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Kris Aquino Gets Hollywood Break after almost a Year of Rejections

Kris Aquino

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Kris Aquino discloses her immediate trip to Los Angeles. This is to meet Chris Lee, her agent. She is about to sign a Hollywood contract. She passed 5 levels of intense scrutiny and was offered a role. She’s so thrilled reading the script from a Hollywood studio with her name watermarked on every page. I signed a non-disclosure agreement so until they reveal my participation I can’t share any details about the movie and my role,” she said. But a good guess surfaces that it could be for the movie, Crazy Rich Asians!

Youtube video by; EntertainmentPH
[VIDEO]: Kris Aquino Was Rejected By Big TV Station But Is Now Signing A Contract For A Hollywood Movie!

Off to Hollywood

TV host Kris Aquino announced on social media a movie comeback as she flew to Los Angeles  on Easter Sunday, California to sign a Hollywood film deal.: Read this:

A film by Warner Brothers?

According to Kris’ post, “Crazy Rich Asians” will soon become “a major motion picture from Warner Brothers.” Will Kris become a part of this project? Is this among the reasons why Kwan followed her on social media? More here:

Crazy Rich Asians

Kris is slated to play an Asian princess, either of Bruneian or Malaysian descent. She will star alongside Michelle Yeoh, Henry Golding, Constance Wu, Sonoya Mizuno, and Gemma Chan. Read more:

Trust for Right Timing

Aquino hopes to be the role model of her fans who might face uncertainties in life. She thanked her family for being supportive even during the one year that she only got rejections. She almost surrenders to enormous failures but in the end, it looks like she’s on her way up again.

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Pnoy has No Right to Criticize Marcos: Cory Aquino and other Family Members Deceive the Filipino Masses


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The 1987 Philippine Constitution revised during the Cory Aquino administration os for and by the Oligarchs. Each Cojuangco politician stays in the government during the two terms of the Aquinos. They simply want to stay powerful through government control. They aim to protect the lands which they took away from the hardworking farmers. Contrary to Pnoy’s allegations on the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ land reform program, it is her mother who is actually corrupt. The DSO or Stock Distribution Option that allegedly gives shares to the farmers does not make them co-owners of Hacienda Luisita. He betrayed the Filipinos by tolerating the explanations of his elders and not do something to alleviate the plight of the poor.

Youtube video by; Noblesse
[VIDEO]: AQUINO + COJUANGCO FACTS THEY DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW. The video basically talks about the performance and the riches of the Cojuangco family and how they unite with the Aquino family that made worsens the country’s situation.


They have stayed powerful when Corazon Cojuangco married Ninoy Aquino, who is a well-known politician in the country challenging the Marcos rule. After both families joined forces, the Cojuangcos become the richest and most untouchable Filipinos. The 1987 Philippine Constitution was not created for the good of the country, but for the good of the Oligarchs alone.

Protect their Riches

The performance and the riches of the Cojuangco family and how they unite with the Aquino family worsens the poverty problem in the country. The Aquinos who are in the government are not pro-poor. Their priority is not to help the people but to protect their riches. They have done almost everything in order to protect their lands, even murder the farmers in the sugar estate owned by the Cojuangco family.

Ninoy is not a Hero, Cory not a Saint

Ninoy was killed, but why make him a hero? He only ran for president against the late Marcos. He’s not able to do a major change to the Philippines. A lot of massacres occur during Cory’s presidency, but why is the CPCP wants her to be anointed as a saint? She has not done anything effective to stop those killings. In fact, she triggered them by accusing Juan Ponce Enrile of rebellion.

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Kris as Magdalene

Kris Aquino is doing well in show business but why is she called a Magdalene? All she ever does is entertain the people. She has not done anything substantial to help in making Filipino lives better in terms of livelihood. Noynoy is once referred to as a rock star? He only wants to look good in public. He has not used his power the previous president wisely because he has no solid platform like th Marcoses.

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The Late Corazon Aquino would surely dislike Kris’s wearing Imelda’s jewelry

Corazon Aquino

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Humanity takes its toll when social media fanatics posted Kris Aquino wearing somewhat the same  necklace with that of former First Lady Imelda Marcos. It is just intriguing to note how resourceful people can be when it comes to destroying other people’s character.

[VIDEO]: See Kris Aquino’s denial on the accusation that she wore Marcos’ jewelry and her family took some of the valuables on safe keeping by the PCGG.

Kris had enough

“ENOUGH! And the TRUTH is on my side – including credit card receipts. P.S. I have a long-standing event for #ARIEL on Tuesday, even if my necklaces aren’t appropriate for showing how you can remove more than 100 different types of stains – what the heck, I’ll wear them. After all, I paid for them with hard earned, tax paid income; says, Kris.

She is back

It’s not my problem if others are using me or accusing me in hiding those who are stealing. To be perfectly clear, I’m not referring to Mrs. Marcos. So this is FAIR WARNING – stop lying about me if you don’t want your rotting skeletons unearthed. #IAMBACK,”clarifies Kris.

PCGG’s Confirmation

The issue just did not die down. Even after PCGG confirms that it is impossible that Kris could have gotten the jewelry. It is locked-in to the vault.

If Corazon Aquino is alive today

The Late Corazon Aquino also would not be happy with such rumor. So, better let it rest and we move forward as a nation. Not as divided political parties.

Took off from Work

Kris Aquino has just returned from a long vacation in Hawaii. She also discloses that she was doing a new project under APT Entertainment Inc. It is a subsidiary of Television And Production Exponents Philippines (TAPE) Inc.

Leave it at that

For peace sake, it is best to leave the rumors at that. If something is missing from Marcos’ inventory, better let the PCGG answerable for it. For sure dragging Kris to this anomaly is now what the Marcoses want also.

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VP Robredo’s Inauguration was Followed by Star-Studded Thank You Party

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Georgina Hernandez, VP Leni Robredo’s spokesperson earlier told the media that the 300 guests of the inauguration last June 30 were served with this sumptuous Filipino menu arranged by by Verleo Catering:
Maja Blanca
Pichi Pichi
Three kinds of pandesal
Buchi with Chocnut
The Chocnut, Hernandez said, was chosen because it’s a favorite of Robredo’s.

The formal rites went well with her getting emotional with her unity speech. True to what was reported, there were no VIP seats even to ex-presidential sister, celebrity and financial contributor, Kris Aquino.

However, the event did not end there. Later in the evening, the star-studded event celebrated VP Robredo’s win as Vice President of the Philippines. According to Rappler: There were many popular performers at the party, among them Darren Espanto, Sam Concepcion, Moonstar88, the stars of Rak of Aegis, Callalily, and many more. Click the link below for more photos during the “entertainment” night – showing that the V.P. also knows how to have fun.


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Kris would represent the Aquinos at Robredo’s Inauguration

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Perhaps a sudden change of plan happened when it was reported earlier that the Aquino sisters will be accompanying Pnoy when he turns over the presidency to President-elect Duterte during his inauguration on the same day s Robredo’s.

Inquirer reported: Actress and TV host Kris Aquino will represent the presidential family at the inauguration of Vice President-elect Leni Robredo ‪on June 30. The camp of Robredo on Monday said the Aquino sisters had been invited but they had to skip Robredo’s inauguration to prioritize the turnover rites President Benigno Aquino III will attend on the same day. “The Aquino sisters were invited and Kris Aquino will represent the family,” read the statement from Robredo’s spokesperson Georgina Hernandez sent to the media on Tuesday.

Political as it may seem, it is good that the Aquino family opted for the right thing to do. Leni Robredo won’t be the Vice President-elect under such controversies if not because of them and the Liberal Party in general.