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Imee Marcos’ Mind and Heart are Hit by the Jollibee Valentine Series Ads

Jollibee Valentine Series

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos, Bongbong Marcos’ sister is still like any other Filipinos who have sentimental values. If you like or bring your kids to Jollibee, you can’t help it but watch the Valentines series advertisements of Jollibee that are based on true to life stories – thus bringing true emotions to viewers. Marcos expresses her disbelief on the “Vow” story which is about a man’s unconditional love for a woman. She said that Jollibee makes many young ones or young at heart cry after knowing in the end that the male character’s vows apply even if they did not end up together.  She also praises the “Crush” episode. It is about having a crush that develops to love, persists and wins in the end. This gives hope to many loveless people she said. The story is really a winner, she wrote on her Facebook account.

Youtube video by; Jollibee Philippines
[VIDEO]: Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series: Vow

Crush Director

Independent filmmaker Joel Ruiz directs “Crush.” He wants viewers to always be patient for love, no matter how long it takes. Love always pays back, he said. Ruiz, who is a “romantic at heart” is delighted with how people receive his video. The trending status of over six million views is just overwhelming. Friend requests and mentions online are evident that they are really popular and how they admired the director. Ruiz is happy enough as its creator and happier that many people find a connection in the story.

Reality Twist

Jollibee’s Adeva confirms that the videos are based on real love stories. They are a continuation of the Kwentong Jollibee series that the company launches last Valentine’s Day in 2016. Their patrons send their stories on Jollibee’s Facebook page and to the customer care department. Those real stories are given a cinematic twist. This Valentine’s Day 2017,  the company aims to show stories that celebrate the joy of love. That is what Jollibee is very thankful for. It helps them in capturing love in real forms – where a happy ending is not always achieved. So far, they are really happy that the projects hit the spot with people.

Vow Director in the Jollibee Valentine Series

Jollibee sets its Jollibee Valentine Series with a triple treat of romantic video ads that are now very popular – at least for the first two. First was “Vow,” which shows that love endures even in unhappy endings. It is directed by Ianco Dela Cruz. Dela Cruz handles all of the company’s previous Kwentong Jollibee videos. He just got too busy to be able to make all three videos for this year. Thus prompted Jollibee to contract other recommended directors. Crush followed with also a remarkable response.

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Forever in Love Stories

Pepe Diokno works on the previous videos. The multi-award-winning filmmaker directs “Date. His video talks about whether or not love lasts forever. “Date” is the 3rd and last video for this Valentines series. It just came out,” Jollibee Brand Communication and PR Director Arline Adeva announces.