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Will the Probable Cause Found in Junjun Binay’s Graft Case Stand in Court?

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Sandiganbayan Third Division after investigating for a long time has found probable cause to continue the case of dismissed-Makati mayor Junjun Binay for graft and falsification of public documents over the allegedly overpriced construction of the P2.2 billion Makati car park building.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Makati Building 2 case now has probable cause against Junjun Binay after a long search.

Probable Cause

In a resolution released on April 18, the anti-graft court said that there was probable cause to try Binay for falsification and graft raps because he was then the head of procuring entity called HOPE who was responsible for evaluating the documents by the Bids and Awards Committee.

Falsified in Newspaper?

The court said there was a basis to proceed with the trial of Binay’s six counts of falsification of public documents. It noted that the invitation to apply for eligibility and to bid (IAETB) was allegedly falsified in the Balita newspaper by superimposing on a Sudoku game printed in a similar newspaper issue.

Superimposed Copy

“Instead (of the IAETB), a Sudoku Loco game is printed in the same location where the IAETB appears in the accused’s copy. After the said examination, the Court agrees with the finding of the Ombudsman that the purported IAETB seems to have been merely superimposed in the copy of the said newspaper,” the court said in the statement.

Private Document?

Binay’s defense was rejected saying that a newspaper is a private document and he should not be liable for falsification. The court sums up that the documents only showed that Binay and his co-accused have probably committed the falsification and graft charges. This can probably lead to the prima facie records of the case that can prove that the bidding for the Makati car park building was rigged. Most of the accused including Binay have posted bail. There’s no need for the court to issue warrants for arrest.

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President as New Macoy due to Small Edsa Celebration? Enrile says the Simple Event is Appropriate!


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In his disappointment over the small Edsa celebration, former senator Rene Saguisag calls the President the “new Macoy.” He refers to the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos whom he calls a dictator. He also accuses Digong the same. Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said that only expresses his dismay and calling the president as such is not necessary. Meanwhile, senator Juan Ponce Enrile who launches the mutiny that is turned into revolution by the Liberal Party agrees on the simple event. He said that he and his men gambled for their lives – and other people has no right to make a feast out of their sacrifice.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Rodrigo Duterte challenges President Benigno Aquino III to cite an instance where he was, supposedly, a “dictator.”

Du30 is not a Dictator just like Marcos

During the president’s campaign speech in Davao, he challenges former President Noynoy Aquino to provide an instance that he acts like a dictator. The late Ferdinand E. Marcos as per Enrile also just follow the laws and implement them. Just like the president who has the political will to impose proper governance. He mentions that he’s not like Aquino who is a “sissy” president. He also throws a blow to then Vice President Jejomar Binay as the dictator of the people’s money but this is cleared later on as political stunt for their alliance that is now slowly emerging.

Edsa Shocked the World but it is Twisted

Saguisag is sad to have a simple and quiet Edsa celebration because according to him, that was one bright shining moment from which Filipinos shocked and awed the whole world,” The government must not ignore that. But reiterated that its the rights of the president, because he is allegedly the new Macoy or Marcos. He is not surprised with the decision, he added. Malacañang just holds a “simple and quiet” commemoration of the 31st anniversary of Edsa on February 24. Enrile made sure that in every opportunity, he corrects the media propaganda regarding the People’s revolution. It is clear from him that it was not intended for the yellow regime – the reason why Senator Honasan’s men hold several coup d’etat against the late President Cory Aquino. The President urges the Filipinos to move on.

The Democracy Promise becomes Communism

Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos warns Filipinos that one cannot distinguish politicians as democratic according to their words or speeches about democracy. It can be seen through their actions by not respecting the rights of the people to vote – just like with the electoral protest filed by his son against the Liberal Party Vice President Leni Robredo.

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Freedom of the Press becomes Misinformation Drive

After Martial Law, if the people do not listen, watch, or read news, they are not informed but if they do, they are misinformed. This goes on for more than 30 years but thanks to social media. The public can now express their sentiments and opinions to various important issues of the country.

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Binay’s Revenge: Trilanes Gets Grilled over the President’s Order to AMLC for Net Worth Info Release


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

If Senator Antonio Trillanes III under former President Noynoy Aquino uses AMLC manipulation to discredit then former Vice President Jejomar Binay, the current President also throws the same strategy back to Trillanes over his allegations that the leader’s family have a total of over 2billion pesos in their bank accounts. Unlike Binay who prefers to answer Trillanes’ challenges in court, Digong answers the challenge through the media, court, and AMLC. Both Binay and the President are avid supporters of Bongbong Marcos that Trillanes hates.

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[VIDEO]: The Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) on Monday took a beating from President Rodrigo Duterte, the latter calling it a “part of the garbage that he resented” for failing to do its mandate.

Two-Way Propaganda

The President announces to members of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class of 1967 that he orders the Anti-Money Laundering Council or AMLC to release information on his net worth. This is in response to a challenge by Sen. Antonio Trillanes to disclose his bank accounts to prove that he does not have billions of pesos. This is quite an entertaining event for the public listening to the cross-fires. This is very different when Trillanes attacks Binay. It is evident that the libelous Senator will do everything to discredit a political enemy of his party. All he can say to Binay is that – he had no regrets or else, Binay would be President if he did not orchestrate a media propaganda against him.

