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Gov. Imee Marcos: Filipinos Need Discipline to Progress


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos directly said that she agrees with President Rodrigo Du30’s disciplinary actions. She believes that Filipinos need discipline to progress. Her father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos was also known for his instilling the rule of law. No doubt, she would be a disciplinarian Senator.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]:¬†Gov. Imee Marcos agrees to Tulfo’s reaction on the disciplinary moves of President Du30 as a disciplinarian herself.

Top 5 in the Survey for Senator

Gov. Marcos is surprised that she is in the top 5 of the latest Senatorial survey for 2019. She is actually not out to the public for a year until recently that she goes around town visiting fiestas and events with brother, Bongbong Marcos. Her interests earlier are confined in her very own province like farming and tourism.

Kuwait Move is Overdue

The recall of overseas Filipino workers from Kuwait, particularly domestic helpers is actually overdue, said Marcos. There were already reports of grave abuses during the previous administration but only President Du30 has the will to safeguard the welfare of the majority in this regard. Skilled workers are not strictly regulated because of the fact that they do not suffer the same fate as the many abused DHs.

Disciplinarian Leaders

Part of the greatness of Du30 and the former President Marcos is their being great disciplinarians. It cannot be denied that Gov. Marcos is the same. She reiterates that most Filipinos are already abusive. This needs to be balanced to progress as a nation. It’s about time to have a tough leader like Tatay Digong, she said.

Discipline in Doing What’s Right

Many people also feel that to clean up Boracay is a drastic move. However, the sea and the environment there already deteriorate badly during ex-Pnoy’s time. It would be too late if the President would not act now. Detractors of the Du30 administration take advantage of some people’s unfortunate plight for temporarily losing their livelihood. If they have the discipline to do what is right, they can’t be corrupted by the opposition. Instead, they better partake in the government’s alternative programs.

Gov. Imee Marcos’ Priority as Senator is Transportation – Facilities and Fuel Prices