

Some Fact-Checkers have their Own Agenda

These alleged fact-checkers are only fact-checking one side of the story, said BBM. They even fact-check what he said in an interview. For one, he explained that corruption can’t be wiped out because it’s a human condition. But it does not mean that he won’t try to stop it. They only solicit reactions from other presidential aspirants to put spices into the story. Well, foreign investors are smart enough to know that these media are somehow biased. They look more into business incentives and safety for their investment claims.

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How much Investment could Maria Ressa Take to Destroy Bongbong Marcos?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Rappler

Brittany Kaiser: Bongbong Marcos’ requested for ‘family rebranding’

Massive Investment to Destroy Bongbong Marcos

Brittany Kaiser is a data rights activist and founder of the Own Your Data Foundation for digital literacy and the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA) for legislative lobbying. She is not cheap. Bitcoin billionaire, Brock Pierce hired her when he ran for President. He knows he won’t win but America is in trouble, he said. Then, Pierce walked away from the race. Kaiser tells Maria Ressa that her former company, Cambridge Analytica received a request straight from Bongbong Marcos. This allegedly was to-do a family rebranding. It was brought in through internal staff and was debated. She thinks that it was dangerous. But perhaps an easy investment if they are on the same side.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is basic for presidential candidates. Just like what Pierce did. Besides company’s normally have privacy policies and confidentiality agreement. Employees and former staff should not divulge any trade secrets if it’s really true. Not unless they are paid more than the troubles they can get into for breach of contract or libel. There must be a very powerful international syndicate behind them.

Libel Suit

Sure enough, Bongbong Marcos files a libel suit against news website Rappler. Marcos said that Rappler was “peddling lies and fake news.” The statement of lawyer Vic Rodriguez confirms this. This is a vain attempt to dilute the serious credibility issue. The online news media’s worthiness is gone. Instead of changing their ways and adhering to the fundamental tenets of fair journalism, they resort to fake news, Rodriguez added. How much investment could Rappler take?

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Bongbong Marcos’ Post Now Safe with Arroyo in Case of Robredo’s Impeachment


By: Elena Grace Flores

Congresswoman and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo showed her competence in front of the world and America’s former President Barack Obama when it comes to the economy. She has turned the ailing economy of the country starting in 2001 when she assumed the presidency. Concrete economic infrastructures were created that spared the Philippines from the global economic crises in 2008. It would be beneficial if Arroyo can take over as temporary Vice President should the impeachment case against VP Leni Robredo pushes through. She is in the line of succession like Senate President Tito Sotto. Bongbong Marcos even vouches on her achievements in setting up economic infrastructures in terms of investments, exports, and other financial facilities through his BBM Vlog 24.

Youtube video YouTube Video by; Innovation Philippines

[VIDEO]: Personally, I know that Gloria, given her expertise that comes from her nine-year rule as president, will lead Congress well. She knows what is good for the country, especially in terms of the economy. Her legacy as president was an economic reform that gave us good economic growth. I’ve been a journalist for nearly seven decades and have walked the corridors of power. I can say that Gloria was among the best presidents we ever had.” – Emil Jurado

Praiseworthy Achievements

During the leadership of Former President Arroyo, she had made tough decisions. But these tough decisions made the Philippine Economy prosper. The GDP (gross domestic product) showed an average of 5.0% during her term from 2001 up to the first quarter of 2008.  This focus on prowess in the handling of economy earned praise from her former classmate in Georgetown, former US President Bill Clinton.

Tough Decisions

One of the toughest rules the Arroyo Administration implemented was the controversial e-VAT law. This was the centerpiece of her economic reform agenda.  Implemented on November of 2005, It aims to help in raising revenue for the country’s large budget deficit. The administration targets to have a sound national budget by 2010. These measures helped to contribute to a stronger Peso by boosting confidence in the government’s fiscal capacity. It is no surprise that the Philippine Peso was the best performing currency in East Asia for 2005-06.

A Stronger Peso

In 2007, during Arroyo’s administration, the Peso’s value has raised by nearly 20%. This makes it Asia’s best-performing currency. This was made possible through the increased remittances of OFWs as well as the strong domestic economy Arroyo have cultured. Even with the growth of the GDP in place. Arroyo still has the drive to push these areas even further.

Empowering the OFW

The inflation has reached its highest for 17 years in August of 2008. The annual rates go as high as 12.5 percent compared from the record low 2.8 percent in 2007. As the fuel and energy prices went down, the inflation rate eased at 8.8 percent. Pnoy claimed achievements on the continuing GDP Growth during his time. But It was Arroyo who pushed to nurture jobs overseas for Filipinos as a choice and not the singular option.

The BRICS Club

The economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are well known for their tremendous growth potential. They are called the BRICS club. These countries also have their share of economic and political woes. China has been the main force driving this group. China has transformed their economic structure from a focus on exports to an economy that relies on domestic consumption. During her administration, one of Arroyo’s successful achievements is the lower reliance on imports. Arroyo’s economic principles are clearly in line with the Marcos-Du30 partnership. She can also safeguard the VP post just in case Robredo is impeached or removed for whatever reason.

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Investment Signs that President Du30 is Bringing Back the Marcos Golden Years


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

One can only read the lines to solve the riddles in President Rodrigo Du30’s speeches. He is honest enough to express his pro-stance on the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ Martial Law. It is obvious that his major actions recently follow the Marcos template. The charter change to Federalism is a structure that can prevent the opposition to regain their power in the executive branch. Therefore, there’s a big possibility that Bongbong Marcos can end up as Prime Minister as most people think. The signs are in the infrastructure investment.

Youtube video by;  Rappler

[VIDEO]:  President Rodrigo Duterte says former president Ferdinand Marcos’ declaration of martial law was ‘very good.’ This is in response to a question seeking to clarify Duterte’s earlier statement, where he said that his declaration of martial law would be similar to Marcos’ time.

The Manila-Clark MRT

The 106-kilometerManila-Clark MRT or railway project is one of the “high-impact projects” of President Rodrigo Duterte under the government’s “Build Build Build” infrastructure program. The rail system stands to benefit 350,000 passengers daily on its first year of operations. The Department of Transportation aims to start the finish the construction by 2021. It can decongest Metro Manila and further spread economic gains.

Media Bluff?

In June 2016, Du30 told the media that Chinese diplomats offered to fund and build the project in two years. A year later, the transportation department said the project would be funded through ODA from Japan. However, when it is true that the Japanese are involved in the construction, both the Chinese and the Japanese entities are not the investors.

Alternative to Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest

The PET currently acknowledges the anomalies found as per the observations of Bongbong Marcos. It even issues another order for the local officials of Camarines Sur and Iloilo to explain the issues in the revisors’ incident reports specifically about the excess ballots in favor of VP Leni Robredo. However, the President already expresses his dismay over the delay for his Vice President to take over. Therefore, he can only prolong his stint to lock the position in place against the enemies.

ADB-World Bank Funding

The ADB or Asian Development Bank that aims to support the economic developments of the country is the investor of the Manila-Clark MRT. Asian Development Bank follows the pattern of the World Bank. Both work on various projects in the world side by side with each other. So, could the Marcos deposits for the welfare of humanity at the World Bank be the basis of the huge investment?