Principle and Honor

The president vows to the PMAers that he aims to retain the honor of the PMA Class ’67 where he is an adoptive member – the reason why he ordered AMLC for the release of the information on his net worth in pesos. He does this as a matter of principle and honor, he said. This is his way of alluding to the military academy’s adherence to integrity.

Never Corrupt

The President swears that he and his family are never corrupt. This is his promise during the presidential campaign. Aside from his salary, he won’t avail of his allowances. This arrangement remains until the end of his term,” Digong said.

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The senator said vows to resign if Duterte could prove him wrong. On the same day, Palace Communications office releases a video of the president throwing back the challenge to Trillanes. He is also ready to resign if the senator could prove his allegations. Trillanes is even not satisfied and declares his wishes to imprison the president and not just resign if he is right. This definitely won’t stop here. The president is not the kind who remains quite like Binay. The ex-VP, however, manages to have Trillanes convicted with libel. This is why the libelous senator is just out on bail – and does not deserve any credibility.

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Binay: Filipinos Remain Poor – Ramos’ EDSA Jump Becomes Symbol of Poverty?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former President Fidel Ramos breaks away from the late President Ferdinand Marcos as vice chief of staff during the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986. He is still anxious in re-enacting his jump with glee. This is on the third day of the 4-day revolt while he and other key players unfold the event along the EDSA-Aguinaldo and Crame road. His co-player, Former Vice President Jejomar Binay, however, calls for real democracy by alleviating poverty.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: “27th Anniversary of EDSA People Power Celebration”

Jejomar Binay on True Democracy

Vice President Jejomar Binay issues a statement as the nation marks the 28th anniversary of the EDSA Revolution. “True democracy cannot thrive in a society whose population lives in poverty,” he said. It is the duty of the government and citizens alike to let the effects of the economic gains of the country benefit all, he added. He is a member of the MABINI group of human-rights lawyers who defend critics of the martial law regime – but an avid supporter of Bongbong Marcos.


Half the Battle

Binay expresses his thoughts that the peaceful revolution’s success is only half-way. The other half is for the people to protect the democracy the nation by not letting memory fade. Not through lavish celebrations but to be It demands vigilant against any violation of human rights that makes poverty worse.

Memorial Museum

Binay agrees on the establishment of a memory museum to document the struggles against martial law. This is to help in educating the youth and to make them aware of the fight for democracy during that period.


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Nancy Binay’s Take

Senator Nancy Binay also said that people power is not finished yet since most Filipinos have no food on the table. Poverty continues to increase and inequality still persists. She believes that it is still work in progress. Binay said the EDSA People Power Revolution should inspire people to attain real democracy that stops hunger worldwide.–fvr-re-enacts-jump-of-edsa-revolt-binay-says-poverty-key-challenge-28-yrs-later

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How Jejomar and Elenita Binay Savor their Victory Over Conflicts in Love and Politics


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Vice President Jejomar Binay and wife Dra. Elenita Binay always looked happy to people who spot them in their Makati community recently or in photos posted in social media. They are unfazed by corruption scandals that discredit their family during elections.  Senator Nancy Binay shared on Instagram a photo of her parents once during their past anniversary. They continue their tradition every Sunday to gather around the dinner table in the couple’s Makati residence. Something that many busy families are envious about today.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Eksklusibong nakapanayam ng Powerhouse ang dating pangalawang pinakamakapangyarihang tao sa Pilipinas, si Vice President Jejomar Binay. Silipin ang Asian Oriental-themed na tahanan ni VP Binay at alamin kung paano siya mag-relax.

Corruption Allegations did not Affect Makati

The United Nationalist Alliance policy party of Jojo Binay that vows to be the opposite of a lazy and inept Aquino government. It occupies most seats in the Makati local government. Binay denies the corruption allegations against him. Those are just the maneuvers of his rivals. In their desperate attempt to undermine his presidential bid last year. their real colors show.

Infidelity Rumors Escalates after Endorsing Bongbong Marcos

Jejomar Binay admits to having an extra-marital affair in the past that almost breaks his marriage to Dr. Elenita Binay. That affair has long been over. Even before he becomes Vice President. The issue is raised as a black propaganda when he initially leads the presidential poll in 2016. It also escalates when he endorses Bongbong Marcos as Vice President. His wife and family already forgive him. Like any other human being, he is not perfect and also commits mistakes, he said.

Private Matter

Binay’s children, Junjun and Abby, shrugged off the rumors online about the illicit affair of their father. They took it a politically motivated. They know it in the past but the family and their mother are over it. Their patriarch really made a huge effort to win his wife back. Junjun added that the Binay couple went on a European cruise. He also exerted much efforts to make it up with his children. Abby stresses that “If there was any marital infidelity, it was between my Mom and my Dad.”

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Problems are All Politics – Family Stays Together

Binay can’t be concerned anymore on the judgment that his extra-marital affair is a reflection of his character as a public official – because he’s not anymore in office. All accusations especially the corruption cases are just politics. Once he enters politics, everything is public. He was prepared for that. Now both Jejomar and Elenita Binay enjoy the rewards of their efforts to genuinely serve the people and to nurture the family at the same time. Their cases can only be dismissed in due time. Politics are now handled by their children. Their role is upgraded into the consultancy level. They only do voluntary work when needed. Comfortable and happy life is already attained to the fullest. Though it is a belief that longer but blessed life is bestowed to those who continue to help the ones in need – such as the Binay!